A Guide to Installing Any Kind of Air Conditioner


The air conditioner is not the same as other home appliances. The air conditioner we bought can only be regarded as a semi-finished product, and it needs to be installed by the manufacturer’s after-sales personnel before it can be used normally. Consumers don’t care much about the installation of air conditioners. They think it’s better for after-sales personnel to install them on-site, and the points to note are not clear. So today, Canda Energy Solution will introduce you to some points you should pay attention to.

Air conditioner installation position:
To install the air conditioner, we must first determine the location of the installation. What kind of location is more reasonable for the air conditioner? The installation position of the indoor unit should be selected to be installed in a position where the airflow is unobstructed, and try to keep it away from other appliances to avoid mutual interference and avoid safety hazards.

The installation surface of the air conditioner should be sturdy and strong, with sufficient load-bearing capacity. When the installation surface is an old wall or roof of a building, it must have solid brick, concrete, or an installation surface equivalent to its strength. Pay attention to the quality of the bracket holding the air conditioner. The air conditioner should be installed at a location away from direct sunlight on the unit and away from heat sources. There should be no obstacles in front of the air outlet of the indoor unit, otherwise, the cooling effect of the air conditioner will be affected when the air conditioner is running.

The height of the drainpipe of the air conditioner should also be paid attention to when installing, so the installation height of the indoor unit should be higher than the final drain. If you need to go through several walls to install the air conditioner, the position of the air conditioner hole on each wall should also be lowered in order to make the drainage more smooth. When drilling holes in the wall, remind the installer to adjust the position of the hole.
Precautions for installation of the indoor unit of air conditioner

Air conditioner indoor unit installation:
Depending on the type of air conditioner, there are some differences in the installation of the indoor unit of the air conditioner. The installation of the indoor unit of a wall-mounted air conditioner is relatively simple, just connect a few wires to open the front panel. The installation of the vertical cabinet air conditioner is more troublesome. First of all, it is difficult to open the internal unit of the vertical cabinet air conditioner, and there are generally many fixing methods. In addition, the circuits that need to be connected are more internal in some models, and more wires need to be connected.

The indoor unit of the vertical cabinet air conditioner also needs to be connected with the used copper pipe of the refrigerant. The quality of this copper pipe directly affects the cooling effect of the air conditioner. The after-sales personnel should pay special attention to the installation. You can also check whether it is firmly installed. If the installation location of the indoor unit is far away from the outdoor unit, the installer needs to increase the length of the copper pipe. The lengthened part of the copper pipe is charged separately, and the charges of different manufacturers are not the same. You can check on the official customer service.

Another part of the indoor unit is very important, and that is the filter of the air conditioner. There are many types of air conditioning filters. The location of the air-conditioning filter is also different. Some air-conditioning filters also have auxiliary installation parts such as activated carbon. Activated carbon is replaceable and comes standard with the air conditioner. After a period of time, the adsorption capacity of activated carbon will decrease, and you have to replace it according to the prescribed time.

Attention should be paid to the quality of air-conditioning connection copper pipe

Quality of connecting pipe:
The quality of the air-conditioning intake and exhaust copper pipes is very important, and there should not be any problems such as uneven texture, otherwise, it will affect the normal use of the air conditioner. You must pay special attention to the installation of the connecting copper pipes of the indoor and outdoor units, especially when they need to be welded when they are lengthened, and there should be no problems such as air leakage. When connecting the bell mouth of the red copper tube, it should be aligned and squared. The direction and curvature should be reasonable. The pressure should be just right for successful compaction. If the strength is strong, it will be easy to twist, and if the strength is small, it will leak fluorine (internationally allowed The leakage is 3% to 5%).

When installing the air conditioner, it is necessary to prevent indoor water leakage, so that the condensate generated by the indoor unit of the air conditioner is discharged to the outside. We also mentioned that the height of the outdoor unit of the air conditioner is also one of the decisive factors. When installing, you can pour a little water into the drain pan of the air conditioner to check whether it can be discharged outdoors. The indoor unit of the air conditioner leaks when it is used after it is placed, and it is more troublesome to cause other losses.

