Does Inverter Air Conditioner Can Save Electricity Bill?


It is said that inverter air conditioners save electricity, do inverter air conditioners really save electricity? Why does the inverter save electricity? Inverter air conditioners are much more expensive than ordinary air conditioners. Is it cost-effective? In fact, I also had these puzzles before, and I probably knew some mysteries when I was engaged in air-conditioning and refrigeration. Today I will share some of my views.

First of all, let’s talk about why the inverter air conditioner saves electricity, and what is the principle of its electricity-saving?

Power saving principle of inverter air conditioner:

  1. The principle of an inverter air conditioner is that the air conditioner adopts more advanced technology, the voltage is small when starting, and it can be started under low voltage and low-temperature conditions, which is difficult to start in some areas due to unstable voltage or low indoor temperature in winter. This situation, there is a certain improvement effect. As the compressor realizes the step-less speed change, it can also adapt to a larger area of ​​cooling and heating requirements.
  2. Simply put, the principle of an inverter air conditioner is to add a frequency converter to the structure of a conventional air conditioner. The heart of the compressor air conditioner, its speed directly affects the efficiency of the air conditioner. The inverter air conditioner frequency converter is a control system used to control and adjust the compressor speed so that it is always in the best speed state, thereby improving the energy efficiency ratio, compared with conventional The air conditioner saves energy by 20% to 30%.

High-frequency operation of an inverter air conditioner is more energy-efficient:

  1. The inverter air conditioner runs at high frequency when it is just turned on, and runs at a low frequency most of the time. The power consumption is much lower than that of fixed-frequency air conditioners. Compressors are a big energy consumer in air conditioners. Their rated power accounts for about 90% of the power of air conditioners. The other 10% are electrical components such as fan motors. Inverter air conditioner compressors are more efficient than ordinary fixed frequency air conditioner compressors.
  2. The number of on and off of the inverter air conditioner is much lower than that of the fixed frequency air conditioner, which consumes a lot of energy when it is turned on. AC inverter air conditioners save 30% of electricity compared to fixed-frequency air conditioners, while DC inverter air conditioners save electricity by 50%.

Does the inverter air conditioner really save electricity?-key power-saving function:

  1. Inverter air conditioner, with a one-key power-saving function. If you want to reduce the operating function of your home air conditioner, you can press the power-saving operation button on the remote control, which not only reduces the operating power but also reduces the risk of tripping during peak power consumption.
  2. Does the frequency air conditioner really save electricity? Undoubtedly, the frequency conversion air conditioner has more efficient and energy-saving characteristics than the traditional air conditioner, and the temperature control is more accurate, the noise is low, and the human body feels more comfortable. At present, the price of inverter air conditioners has been continuously adjusted, gradually getting closer to traditional fixed frequency air conditioners. In the future, the replacement of fixed-frequency air conditioners with full-inverter air conditioners will be a major development trend in energy conservation and environmental protection.

What are the advantages of inverter air conditioners:

  1. Refrigeration, heating, strong and rapid start, run with the highest power. Rapid cooling and heating. Make the indoor temperature reach the set temperature all at once. So whether it is a cold morning or a hot day, you can quickly enjoy a comfortable room temperature.
  2. High-efficiency energy-saving inverter air conditioner determines the power according to the required amount, so the efficiency is high. In addition, since the compressor hardly starts/stops repeatedly, it does not consume excess power. Therefore, the electricity bill is only about 2/3 of the general air conditioner, which can be called a model of energy-saving.
  3. Comfortable and constant room temperature control The inverter air conditioner can freely change the power level because it can control the speed of the compressor to maintain a comfortable temperature.

However, inverter air conditioners also have some disadvantages:

  1. The price is too high: Although the advantages of inverter air conditioners are many, their price will also increase. After a period of popularization, it is believed that the price of inverter air conditioners will also drop.
  2. Long time for cost recovery: Although inverter air conditioners are energy-saving and electricity-saving because they will invest an extra amount of money before, cost recovery has also become a problem. The energy-saving effect of inverter air conditioners will be determined according to different usage environments and usage habits, so it will take longer to recover costs. However, the price gap between the price of inverters and fixed-frequency inverters is not as big as before. With the improvement of people’s living standards, inverter air conditioners are basically people’s first choice.

Here are a few ways I recommend how to make the air conditioner more energy-efficient:

  1. In normal winter, if the air conditioner temperature is set 2°C lower than the set temperature, it can save about 20% of the electricity bill. Do not pursue the indoor temperature too high or too low during use, so that although the human body is comfortable at the time, it is In the case of rapid temperature changes, discomfort is still prone to occur, and at the same time, if the temperature is set too high or too low, it will cause excessive power consumption.
  2. The filter is a very important part of the air conditioner. If it is not cleaned for a long time, it will not only have a peculiar smell during use, and it must be cleaned once or twice a year at least, and it will also affect the timing of the air conditioner to use the cooling and heating efficiency, and increase the air conditioner It consumes electricity and needs to be cleaned once or twice a year at least.
  3. The indoor environment is also an important factor affecting the power consumption of the air conditioner. If the airtight effect is good, the air conditioner will quickly adjust the temperature after it is turned on. If the airtightness is not good, the cold and hot air will continue to be lost, and the air conditioner will always be in operation. , The power consumption rises naturally.
  4. Purchase on-demand. Choose air conditioners according to their use area. If you buy a small number of air conditioners to cool a larger environment, the air conditioners will always be under load and will increase the power consumption of the product.