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How Much Does it Really Cost? - Unlimited Duct & Vents Cleaning from $150

A professional duct cleaning Service is priced based on the location, number of ducts and size of the house and typically in the range of 150.00 to 350.00 CAD for an average sized home. A complete and precisely done service will take an averaged estimate of 40 minutes per each 1000 sqft of residential property area including the basement surface area (example: a 2000sqft house with a 1000 sqft will take around 2 hours to finish). Here at Canada Energy Solution (collectively referred to as CES) we will give you a free inspection and estimate and a run down of the service prior to the agreement, contact us to set up your free consultation session today.

Duct cleaning, an essential residential maintenance
If your house uses a forced air system for heating and cooling, you probably have wondered one of the following:
● How often do I need duct cleaning?
● Is it really effective to clean my ducts?
● What are the effects, results and standards of a successful duct cleaning service ?

Duct cleaning is defined as the act of removal of debris, dirt, slime, mold and other residues found in the house’s ductwork and other HVAC cavities. For a duct-cleaning job to be effective, the team of technicians must first address, mark and inspect all the contaminated parts of the ductwork. Afterwards, they will inspect the HVAC units and their cavities (example: blow motor compartment of the furnace). The ducts will then be cleaned by using a specialised blower that is compatible with the ductwork’s air flow capacity. At the next step the other components of the HVAC system such as:
evaporative coil, air- handler(if present), registers, grilles, fans, motors, and housings are cleaned using specialised brushes and vacuums.

Duct cleaning is needed if/when the air quality and comfort level of the house have significantly dropped. Other notions of “dirty ducts” are: increase in temperature difference between the rooms, intensification in allergies, increase of dust and residue accumulation in the household and furnace filters getting dirtier at a faster rate. An average time-period for duct cleaning service is as low as every 3 years for high activity homes or pet owners and can be as high as every five years for low activity homes with less carpeted surfaces.

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