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Canada Energy Solution Offers Complete Heating Installation & Repair Services in GTA

Canada Energy Solution is the premier HVAC services company in Toronto and GTA. We have been servicing Mississauga and the GTA for 10 years now and we keep growing.

We offer a wide range of services for your heating and air conditioning needs. From brand-new replacements and installations to regular maintenance and repair, we can ensure that your home or business office is comfortable.

Whether you require a new heating system or a new cooling system or repairs on an existing HVAC, we are attentive to your specific needs and get the job done right! For any type of heating or cooling repairs throughout Mississauga, Canada Energy Solution can help you get the job done right for the very first time and at the most affordable price possible.

With years of experience, the professionals at Canada Energy Solution will review your furnace and air conditioning needs and recommend a system to fit your requirements and budget. We don’t just offer high-quality products at an affordable price; we also have a service and repair team to fix your HVAC system. Our business is built on happy customers and referrals, so it’s in our interest to give you the best price and best service we can. We’d rather have all your referrals than all your money.

Our certified technicians perform warrantied furnace installation in Mississauga and the GTA. Residents rely on us to replace or install a furnace they'll use for years to come. As the top choice for furnace and air conditioning repairs in Mississauga, you’ll never run into frustrating heating/cooling problems again with us at your side. Call us today at (647)812-5200!

We Service All Makes and Models of Furnace

We don’t just offer a high-quality furnace at an affordable price; we also have a service and repair team to fix your furnace. We want to work flexibly with our clients and ensure that their budgets can be met.

All Popular Brands in Mississauga

Goodman furnace price: from $2,199
Keeprite furnace price:  from $2,199
American Standard furnace price: from $2,399
Lennox furnace price: from $2,599
Carrier furnace price: from $2,599

* The actual cost will vary and can depend on whether you need ductwork installed, and the particular Size & Model, and configuration of your house.


The best furnace installation services in Mississauga

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Furnace Energy Rebate program

Furnace Upgrade to Energy Efficient Furnace and SAVE!

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Rebate up to


 Lennox 96% efficiency or higher

$1,250 incentive with the Ontario Home Efficiency Rebate Program

Rebate up to


American standard 96% efficiency or higher

$900 incentive with the Ontario Home Efficiency Rebate Program

Rebate up to


Goodman 96% efficiency or higher

$750 incentive with the Ontario Home Efficiency Rebate Program

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What Our Customers Are Saying


Furnace Installation & Maintenance

I have used this company for many years and they never cease to amaze me on the quality of service providers they have. At end of October this year, for the first time, my furnace kept sending an error code, I was not sure if I should book a technician visit at that time. So I called Canada Energy Solution for help. They sent the technician the same day...

- Branden Pan -


Repair and replace furnace, very good price

I have used Canada Energy Solution' service for years. They helped me to repair my old furnace many years ago. For this year, at the end of March, I wanted to replace the old one and they offered me a very good price including everything. I am very satisfied with their works from the initial sales, installation to every year’s maintenance...

-Dylan Damude -


New Lennox Furnace Installation

I am very pleased with the service provided by Canada Energy Solution, from initial contact to installation and follow-up. I inquired with 4 companies about the installation of a furnace and Canada Energy Solution was the first to reply, the very next day in fact even though it was a holiday. The technician John took almost 6 hours doing the installation. On the whole, they handled the situation really well...

- Julia Lewis -


Took about 2 hours doing the furnace repair

Solved problem with my furnace. My furnace stopped working last Saturday. I had similar problems previously. I called Canada Energy Solution and spoke to their rep. They sent the technician the same day. They are very professional and sincere. The technician John took about 2 hours doing the repair. I really appreciate it...

- Haoxuan Bai -

Welcome to Canada Energy Solution

A heating and cooling firm that always puts customers first

You don’t have to stress about anything when it comes to your heating and air conditioning system. Moreover, our certified, factory-trained service technicians will also help you find the right solution for your system. So, you can depend on us for all of your heating & cooling needs in Mississauga. Feel free to give our technicians a call. There’s no problem you can throw at us that our technicians haven’t dealt with in Canada Energy Solution. We’ll work to find a solution that works for you and help to give you back some confidence in your furnace.

Lennox Furnace: promotion from $2,599

Lennox® furnaces are some of the most efficient and quietest heating systems you can buy*. They’re engineered for perfect warmth and savings.

