Air Conditioner Compressor Won’t Run-AC Repair Tips


Working principle of air conditioner compressor

  1. The air-conditioning compressor is used to compress and drive the refrigerant in the air-conditioning refrigerant circuit. The working circuit is divided into evaporation zone and condensing zone, indoor unit, and outdoor unit belong to high pressure or low-pressure area respectively. The compressor is generally installed outdoors. The compressor extracts the refrigerant from the low-pressure zone and sends it to the high-pressure zone for cooling and condensing through the compressor. The heat is emitted into the air through the heat sink. The refrigerant also changes from a gaseous state to a liquid state, and the pressure rises. high. The refrigerant then flows from the high-pressure area to the low-pressure area and is injected into the evaporator through the capillary tube. The pressure drops sharply, and the liquid refrigerant immediately turns into a gaseous state and absorbs a lot of heat in the air through the heat sink. In this way, the machine is constantly maintained, and the heat energy at one end of the low-pressure zone is continuously absorbed into the refrigerant and then sent to the high-pressure zone to be dissipated into the air, playing a role in regulating the temperature.
  2. The compressor is the heart of the refrigeration system. Whether it is air conditioning, cold storage, chemical refrigeration maintenance, etc., the important link of the compressor must be guaranteed! There are many types and forms of refrigeration compressors, which can be divided into volumes according to the principle. There are two types of type and speed type, of which volumetric type is the most common.
  3. When the air conditioner is in refrigeration operation, the low-temperature and low-pressure refrigerant gas are sucked in by the compressor and then pressurized and repaired to become high-temperature and high-pressure refrigerant gas. The high-temperature and high-pressure refrigerant gas releases heat in the outdoor heat exchange gas and becomes medium temperature. The high-pressure liquid, the medium-temperature, and the high-pressure liquid become a low-temperature and low-pressure liquid after being throttled and depressurized by the throttling component. The low-temperature and low-pressure liquid refrigerant absorbs heat in the indoor heat exchange gas and evaporates into a low-temperature and low-pressure gas, and then enters Compressor compression maintenance, reciprocating cycle.

Analysis of the reasons why the air-conditioning compressor does not start:

  1. The power supply is not connected properly
    When the air conditioner is in use, if its power supply is not connected well, or the contact between the plug and the socket is poor, or the power cord is aging, these reasons will cause the compressor to fail to start normally. Under normal circumstances, the starting voltage of the fixed frequency air conditioner is 187V. The voltage fluctuation range should be 198-242V, and the inverter air conditioner’s starting voltage is 156V, and the voltage fluctuation range is 176-264V. If the air conditioner compressor does not start due to voltage instability and needs to be repaired, it is recommended that you install a voltage stabilizer in your home.
  2. Insufficient refrigerant
    If the refrigerant of the air conditioner is insufficient, the air conditioner compressor will fail if the air conditioner is running for a long time in this state. Under normal circumstances, the insufficient refrigerant of the air conditioner may be caused by improper installation, and the leakage of the system is the air conditioner. The root cause of the lack of refrigerant, when repairing this problem, it is necessary to first check the leaks of the air conditioner and repair it and then replenish the refrigerant for the air conditioner.
  3. Installation error
    The air is not cleaned during the installation of the air conditioner. The air is not cleaned during the installation. It is usually easy to get out of the situation. At the moment when the air conditioner is moved, the air conditioner in the air conditioner is not cleaned and the phenomenon of ice clogging occurs at the same time, and the load on the compressor will be Increase, the compressor is overloaded during operation, its temperature will continue to increase, and the compressor’s refrigerating oil is prone to deterioration in such a scenario, and ultimately can not play the role of lubricating and cooling. Repair it as soon as possible. At this time, the temperature of the air-conditioning compressor will further increase, which will result in a decrease in the insulation performance of the coil and ultimately lead to damage to the compressor.
  4. The air-conditioning system pressure is not normal
    If the pressure of the system is abnormal during the operation of the air conditioner, it will affect the work of the compressor. When determining whether the air-conditioning system pressure is normal, the air-conditioning filling machine can be used to check the system pressure. At this time, if it is found that the upper and lower pressures of the air-conditioning system are normal in comparison with the normal value, then it can be ruled out The air conditioner compressor does not start due to lack of refrigerant.

Maintenance method of air conditioner compressor not starting

  1. First, analyze whether the pressure of the air conditioning system is normal. The air-conditioning filling machine was used to check the pressure of the system, and it was found that when the air-conditioning system was static, the upper and lower pressures were normal compared to the normal value. In this way, the lack of refrigerant is eliminated, which is the cause of the air conditioner not working, and it may not be repaired immediately.
  2. Before repairing the air conditioner, check whether the working circuit of the compressor of the air conditioning system is normal. Check the positive pole of the battery, the F9 fuse in the engine room, the BSI intelligent control box, the air conditioner compressor, and the grounding. This line is normal. Continue to check the positive pole of the battery, the fuse in the cabin, the BSI, the air conditioning compressor, and the grounding. This line is also normal.
  3. Check whether the pressure switch of the air conditioning system is normal. Check the voltage of the air conditioner pressure switch No. 1 pin voltage 12V according to the circuit diagram, and the fan rotates at a high speed after connecting No. 1 and No. 3 pins: After connecting No. 1 and No. 2 feet, the engine speed increases: Then short connecting No. 1 and 4 The horn, the compressor does not operate. All this shows that the pressure switch and its control circuit are working normally, so don’t repair it immediately.
  4. Use the PRXfA diagnostic instrument to read the fault and delete the fault code of the air-conditioning system, and the system is normal.
  5. Read the setting and stop parameters of the air-conditioning system: RlTD air-conditioning X: FRIC initiates the control system X; VIN air-conditioning X. This shows that the system settings are all normal.
  6. Finally, stop the inspection of the intelligent control box BSI. Replace with a new BSI control box, use the PRXIA diagnostic instrument to enter the electronic control unit settings, and stop various operations according to the operation steps of exchanging the BSI control box: input user password, input VIN number, spare parts organization number, stop system setting, etc. After the operation is completed, start the engine and turn on the air conditioner switch. If everything is normal, there is no need to repair, because the repair cost is not cheap.

The air conditioner is composed of various small parts. These parts are indispensable for the normal operation of the air conditioner, and the air conditioner compressor is one of them. The normal operation of the air conditioner requires the operation of the air conditioner compressor, so in order to be better When using the air conditioner at home, we must learn to solve the problem that the air conditioner compressor does not start. The above is the reason why the air-conditioning compressor does not start and the solution for the air-conditioning compressor not to start introduced by Canada Energy Solution. When the air conditioner compressor does not start up in our house, you can follow the methods described above to repair it.

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