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Five rules for air conditioner maintenance to extend the life of air conditioners in Mississauga

Air-conditioning appliances depend on who uses them. Different people use air-conditioning in terms of service life. The service life of an air-conditioner is very different. A person who knows the common sense of air-conditioning maintenance will have a very durable air-conditioner, but people who don’t know anything about air-conditioning maintenance will obviously do it. Air conditioners will definitely fail frequently. In order to reduce the breakdown of air conditioners and increase their service life, the following Canada Energy Solution Mississauga air conditioner installation contractor will share with you the five rules of air conditioning maintenance to extend the life of the air conditioner as follows:

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  1. Switching secret method: After installing the air conditioner, the air conditioner should not be switched on and off frequently. Don’t start and close the air conditioner frequently because the room temperature has reached the required value or is higher than the required value. Instead, the air conditioner should be controlled by the temperature controller to start and close. When the air conditioner is not in use, turn off the power and unplug the power plug. No matter the air conditioner shuts down for any reason (such as sudden power failure, manual shutdown, etc.) since general air conditioners do not have a time delay for shutdown (the delay time is about 3 minutes), this type of air conditioner can be turned on immediately after it is stopped. , But it takes 3 minutes to run. But for the air conditioner without time delay, it cannot be turned on immediately after shutdown. It must be about 3 minutes before the air conditioner can be turned on again, otherwise, it may cause excessive starting current, burn the fuse, and even burn the compressor motor. Pay particular attention to the effective use of timers. When you are sleeping and going out, please use the timer to make it run only during the necessary time to save power.
  2. The temperature secret method: Air conditioner operation should pay attention to carefully adjust the temperature to avoid overheating or overcooling. If the heating temperature is lower than 2℃, the electricity can be saved by about 10%. Open doors and windows as little as possible when the air conditioner is running. Frequent opening and closing of doors and windows will reduce the cooling and heating effects of the air conditioner and waste electricity. Windows in air-conditioned rooms should be covered with curtains. In the winter, sunlight is allowed to enter the room during the day, and curtains are used at night to prevent heat loss. Especially in summer, shielding the direct sunlight can make the air conditioning power about 5%. In addition, houses with good insulation are the most energy-efficient. Therefore, it is recommended to use thermal insulation materials when building, adding, or decorating a home.
  3. The filter secret method: Among all household appliances, air-conditioning dust pollution is the most serious, and the cleaning of air-conditioning is also the most overlooked thing. Poor installation of air conditioners can also cause dust accumulation. Some users use the air conditioner for many years after installing it, and never clean it until it breaks down. A considerable number of air conditioners sent for repair are damaged prematurely due to lack of cleaning and maintenance. Therefore, air conditioners in Mississauga generally need to be cleaned and maintained before use in summer or after use in autumn. Especially the maintenance of the filter. In recent years, Mississauga has greatly improved the fresh air quality of air conditioners due to the use of long-term deodorizing air conditioner filters. For the cleaning of this kind of air filter, be careful not to touch the metal part of the indoor unit when disassembling, because it may be scratched. After removing the air filter, lightly pat it or use an electric vacuum cleaner to clean it. If the filter is too dirty, it can be washed with water or neutral detergent, but it should not be washed with hot water above 50℃ to avoid deformation. Do not use a sponge to clean, otherwise, it will damage the surface of the filter. After rinsing it with clean water, let it dry in a cool place. Do not expose it to the sun or dry it next to the stove, because it may cause deformation. Install the dried air filter back to the original position of the air conditioner, and the whole maintenance process is completed. Therefore, it is really not easy to install an air conditioner in Mississauga. The air filter is consumable, and it is replaced about every four months. If the filter is clogged, it will reduce the filtration capacity and reduce the air circulation, thereby reducing the cooling and healing effects.
  4. In the component secret method: in the daily air-conditioning operation in Mississauga, we must pay attention to the protection of the condenser and evaporator heat sink. The radiating fins of the condenser and evaporator are made of 0.15mm aluminum sheet inserted into the copper tube and then expanded. It cannot withstand a collision. If the radiator is damaged, it will affect the heat dissipation effect of the air conditioner and reduce the cooling efficiency. In addition, the refrigeration system must be protected. If the components or connecting pipes of the refrigeration system are damaged, the refrigerant will leak and the air conditioner cannot be cooled. In Mississauga, the outdoor cooler should be cleaned with a long-bristled brush every six months. Remove the movement every year and inject appropriate lubricating oil into the fan motor bearings. The refrigeration system does not need to be processed, as long as the external dirt is removed. Incorrect installation of the air conditioner can cause many problems. When using water-cooled air conditioners, do not turn off the water source when the refrigeration system is working. For air-cooled condensers installed outdoors, dust must be removed every 1-2 months in Mississauga. When shutting down in winter, the water in the water-cooled condenser should be drained to prevent freezing and cracking. Also, the air conditioner must correctly select the fuse (fuse). Choose the specifications of the fuse wire according to the rated current indicated in the product manual. If it is too large, it will not insure, and if it is too small, it will often break.
  5. Tame the wind, do not block the blower opening of the outdoor unit: When the air outlet of the outdoor unit is covered by objects, the cooling and heating effect will be reduced and electricity will be wasted. Good use of wind direction adjustment. When heating, the wind direction board is downward, and when the air conditioner is horizontal, the effect is better. Reminder: Air-conditioned rooms are generally dry. People will feel dry and thirsty after staying for a long time. Human skin will also be affected by the imbalance of pH. The prevention method is to pay attention to water supplementation inside and outside the body. The installation method is very important, otherwise, the air conditioner will easily fail in the future. The use of air-conditioning fans is more power-efficient. In the scorching summer of Mississauga, the temperature remains high and the electricity bill is rising. How can we save electricity and enjoy the coolness? Consumers have come up with a method for air conditioning and distribution fans, and experts have also affirmed.