Carrier Furnace: promotion from $2,599

Carrier furnaces provide the optimal combination of comfortable heating and energy efficiency—which means you’ll save more money while doing your part for the environment.


American Standard Furnace: promotion from $2,399

American Standard home furnaces are designed to help keep your home warm and cozy during the colder seasons. Each furnace is built with efficiency and reliability in mind so that you and your family can enjoy consistent warmth and long-lasting comfort. However, selecting a gas or oil furnace isn’t a one-size-fits-all decision.

Goodman Furnace: promotion from $2,199

Goodman’s is just the beginning of the Goodman story. Offer homeowners additional peace of mind on select high-efficiency products with a range of additional coverages including a 20-Year Heat Exchanger Limited Warranty

Keeprite Furnace: promotion from $2,199

In KeepRite® the top-of-the-line Ion gas furnaces can help provide whole-home comfort all winter long. And with our variable-speed blower motors, these furnaces can help manage your comfort during warmer weather by working with your cooling system to pull humidity out of the air inside your home.

Best furnace repair service from $79.99 in Mississauga

Furnace not working? Need furnace repair service right away?

Please call us by 647-812-5200 or 289-885-5900 for a remote or in-home estimate

Canada Energy Solution provides coverage, maintains, and repairs all residential forced air furnace brands makes and models.
Our experienced, licensed, and reliable technicians are capable of providing you with professional guidance and support to make the right decisions towards all of your HVAC services, demands, repairs, and maintenance needs.

Repair rates:

Just note that below are the repairing labor cost, not including parts cost

Basic diagnosis service: from $79.99
Adding refrigerant service: from $99.99
Parts change and repair service: from $199.99
Maintenance service: from $99.99

With years of experience, the professionals at Canada Energy Solution will review your furnace needs and recommend a system to fit your requirements and budget. We work transparently and in the best interest of our customers to provide a quality and positive customer experience.

* Costs may vary based on location, job-site and repair conditions, specific situations, or requests.


Even if you don’t have a repair problem, our furnace installation and repair experts can help you with everyday maintenance or cleaning in Mississauga 

Why Choose Canada Energy Solution

  • Canada Energy Solution has been keeping our neighborhood warm for more than 10 years. When the weather turns cold in Ontario, we can keep your house and office warm as well.
  • Whether you need a commercial-grade furnace in Mississauga or a small heating repair for your home in Mississauga and Kitchener, we can make the process of the service easier than ever before throughout GTA.
  • Here in Canada Energy Solution, we have a reputation for knowledge and reliability.
  • We direct sale and install at the best price in Mississauga for the best of our brands to our neighborhood.

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Serving Mississauga for 10+ years

Mississauga was established in 1968 and is currently the sixth-largest city in Canada. Mississauga is bounded by Toronto to the east, Oakville to the west, Lake Ontario to the south, and Brampton to the north. The ethnic composition of Mississauga is relatively complicated, with 52% of the city’s population whose native language is not English. The education level of Mississauga residents is much higher than the average level in Canada and Ontario, and nearly 38% of the adult population has a bachelor's degree or above. We began to provide Furnace installation and maintenance services to residents of Mississauga in 2010, and we have more than 500 customers here.

Mississauga is called "Canada's Gateway" by many people because the country's largest Pearson International Airport is located in the northeast corner of the city. In addition, Mississauga is the city with the most highways in Canada. There are also three GO TRAIN and many GO BUS lines in Mississauga, which easily connect communities and surrounding major cities. Thanks to many outstanding transportation advantages, Mississauga has become one of Canada's most important economic centers. The investment and expansion of Pearson Airport will further develop its huge potential to drive the economy and will continue to bring unprecedented economic benefits to Mississauga and surrounding cities in the future. We have a branch in Mississauga, the address is 7111 Syntex Drive, 3rd Floor, Mississauga, ON L5N 8C3. We welcome all customers to visit.

