Where can I get emergency furnace repair in Hamilton?

Canada Energy Solutions is one of the best emergency furnace repair companies in Hamilton. With as little as $79.99, you'd get your furnace repair done!

Is your furnace not working? Need a furnace repair technician in Hamilton?

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Why choose Canada Energy Solutions?

Do you need a reason before you can choose our emergency furnace repair services? We will give you more than just one reason.

Enjoy the best emergency furnace repair services in Hamilton and beyond.

Canada Energy Solution covers, maintains and fixes all brands, manufacturers, and models of forced air furnaces for homes.

We have the best collection of qualified and dependable furnace repair specialists to provide you with professional and seamless furnace tips and help in making the best decisions for all of your HVAC services, demands, repairs, and maintenance requirements.

Low-cost furnace repair costs

What is the cost of furnace repairs?

We have outlined the labor cost of our emergency furnace repair services below. Note that these are the best costs you can get for labor in the whole of Canada. The cost of parts is not included.

  • Checking for furnace repair faults costs about $79.99 or more.*
  • The cost for the installation of refrigerant is $99.99 or more.
  • Changing furnace parts cost about $199.99 or more.
  • General furnace maintenance costs about $99.99 or more.

Please kindly note that costs are determined by your furnace type, where you are based, furnace repair conditions, and other environmental factors. We will adequately discuss your unique situation and make considerations accordingly.

We offer the best furnace installation in Hamilton

Not looking for Emergency Furnace repair, but need the best furnace installation in Hamilton? Canada Energy solutions remain the best furnace installation company around you. Our team of professionals is always available to help you install your new heating system at a very affordable price.

Most affordable furnace price

Ever wondered what the best furnace price is? Worry no more! Canada Energy Solution provides you with the most budget-friendly pricing for everything relating to home heating systems. Our certified and trustworthy furnace repair technicians are only a phone call away. They will be at your home on time to install or carry out emergency repairs on your furnace and any other heating system. At Canada Energy Solution, we provide thorough preventive or curative maintenance for furnaces. We promise you completely satisfactory service.

Get the Best-Selling furnace Brands

At Canada Energy Solution we don't want a dent in our excellent reputation, that's why we deal with only the best furnace brands. When looking for a Furnace to buy, here are the best-recommended furnace brands for you:

  • Goodman furnace selling from $1999
  • Keeprite furnace selling from $1999
  • American Standard furnace selling from $2199
  • Lennox furnace selling from $2399
  • Carrier furnace selling from $2399

Note that the price for a furnace may vary and depend on the size, model, and configuration of your property as well as whether you need ducting installed.

Positive emergency furnace repair reviews on Google

Canada energy solutions have been around for a while, offering emergency furnace repair in Hamilton. Below are the excellent results we have to show from our teeming, happy customers.

Google Reviews for "Emergency Furnace Repair"


Dream come true!

Hello John, I'm grateful that you made my dream come true. Your team from Canada energy solutions impressed me in every way, from planning to installation.

When we needed a repair for the minor error we noticed, your emergency furnace repair experts came almost immediately. Our heating system has grown into a symbol of happiness. We are completely delighted with your team and the services they have offered, and we would always recommend your services.



Super excellent service delivery

Bryn and his technical team of furnace repair engineers did an outstanding job repairing our furnace. We are religiously following your advice, and everything works perfectly well. We are very glad and recommend your services to anyone needing emergency furnace repairs.

Greetings from Nolly and Ella in Hamilton

-Kevin Cordeiro -


I am giving Canada Energy Solutions a 100%.

The replacement of the heating filter was carried out in an excellent, timely, and spotless manner. There were no waiting periods, and everything was done in less time than I expected. I am glad to recommend John and his company, Canada energy solutions.

- Gaolang Nie -


Excellent furnace repair!

We'd want to take this chance to thank Mr. John once more for his insightful counsel and his prompt, orderly installation of our furnace power unit. You did a neat job, and we will recommend you to neighbors around. Thank you, John.

- Deb Crawford-

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Furnace Energy Rebate program

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Energy rebate up to


 Lennox 96% efficiency or higher

$1,250 incentive with the Ontario Home Efficiency Rebate Program

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American standard 96% efficiency or higher

$900 incentive with the Ontario Home Efficiency Rebate Program

Energy rebate up to


Goodman 96% efficiency or higher

$750 incentive with the Ontario Home Efficiency Rebate Program

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How to get the best furnace installation in North York?

