Central Heating & Cooling: Guide to Installing a Central A/C


Central air conditioners have strict industry standards, and it is very important to install them in the entire system. Central air-conditioning installation is mainly divided into three parts: central air-conditioning host installation, central air-conditioning indoor unit installation, and central air-conditioning pipeline installation.

The central air-conditioning host installation precautions:
1. The heat exhausted from the outdoor unit should have no effect on neighbors;
2. If there are strong heat sources and other equipment exhaust ports, steam, and combustible gases around the location, they should be contacted and adjusted in time;
3. The outdoor unit should be installed in a well-ventilated location. If there is a short circuit in the airflow, measures should be taken to solve it during installation;
4. The influence of the operating noise of the external machine at the installation location on the neighbors should be less than the national noise standard: daytime: 55dB(A), morning and evening: 50dB(A), late-night: 45dB(A);
5. 500mm maintenance and operation space is required on the front side of the outer machine;
6. ​​Keep the outside machine away from the bedroom and living room on the first floor as far as possible, and consider staying away from the bedroom and study on the second floor;
7. The distance of obstacles on the intake side (rear side): more than 300mm; the distance of obstacles on both sides (left and right sides): more than 150mm; the distance of obstacles on the front side: more than 500mm; the distance between the machine and the machine side: more than 100mm; The distance of obstacles on the top side: more than 1000mm;

Precautions for installation of the central air-conditioning indoor unit
1. It is not recommended to install above the head of the bed, because there is noise interference;
2. It is not easy to blow directly on the bed, and people are prone to feeling cold;
3. It cannot be installed on the floor slab, and it is easy to vibrate with the floor slab. Generally, the machine is installed 2-3cm away from the top;
4. The distance between the inner machine and the rear wall is at least 8-10cm to ensure effective return air space and maintenance space, and reduce noise;
5. Pay attention when placing furniture. Make sure that the return air vent is not blocked by large furniture, which will affect the return air effect;
6. ​​The interface side of the internal air conditioner must ensure a 30cm takeover space and maintenance space, otherwise, the damage caused by the decoration is far greater than the visual effect of the reserved maintenance space;
7. The distance between the air delivery and return air outlets should not be less than 50cm, otherwise the airflow will easily form a short circuit;
8. Try to avoid side delivery and side return, and the return duct is strictly prohibited from passing through the bathroom and kitchen;
9. the position of the inner machine is close to the outer machine z*;
10. When designing, try to consider the kitchen room, but the kitchen room cannot be equipped with air conditioning alone (considering the corrosion of the kitchen fume on the equipment, etc.);
11. Try to avoid choosing high static pressure machines.
12. When designing, the air duct should be as short as possible, and the width of the return air duct should not be too small;
The central air conditioner is much larger than the traditional air conditioner. Therefore, the central air conditioner is generally installed on the balcony. Now most houses have a balcony where the air conditioner is placed. If it is a villa with a high-power central air conditioner, a separate area is generally opened to place the central air conditioner. The installation must have a certain distance from the indoor activity area, so as not to affect the rest of life. The installation location of the central air-conditioning indoor unit is not very fixed. For ordinary household users, it is more common for the ceiling to be installed at the indoor entrance and exit.
Nowadays, people’s living consumption level has been greatly improved with the in-depth development of economic reforms, and there is a higher pursuit of living comfort. In addition, with the change of seasons, the climate and temperature are also fluctuating, so installation in room A set of air conditioners to adjust the temperature and living environment has become a trend. So, why do many people choose home central air conditioners when installing air conditioners for their homes or new houses they buy?