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How to maintain the home air conditioner when it is out of service

In Mississauga, every household has air conditioners or even more than one. Air conditioners are not used every day, but what about people? Not everyone knows the principles and common sense of air conditioners. This is not because many customers ask about how to maintain household air conditioners when they are out of service. Canada Energy Solution will give you some common sense in this regard:

The maintenance during the outage period mainly has the following points:

  1. Before long-term use, the ventilation block should be opened to dry the moisture in the indoor unit;
  2. Unplug the power supply and take out the battery in the remote control;
  3. If possible, use hoods to cover the inner and outer machines to keep the indoor and outdoor heat exchangers clean.

Check the air conditioner before the season of use. First, remove the covers on the inner and outer machines, remove the obstacles on the indoor and outdoor air inlets and outlets, and then install the remote control battery, turn on the air conditioner, and observe whether the air conditioner is operating normally after turning it on.

On the outer machine bag, clean the filter once a week if you want to use it. Don’t start it frequently. The air conditioner does not need to be deliberately maintained. It is recommended not to use the air conditioner as a last resort. It is better to use natural air. Maintenance is very casual. It should be fine to clean the filter in a year or two weeks. It seems that the others are a bit professional. You can find after-sales in Mississauga.

Keep the air conditioner clean. Take out the filter frequently and put it on the water pipe to rinse it off.

In addition, the air conditioner should not adjust the temperature frequently, and the temperature difference between indoor and outdoor should not be adjusted too much. The greater the temperature difference, the greater the power consumption. In Mississauga, summer air conditioning, the higher the indoor temperature, the more power is saved.

The key to air conditioning maintenance:

The cleaning of the air conditioner should include three parts:

The first is the casing and exposed parts of the air conditioner body, which are easily contaminated parts;

The second is filter cleaning, which is the most important part of the core;

The third is the condenser and evaporator part, the maintenance is combined together.

  1. The cleaning of the air conditioner body shell and corresponding parts. Regarding the cleaning of the air conditioner body shell and corresponding parts, the cleaning of the air conditioner body shell and corresponding parts is simple, as long as a little soap powder and detergent or special air conditioner cleaning fluid can be used to clean a considerable part of the air conditioner.
  2. The cleaning of the filter, the key part of household air conditioner cleaning is the cleaning of the filter. Open the indoor cabinet and observe whether there are dust and odor in the internal filter. If there is a lot of dust or a bad smell, clean the filter. When cleaning the filter, first cut off the power, then open the panel and take out the filter. After dusting the filter with a brush-type vacuum cleaner, rinse it with clean water. When it is too dirty and oily, it can be cleaned with a decontamination agent or neutral soapy water, rinsed with water, and dried before installation. It should be noted that it must not be washed with hot water above 40°C. Do not use washing powder, detergent, gasoline, banana water, etc. to clean it to avoid deformation of the filter. In addition, after rinsing with clean water, wipe it dry with a soft cloth or blow-dry in a cool place. Never expose it to the sun or dry it in an open flame such as a stove to avoid deformation of the filter. After installing the filter, plug in the power and wait for 3-5 minutes, set the remote control in the cooling mode, set the temperature to the lowest condition, and turn it on. After testing the machine to check the hidden dangers, the air conditioner is running, and the wind speed switch of the remote control is set to run in different gears to observe whether the internal machine has abnormal noise. Turn on and run for about 15 minutes to observe whether the outdoor fan is running normally and whether there is abnormal noise in the outdoor machine. Run for about 30 minutes to observe whether the indoor unit has a sense of cold air, whether there is condensation water flowing out of the outdoor unit’s outlet pipe, and whether the flowing water is unblocked.
  3. The cleaning of the condenser and evaporator part, the condenser and evaporator part, is relatively rare, and it is combined with maintenance, which is equivalent to the cleaning of a small system, which is a relatively large operation in Mississauga.

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