The distance between the indoor unit and the outdoor unit of the air conditioner in some consumers’ homes is relatively long, and the installer needs to be lengthened. The material of the copper tube itself is relatively thin, so pay special attention to it when welding. After the copper pipe is welded and cooled, you can check its airtightness to prevent the copper pipe from causing the air conditioner to fail. The installation of the bobbin tube minimizes the corners and is as horizontal as possible, which is beneficial to the air-conditioning speed.

4 Precautions for installation of the outdoor unit of air conditioner

Outdoor unit installation matters:
The ideal location for outdoor installation in the north or east wall, where there is less direct sunlight; if it must be installed on the south or west wall, it is best to have sun-shading objects and ensure the normal air circulation of the outdoor unit. There are no obstacles around the outdoor unit to maintain good heat dissipation. The back and sides of the condenser should be more than 20cm away from the obstacle, and the front should be more than 40cm away from the obstacle. The outdoor unit is installed on a solid wall or balcony floor to reduce vibration. The unit should be as close as possible to the indoor unit to reduce pipeline resistance and Freon loss.

The load-bearing capacity of the air-conditioning installation frame shall not be less than 4 times the self-weight of the air-conditioning unit, and the load-bearing capacity shall not be less than 180 kg. The connection between the mounting frame and the mounting surface should be firm, stable, and reliable. Use expansion bolts to fix, and the steel mounting frame should be anti-rust treatment.

Use correctly:
If the above wrong placement method is like this for a long time, it will cause the outer body of the outdoor unit of the air conditioner to deform. And the weight of the outdoor unit of a general air conditioner is tens to hundreds of cities. As the core component of the air conditioner-the outdoor unit, the compressor of the air conditioner will also be affected under such long-term pressure. There are also some metal heat sinks on the rear side of the outdoor unit, which are easy to bend. Therefore, the pressure will also change its shape, resulting in a decrease in heat dissipation capacity.

Generally, the air conditioner outdoor unit placed on the external wall is placed like this, and the standard is that the two companies share a platform. If you want to place two outdoor units on the same side of your home, you can choose to let the installer use a bracket to fix the outdoor units. Do not stack two outdoor units on top of each other.

Air conditioners generally need to be evacuated, and there is also time to evacuate. According to the number of horses of the air conditioner, the greater the number of horses, the longer the vacuuming time will be. You can consult the installer for specific information, and there are also data tips on the vacuum pump.
After the air conditioner is installed, turn on the air conditioner, apply your hand to the air outlet or stand underneath the air conditioner to feel the air coming out of the air conditioner. The normal air conditioner should have cold air blowing out after being energized for 5 minutes in the forced cooling gear. Condensation, the condenser should be blown out by hot air. At this time, check whether the noise level of the air conditioner is within the normal range of use, and there is no loud or abnormal sound when it is turned on.
The quality of air-conditioning installers needs to be supervised

Quality of installation personnel:
The quality of the after-sales personnel for door-to-door installation varies, and the installation personnel belongs to different companies, and the training and requirements are different. Therefore, the quality of the door-to-door installation requires our supervision. The installation of indoor and outdoor units is also a key step related to the use of air conditioners. We can also see from the air-conditioning complaints that many consumers have problems when using air-conditioning in the later period because of the irregular installation.

It can be seen from the outfit whether the installer is standard. Regular personnel generally have uniform clothing requirements. Irregular installation personnel uses the outdoor unit to install the air conditioner. The bending of the outdoor unit as the core component of the heat sink will also affect the normal use of the air conditioner. If you encounter irregular installers, you may wish to complain to the manufacturer to protect your rights.

Written at the end:
The air conditioner has become a must-have appliance for every household, and its installation quality determines the effect of the air conditioner. There are also many problems with the after-sales installation of home appliances, such as the fee standard for lengthened copper pipes we mentioned. This part of the cost is generally not notified to consumers in advance. If the distance between the indoor and outdoor units of the air conditioner is too far, it will have to be spent. There is also a certain risk factor for installing outdoor units of air conditioners at high altitudes. The weight of outdoor units of large-hp air conditioners is about 100 kilograms, which is also related to the safety of other people’s lives.

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