Reason 1:
The best choice for large-area, multi-bedroom houses. In recent years, with the heating up of the housing industry, two-bedroom, two-living or three-bedroom, two-living houses, duplex houses, and villas with an area of ​​more than 100 square meters have rapidly increased. These higher-income families have put forward higher requirements for household air-conditioning. However, general air conditioners are limited by heating (cold) capacity and structure, which cannot meet the temperature requirements of multi-bedroom families, and there is no fresh air system, which can easily lead to air conditioning diseases; central air conditioners have always been only due to the large and complicated facilities. Ordinary users dare not care about special products for luxury buildings and high-end hotels. Therefore, the user group has shifted its attention to products that are more suitable for them. Therefore, the family central air conditioner came into being, and quickly entered thousands of households, and was extremely favored by people.

Reason 2:
It can make the living room environment more comfortable and warm. Modern home central air conditioners can achieve extremely fast temperature adjustment, and the temperature adjustment can be completed in a short time after the user sends a message. Quiet operation is a major feature of home central air conditioners, which can completely ensure that users enjoy a quiet and comfortable space. Because there is only one outdoor unit, the noise of the outdoor unit is very small during operation, thereby realizing the effective mute of the air conditioner. The family central air conditioner also has a super long-distance three-dimensional air supply system, which can supply air up to 15 meters, so that the indoor temperature of the residential house can be kept uniform, even in the three rooms and two halls or every corner of the house with an area of ​​more than 200 meters. The existence of temperature difference. Healthy natural wind also saves people who live in cities for a long time from the trouble of “air conditioning disease”. Therefore, many consumers choose home central air-conditioning based on this consideration: you can get the warm enjoyment of central air-conditioning at a small cost, why not do it?

Reason 3:
Environmental protection, energy saving, power saving, and more money-saving. People pay more and more attention to environmental protection and health. Family central air-conditioning adopts various advanced environmental protection and health technologies. It is a natural reason to be welcomed by people. It uses the world’s advanced frequency conversion technology. Home central air-conditioning can ensure that air-conditioning can be used most of the time. The internal operation is in a low-capacity state, which greatly reduces energy consumption. Since one outdoor unit of some household central air conditioners can be matched with 1 to 16 indoor units, z* can control up to 256 indoor units. The control system adopts advanced intelligent network program control technology, which can be adjusted according to the indoor unit The number of operations and the indoor temperature adjustment is used to control the capacity of the compressor, thereby achieving a reasonable distribution of energy consumption. It is more environmentally friendly and energy-efficient.

Reason 4:
Intelligent network control is convenient and more worry-free. The air conditioner is installed in the home. People hope that it has many and good performances, easy to operate and worry-free. In this regard, some household central air conditioners make people excited. In addition to the high-tech network control, these household central air conditioners also has a central intelligent network control function, which can perform both centralized control and terminal control, avoiding the problem that the remote control cannot be found or the room is locked and the air conditioner cannot be controlled. Centralized control is convenient for property management personnel or users to use the computer network for remote and short-range control, and the terminal control function can ensure that the user can perform decentralized control of an indoor unit, allowing users to use and open at any time, which is convenient for life and achieves The purpose of energy saving. The soil and water on the surface store 47% of the solar radiation energy. For modern villas, there is a huge amount of warmth and coolness stored there. The ground-source heat pump central air-conditioning digging well connects the formations up to 100 meters deep, allowing the hot and cold temperatures to circulate on the ground and underground. z*Proper heating and cooling requirements can be made into the comfort of each household through central air-conditioning in the room. Environmentally-friendly energy combined with an efficient system can save more than half of the energy. The ground-source heat pump central air-conditioning system is the guarantee of environmental protection, comfort and quality of life. Without the air conditioners and drain pipes of every household, there is no dripping and noise, while enjoying the warmth and coolness, there is also “the quiet power from the heart.” “The sense of superiority.