In 2017, there were 90,780 companies in Mississauga with 438,168 employees. Microsoft, Hewlett-Packard, Amazon, etc. have set up their Canadian headquarters in Mississauga. In addition, Mississauga is also the third FIRE Cluster in North America. Therefore, compared to other cities in Ontario and the whole country, residents of Mississauga not only have more job opportunities to choose from, but these job opportunities are high-paying majors in science and technology services/finance and insurance, and manufacturing industries. Most job opportunities. In the past 30 years, Mississauga has rapidly grown into Canada's sixth-largest city, with a population size of 721,599 from the original 172,000. As optimistic about Mississauga's future city and economic development prospects, major real estate developers are currently increasing their efforts to develop new residences and apartments in Mississauga, and the number of new residences, apartments, and residents is growing steadily. The Toronto Real Estate Board (TREB) reported in its 2019 analysis report that Mississauga's house price level ranks 13th, and the cost of homeownership is much lower than Toronto's. At the same time, Mississauga has a high rate of return on housing rentals, its housing rentals are high and its annual growth rate ranks second in the country. Our company has been focusing on Mississauga as the development area, and our annual turnover in Mississauga is increasing by 20%-30%.

Top Furnace Repair Frequently Asked Questions

Furnace repair is not rocket science. A simple knowledge of how a furnace works and answering questions about furnace repair is where to start.

There's a good possibility that you've dealt with a furnace and heating systems at least a few times in your life, whether you live in your new or old home, or a rented apartment.

Furnaces help to keep your home warm and comfy from the extreme winters of Canada.  To keep it running smoothly, you must understand a few things about furnace repairs; how a furnace works, the parts of a furnace, and how to troubleshoot common furnace issues.

We have answered some important frequently asked questions regarding furnaces below. With these questions answered, you can easily enjoy one of the most crucial appliances in any Canadian home.

Frequently Asked Questions About Furnace Repair

Why Is My Furnace Leaking Water?

Condensation leaks are the most frequent cause of furnace water leakage. In comparison to standard-efficiency furnaces, high-efficiency furnaces extract heat from the combustion gases for a longer length of time, causing the gases to cool before condensing. A drain receives condensation.

If you have a condensate pump, you can have a clogged condensate drain or tubing, a break in the condensation line, or problems with the condensate pump itself.

A standard-efficiency furnace swiftly vents the combustion gases out the exhaust or flue pipe after extracting some heat from them. Therefore, a furnace that operates at standard efficiency shouldn't require any water. The exhaust or flue pipe may be the wrong size if there is a leakage.

To evaluate the furnace repair situation in your home, you need one of our HVAC experts. Once a condensation leak is ruled out, we can assist you to find out other possible faults.

The humidifier in your home may experience one of these problems, particularly if it is plugged into the furnace. Regular preventative maintenance on your HVAC system should help ensure that this does not happen, it may be seeping inside your furnace.

A clogged internal drainage system is an additional option that may require furnace repairs. If the internal drain that your air conditioning and furnace share is blocked, water may be transferred to your furnace if your air conditioning is on.

Another worst-case situation is a defective furnace secondary heat exchanger, although this is only applicable to high-efficiency furnaces. Unfortunately, this is a big-repair problem that usually necessitates a furnace replacement.

Why Does My Furnace Keep Turning Off?

Does your furnace go off often and you wonder why? You are not alone. This is a relatively common furnace repair issue. If the problem is not identified and fixed right immediately, it might lead to greater utility costs and expensive furnace repairs. If it is left for too long, a replacement furnace may be necessary.

Furnace brief cycling is when your furnace turns on and off quickly. We discuss some of the most common reasons why this might be happening below:

Inadequate airflow

If your furnace frequently shuts down, it could be due to a lack of ventilation. There are various indirect causes of poor airflow that may require furnace repairs.

Dirty filters

Dirty furnace filters are common causes of furnace repairs. If you don't change your air filters frequently enough, they will become dirty and clogged, causing the heat exchanger to hold heat and eventually overheat. Unless you have pets or allergies, you should change your air filters every 90 days. If you have a dog or allergies, you should change your air filters every 60 days, or less if you have severe allergies.

Dirty blower

A dirty blower wheel could be the cause of your furnace cycling on and off too quickly. The blower wheel includes blades that push air, and if it is clogged, it will not work as efficiently and may not work at all. By changing your air filters regularly, you may avoid dirt from accumulating on your blower wheel. If you don't, the damage could be costly to restore.

Blocked air vent

If your furnace is frequently shutting down, check your air vents to see if any are closed or blocked in any way. Keep all of your vents open, even in places you don't use them.

What Does the Pilot Light in My Furnace Do?

