Air Conditioner Outside Condenser Won’t Run-AC Repair Pros Mississauga


1. The remote control mode is incorrect
Check whether the setting of the remote control is the cooling mode. Use the remote control of the air conditioner to adjust the mode to display “cooling” or “snow”, and set the temperature to 26 degrees or below.
2. Power supply problem
Pay attention to whether the outdoor unit has a working sound (including outdoor unit fan and compressor). If the outdoor unit fan is running, the control circuit is basically normal. At this time, observe whether the compressor starts. If the compressor does not start, check whether the power supply is normal.
3. Reasons for voltage
There are many reasons why the voltage is not enough. I won’t say more here. If the air conditioner cannot be turned on, check whether the power supply of the external unit has the power or whether the voltage reaches the rated voltage. If it is not the reason for the low voltage, please check whether the indoor and outdoor machine connections are properly connected, whether the wires are aging, and whether the wiring of the indoor machine mainboard is correct, otherwise replace the internal machine mainboard.
4. Long-term non-maintenance of the air conditioner will cause the outdoor unit of the air conditioner to not rotate.
Analysis of the reason why the outdoor unit of the air conditioner does not rotate. In terms of structure, it may be that the screw and the locking part of the wind wheel are loose, and the flat position of the motor and the matching part of the wind wheel is not properly matched; due to the guarantee of the injection molding process, the plastic parts are squeaking. The squeaking sound, the air guide bar, and the connecting rod mechanism are plastic parts, and the transmission performance of the air guide bar, the stepping motor and the connecting rod mechanism structure will be affected, and the indoor unit will not operate.
5. Too high ambient temperature leads to system protection. The ambient temperature is too high,
There is no shade in direct sunlight, poor ventilation of the outdoor unit, a mesh cover or a wall in front of the outdoor unit can cause the air conditioner heat to not blow out. When the temperature is too high, the compressor will automatically start protection and stop working to avoid damage to the compressor.
6. AC contactor failure. Power on the AC contactor.
Use a multimeter to measure the outlet end of the AC contactor to see if there is a voltage of 380V. If not, it means that the AC contactor is internally damaged and needs to be replaced with a new AC contactor.
When the external unit of the air conditioner cannot work, the first thing we should check during the inspection is that the condenser of the external unit has a very good heat dissipation effect. When the heat dissipation effect of the condenser of the air conditioner deteriorates, it will cause the air conditioner to appear overheating protection.
Maintenance method: In this case, for the reason that the air conditioner does not work, we should first clean and maintain the air conditioner condenser to ensure that the air conditioner condenser has a good heat dissipation effect. At the same time, everyone needs to pay attention to the air conditioner. Clean the air conditioner regularly. In addition to cleaning the indoor unit of the air conditioner, the outside unit of the air conditioner should also be cleaned regularly.
7. Outdoor environmental issues
If the environment of the outdoor unit of the air conditioner is exposed to direct sunlight and poor ventilation, etc., the temperature of the outdoor unit will be too high, causing the compressor to automatically stop and fail to start.
Air conditioning maintenance method: Change the operating environment of the outdoor unit to ensure good heat dissipation and ventilation.
8. The compressor starting capacitor is damaged or the motor is faulty
If there is a problem with the starting capacitor of the compressor or the motor fails, the compressor will naturally fail to start, causing the outdoor unit to fail to operate.
Air conditioning repair method: replace the compressor start capacitor or replace the motor.
9. The condenser is too dirty or the external fan is faulty
If the condenser is seriously clogged or the external fan cannot be turned due to failure, the outdoor unit will not be able to dissipate heat, causing its temperature to become too high, causing a protective shutdown and failing to start.
10. The outdoor unit heat sink is damaged
The heat sink is very soft, and it can be deformed with the strength of your fingers. Although there is an iron mesh on the outer periphery of the heat sink, people may accidentally damage the heat sink when moving around the outdoor unit. Small areas of damage will not cause damage. Big problem. If a large area of ​​damage, such as a large area of ​​heat spreader, collapses close to each other, it is necessary to consider repairs. According to the slightest home inspection experience, this type of problem usually cannot be repaired separately and can only be replaced. Therefore, it is the best policy to save snacks for prevention.
Air conditioning repair method: clean the air conditioning condenser or repair and replace the external fan. Check whether the power supply is aging, short-circuited, or the plug is loose, and then perform related air-conditioning repairs or replace the power circuit.

As mentioned earlier, if there is the wind at the air outlet, the air conditioner is not necessarily running. If the air conditioner is operating normally (the outdoor unit fan is rotating and the compressor is ringing) and there is no cold air at the air outlet, it is likely that the air conditioner is broken, such as lack of refrigerant (Freon); The outdoor unit often shuts down and so on. At this time, consider a professional air-conditioning repairer to check.

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