With the continuous improvement and improvement of people’s quality of life, more and more attention has been paid to the comfort of refrigeration systems. The water system of household central air-conditioning has been widely recognized by consumers because of a series of advantages such as comfortable use, energy-saving, and quietness. At the same time, how to make the selected household central air-conditioning achieve the best effect, in addition to the reasonable arrangement during the design, there are the following points for reference:

1. Self-contained unit, flexible adjustment. The fan coil is three-speed variable speed, and the water system can adopt the automatic control of cold and hot water to adjust the temperature adjustment valve according to the user’s room temperature setting so that each room can independently adjust the room temperature to meet the needs of customers using different air conditioners. It can be turned off manually or automatically at a fixed time when people use it, and it can prevent developers from investing too much at a time, facilitate their rolling development, and can open different rooms according to the situation of the customers. Thereby reducing the operating cost of the overall system. The partition control of the entire system is relatively easy. It can be divided into several areas according to the orientation, floor, purpose, use time, etc. of the room, and the partition control is carried out according to different customer needs, thereby avoiding the unreasonable side of the large air duct system that must be controlled centrally.

2. The fan coil unit has a small body, flexible layout, convenient installation, and takes up less building space, which is convenient for internal installation and construction. However, how to choose a better fan coil unit and apply it to the actual project in combination with the design drawings according to the different needs of the owners, the following points should be fully considered:

1. Check the cooling capacity
Generally, the product is selected according to the calculated cooling load, but it should be noted that different fresh air supply methods will cause the load cooling capacity of the fan coil to be different. When fresh air is directly sent to the room through the external wall, without heat and humidity treatment, the cooling capacity of the fan coil = indoor cooling load + fresh air cooling load; when an independent fresh air system is set up, the cooling capacity of the fan coil = indoor Cold load. The current products on the market are generally nominal cooling capacity and the cooling capacity in actual operation should be the cooling capacity × the average operating time per unit time, that is, changing the operating time or air volume will affect the input cooling capacity of the unit. Therefore, the higher the nominal cooling capacity, the better. If only the high cooling capacity is selected, the cooling capacity will be too large, resulting in too low operating rate, reduced air changes, increased room temperature gradient, and increased system capacity and equipment. Investment, the energy consumption of air-conditioning is increased, and the effect of air-conditioning is reduced. Therefore, cooling capacity is only one of the necessary conditions for selecting equipment, and other factors should also be taken into consideration.

2. Air volume check
Mainly check the number of air changes according to the room quality requirements. The smaller the supply air temperature difference and the more air changes, the better the air quality and the more comfortable it is. Why do some air-conditioned rooms feel peculiar smell and stuffiness? That is, the air volume check is not handled properly. Since the nominal air volume of the fan coil is measured under the conditions of no water flow and zero pressure difference between the air inlet and outlet, there are some unrealistic factors, so the actual determination of the air volume should be the value of the air volume under the ideal state. After deduction, through empirical calculations, this part of the additional air volume should account for 20-30% of the nominal air volume.

The main function of central air-conditioning pipe cleaning and pre-filming:

1. Sterilization: By adding sterilizing agents to the circulation system, all kinds of bacteria and algae in the circulating water are removed.
2. Sludge stripping: Add stripping agent to peel off the biological sludge in the pipeline, and clean the sludge through circulation.
3. Chemical cleaning: adding chemical cleaning agents and dispersing agents to clean the rust, dirt and greasy dirt in the pipeline system, disperse them and restore them to a clean metal surface.
4. Surface pre-filming: Put in the pre-filming agent to form a dense polymer protective film on the metal surface to prevent corrosion.

The installation location of the air conditioner also requires outdoor units. Our experts believe that outdoor units should be avoided as far as possible from heavy oily smoke, windy sand, direct sunlight, poor heat dissipation, or high-temperature heat sources, and avoid flammable gases that are easy to leak and have a high temperature. Strong corrosive gas, artificial strong electricity or direct magnetic field and other hidden dangers; the distance between the bottom of the mounting frame and the ground should be greater than 2.5 meters, and the self-made isolation metal mesh cover should be covered directly when landing, so that children are not easy to reach, such as installation Below the window sill, avoid higher than the window sill; the installation bracket should have an operating space that is convenient for safe installation and maintenance.

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