When your gas furnace comes on but doesn't bring out warm air from the vents, the pilot light has most likely gone out.

Older furnaces frequently experience this problem, and it can be a clue that it's time to carry out furnace repairs. Furnaces begin to lose efficiency and start malfunctioning more frequently after ten years.

Your utility costs will begin to rise along with the cost of furnace repairs. It eventually makes more economic sense to swap out these old appliances for new models. Our company can assist you in making the best choice when the time comes.

What are the common furnace pilot light problems?

The gas coming from the primary burner of your furnace needs to be ignited for the pilot light to work. Your furnace contains a safety valve that shuts off the gas supply to the pilot light if the flame ever goes out, preventing uncontrollably leaking gas into your home.

Why does the pilot light extinguish?

When you notice that your pilot light constantly goes off, it's dangerous and can incur huge huge furnace repair costs.

Several common causes make the pilot light trip off often. Here are some:

Damaged thermocouple

This safety device checks to see if the pilot light is functioning. The pilot light won't stay lit long enough to ignite the gas required to supply warm air throughout your house if the thermocouple is broken or deformed. To avoid running into furnace repairs, the thermocouple may need to be bent back into place or cleaned with fine grain sandpaper. If that doesn't work, you might have to change the thermocouple.

Dirty furnace needing cleaning

The pilot light may not receive enough oxygen to burn continuously if there is a buildup of dirt and debris. To prevent cost-effective furnace repairs, have our experts evaluate and clean your furnace often. Make an appointment with one of our HVAC-certified technicians today.

A faulty flame

when the flame of your pilot light is more yellowish than bright blue, it means that something is causing it to burn unevenly. This will cause your furnace to turn off the gas to your pilot light. When this happens, there is a need to troubleshoot your furnace and prevent possible furnace repair needs.

The flame was extinguished by a breeze

Probably the most frequent cause of a pilot light failure. If so, restart the pilot light by following the manufacturer's instructions. Call us for simple troubleshooting and possible furnace repair, if the pilot light won't light despite multiple attempts.

Why Is My Furnace so Loud?

Your furnace is likely to generate some noise that requires no attention or furnace repair. For instance, it is normal to anticipate a faint hum. However, louder noises could indicate problems with the parts of your heating system. If you notice frightening noises, swiftly switch it off and hire a pro to handle your furnace repair. Here are a few typical furnace noises, as well as suggestions on what to do if you hear them:

A repeated clinking noise

This sound may be more difficult to detect, so pay close attention or invite an expert who handles furnace repairs.

Repeated clinking noises may be a sign of a faulty relay switch, which is the component that sends energy to the heating elements and motor. Another possibility is that your flame is having difficulty staying lit. A misplaced or filthy thermocouple might cause the flame to go out.

A faulty gas valve could also be to blame. In any case, contact one of our experts as soon as possible for your furnace repairs.

Low-pitched noise

Another sound that may require furnace repair is this extra combustion growl, which could be caused by filthy gas burners or misaligned pilot light. Whatever the origin, this situation necessitates the care of a specialist.

Deafening screeches

When your furnace's lubricant runs low, it can make a high-pitched shrieking or squealing sound. Bearings and/or belts are squeaking and require oiling. Because simple household oils will not adequately lubricate your furnace, it is best to contact one of our HVAC-certified furnace repair technicians.

Metallic clunking noise

If you hear a clunking or thud that repeats in a rhythmic pattern, something is probably caught in the blower blades. If you hear this noise, turn off your furnace and inspect the blades to determine if a foreign object has gotten inside. If you are unable to see anything, please contact one of our furnace repair technicians.

Booming loudly

You need to immediately turn off your furnace if you hear a loud banging sound. This may indicate that your burners are soiled, which results in a gas buildup in the ignition. Your burners should be cleaned once a year as part of a maintenance examination by an HVAC technician. Your vents' expanding and shrinking as a result of temperature changes may also be to blame. Regardless of the source, you should have one of our furnace repair experts examine the issue immediately. According to the American Gas Association, internal equipment jostling may result in a fractured heat exchanger, which may lead to replacing your furnace.

Metal scraping noise

When your blower fan becomes unattached, it scrapes against other metal components, producing a harsh screech. In this instance, you should immediately turn off your furnace to prevent further damage. If you catch it early, an HVAC-certified furnace repair expert will fix it almost at no cost. If you leave it for too long, the damage may become more serious.

Why Does My Furnace Keep Running?

Is your furnace continuously blowing air? Do not hesitate to call in a furnace repair technician. This will save your home from feeling like an oven. Furthermore, with your furnace always running, your utility cost would be far higher. You shouldn't be concerned because, believe it or not, this is a fairly typical condition that our professionals see regularly. However, before calling a furnace repair professional, check the following three items:

Check that your thermostat is set correctly

By properly adjusting your thermostat to a comfortable setting, you can save money on utility bills and keep your bedroom temperature at 8 degrees Fahrenheit colder all winter. If you set your thermostat to extremely high temperatures, it may run continuously. Also, make sure your thermostat is set to AUTO rather than ON. The On option causes it to run continuously rather than gradually.

Examine your furnace filter

When last did you change your furnace filter? The aged filter is often the source of the problem. Dust and particles clog your filter over time. This restricts airflow, requiring the furnace to work harder to maintain the desired temperature in your home. Depending on how clogged the filter is, your unit may be running continuously.

Examine the pilot light

The furnace cannot create heat if the pilot light beneath it is out. Because your furnace cannot reach the necessary temperature in many circumstances, it will run continually. If the pilot light fails again, please contact one of our informed and highly trained professionals. If none of the above methods worked, please contact us to schedule a furnace repair. Here are three potential issues that may necessitate our professional assistance:

When your furnace thermostat fails

Your thermostat is the operation's central processing unit. When it delivers incorrect information to your furnace, a variety of things can go wrong. You could have a faulty relay switch or your thermostat is giving you an incorrect temperature measurement.

When your furnace duct leaks

Heat is not being circulated effectively if any of your ducts are punctured or obstructed. You're losing heat and money at the end of the month due to your utilities. A member of our team can do a thermal study to pinpoint the source of the leaks and repair your ducting.

When your furnace fan motor fails

Your fan motor cannot run at full capacity if it is obstructed, damaged, or otherwise faulty. That means it must run continually to attain the desired temperature. Unusual noises from your furnace indicate a faulty motor.

Why Does My Furnace Smell?

If your furnace emits an unusual odor, you should always proceed with caution. HVAC-certified furnace repair technicians are your best port of call when you notice a furnace smell. While the source of the odor may be harmless, inhaling it could be hazardous. When in doubt, open windows to allow for ventilation and escape from your home. Here is a list of five prevalent furnace smells and what they signify for your convenience and safety:

Formaldehyde odor

If you detect a strong chemical smell that is reminiscent of formaldehyde, your heat exchanger is probably fractured. You need to contact the emergency response team and leave your home immediately. Inhaled carbon monoxide emissions from cracked heat exchangers have the potential to be fatal.

Burning plastic odor

You might smell a plastic-burning odor if you just switched on your furnace for the winter. If so, there's no need to start panicking just yet. The dust that has accumulated in furnaces over time is burned off when the furnace is first turned on. Checking your filter to see whether it needs to be replaced can be a smart idea. But if the smell persists after roughly 30 minutes, get in touch with one of our HVAC specialists to look into it.

Metallic odor

This smell could be caused by your motor overheating. In this situation, turning off your furnace right away is a wise move. After that, arrange for a repair with one of our skilled professionals.

Rotten egg odor

The smell of rotten eggs and sulfur typically indicates a gas leak. Since gas is usually odorless, gas distributors frequently give it this aroma to alert you when a leak develops. Open your doors and windows if you think there may be a natural gas leak, and then make sure everyone leaves the house safely. Then you should contact your gas company and the emergency response in your area.

Musty and mildew odor

This smell typically indicates that the ducts are filthy. Your ductwork fills up with dust, debris, mildew, and mold over time. This aroma permeates the entire home thanks to ventilation. This smell is offensive and detrimental to the quality of the air inside your home. Hire a professional to clean your ducts to eliminate the odor problem.


Furnace repairs help you to get the best out of your expensive heating system. Because it is an investment, maintaining it with the help of a professional will help you extend the life of your HVAC system. Routine updates can also help you avoid higher utility bills by detecting major problems early on. Using the services of an HVAC-certified furnace repair professional allows you to detect faults before they become big problems. Our HVAC technicians are licensed and skilled, and they will provide you with the best furnace repair service possible.