Aside from choosing a furnace for your home's heating system, you have many other options to think about. At Canada Energy Solution, we will help you choose the system that meets the needs of your home in the most cost-effective way. We will walk you through every step of the process, from sizing the system to match the dimensions of your room to discussing brands and different ‌systems. Call us right away to set up an appointment for emergency furnace repair or installation in North York or the surrounding area.


Best furnace buying guide


Do you want to buy a furnace? Here is some reliable furnace buying tips to help you buy a high-efficient furnace for your home:

Get the right furnace size

A very crucial aspect to consider when purchasing a new furnace is the size or capacity of the appliance.

To help you choose the ideal size unit for your home, our furnace buying guide will walk you through all the crucial sizing considerations.

Why is furnace size crucial?

There are several reasons the size of your furnace is important. The unit won't be as energy efficient as it may be if you don't have the correct size furnace for your house. You'll consume more energy as a result, which will raise your power expenses. Your HVAC system may also require more maintenance and have a shorter lifespan if it is the wrong size.

A furnace that is too large will frequently turn on and off, lowering efficiency, shortening lifespan, and causing more maintenance. A unit that is too tiny, on the other hand, will have to run continuously to keep your house warm. Along with being unable to adequately heat your house, the added workload will raise energy usage and wear down the appliance.

Following this, you may wonder:

What size furnace do I need?

When we talk about furnace size, we are not talking about the physical dimensions of your heating system. Instead, a unit's size refers to how much heat it can generate. As a result, the term "furnace size" is also often used to refer to "heating capacity."

We measure furnace capacity and size in British Thermal Units (BTUs) per hour. Energy output is measured in BTU. In more detail, it calculates the energy needed to raise 1kg of water by 1 degree Fahrenheit. A furnace with a 45,000 BTU rating, for instance, will output 45,000 BTUs of energy every hour.

A furnace can heat a larger space efficiently a higher its BTU rating since it will create more heat.

Determining furnace size

The size of a furnace is determined by many factors and the size of your home is one of the most crucial factors. The BTU rating you'll require will depend on how big your house is.

Check the AFUE rating

High-efficiency furnaces are more expensive to buy initially, but since they use less energy over time, you'll spend less on utilities overall. Therefore, the more efficient the system is when purchasing a new HVAC system, the better.

Provincial governments, including the Government of Alberta, also give incentives for high-efficiency furnaces. For example, under the Edmonton Home Energy Retrofit Accelerator program, residents who install an ENERGY STAR high-efficiency furnace with an AFUE of 97% or higher can get up to $250 per unit.

You might now ask how furnace efficiency is determined and what AFUE is. We're here to assist with your furnace purchase.

How is the efficiency of a furnace determined?

We measure the efficiency of a furnace using AFUE which is an acronym for Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency. The amount of fuel coming into your furnace compared to how much of that fuel is converted to heat is described by the AFUE ratio. A unit with an AFUE of 97%, for instance, shows that 97% of the fuel entering the furnace is converted to heat, with only 3% being lost.

In Canada, a standard gas furnace must have an AFUE of at least 95% to be considered energy efficient.

Select your fuel source wisely

Furnaces have different fuel sources. A few examples are natural gas furnaces, boiler furnaces, electric furnaces, propane furnaces, etc. It is often difficult for one to choose from the array of furnace energy sources.

Canada Energy Solution works with many heating systems. If you are interested in having something installed, we will assist you in making a selection from the wide variety of high-quality products that we provide for installation. Having a gas furnace is the option that makes the most sense for certain of our customers. Others might benefit most from having a heat pump or ductless mini-split unit installed in their home. Call us right away to get a free assessment of your home's heating needs.

If you bring your heating needs to Hiller, we will assist you in analyzing all of your available choices and selecting the heating system that will work best for you and your loved ones. Contact Canada Energy Solution with your questions and inquiries.

Important furnace features

When looking for a new furnace, the following are some qualities that you should keep an eye out for:

Blower With Variable Speeds

When there is a requirement for less heat, variable-speed blowers will vary the rate at which they provide air. They also produce fewer draughts and temperature changes that are uncomfortable, and they make less noise overall. ECM variable-speed motors are the most efficient type because they integrate many intelligent characteristics that enable them to adjust to the exact quantity of air that is required, and there is no lost energy because of this change.

High Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency (AFUE) rating

The average annual fuel utilization efficiency (AFUE) rating for a furnace is 80%. Although these furnaces have a lower initial cost, their operational expenses are higher, and they are not eligible for any tax benefits. Heating systems with a higher AFUE rating fall between 90 and 96%. They are more expensive to buy, but they can save drivers hundreds of dollars each year on their gas bills. These heaters have the most modern features available, and they often qualify for tax breaks at the federal and state levels.

Heat output variation

This innovation, with the blower that has variable speeds, contributes to an increase in both efficiency and comfort. The quantity of heat that is delivered by the furnace will adjust itself automatically, typically fluctuating between two different levels. Because of this, the furnace can produce heat more consistently than it could if its heat output was fixed.

Filtration of Air

It is possible to lessen the amount of dust that is carried through the heating system by installing a high-efficiency particulate-arresting (HEPA) filter or an electronic filter in your furnace. Electronic filters make use of an electrical charge to assist in the capture of particles. People with asthma or other long-term lung diseases may benefit a lot from this in particular.

Ignition System

The ignition system produces a spark that ignites the gas to start the engine. A pilot light, also known as a standing flame, has been the standard method for lighting burners in furnaces before now. Most modern furnaces do not come equipped with a pilot light since intermittent, direct spark, or hot-surface ignition has taken its function over. Silicon carbide igniters and nitride hot surface ignitors are the two most common types of igniters used in modern furnaces. Most modern furnaces have standard silicon carbide igniters (these last longer and may have lifetime warranties). The more modern ignition systems have higher efficiency, which is reflected in the higher AFUE rating of a furnace.

Warranty inclusion

You should expect a solid guarantee from any of the major brands of furnaces. Only go for furnaces with warranties, especially on the furnace heat exchanger, and on components supplied by the manufacturer.

Work according to your budget

An overall important factor to consider before buying your furnace is your budget. No one wants to put themselves in a fix by spending above their budget. Discuss your financial strengths with us and how much money you will spend. Whatever your budget is, we will help you pick a suitable heating system from a wide variety of choices available within each price range.

Prices vary depending on the size of the furnace, as well as the comfort issues that it solves. The optimum solution for you can be determined by doing a load calculation and thinking about the factors that affect your level of comfort. Next is to figure out which of the available options gives you the most potential benefits.

The initial price of the devices will be higher if they have the capability of addressing a greater number of comfort problems. If your budget is tight, you might have to put some of your comfort concerns lower on your list of priorities. Most of today's furnaces have a lifespan of at least 15 years and often much longer. (Be wary of contractors who claim the cost will be lower.) If you plan to stay in the same place for a long time, it is important to set up a furnace that works with your way of life. If you put your worries about comfort first, you can find a furnace that works for your home, meets your needs, and is within your budget.

Best-selling Furnace Brands in Hamilton

Canada Energy Solution sells notable and trusted furnace brands. We make recommendations after considering comfort and cost. Here is some appropriate solution to address your home heating needs.

The American Standard system

Some American Standard central furnaces can achieve an AFUE rating of over 90%, and they are available in single-stage or multi-stage configurations. American Standard sells products that are certified as meeting the criteria for the Energy Star program, and the company also manufactures products that it claims offer quiet operation. An American Standard central gas furnace will run you roughly $3,000 on average, and the company's dealer network is the only place you can get one.

Carrier Furnaces

Carrier is yet another prominent name in the industry of producing and marketing gas central furnaces. There is a choice between single and multistage configurations for the company's central furnaces. Some models have an AFUE rating of greater than 90%. It markets products that comply with the Energy Star program and manufactures others it says offer quiet operation. A new line of hybrid heating systems that combine a gas furnace with an electric heat pump was just recently released by Carrier. You can buy a central gas furnace made by Carrier through the company's network of dealers for about $3,300 on average.

Goodman Furnaces

One of the most well-known brands in the fields of home heating and energy-efficient home comfort is Goodman. This is because Goodman lives up to its name significantly by utilizing time-tested technology that is efficient with energy, highly durable materials, and spot-on manufacturing techniques. Therefore, it is likely that Goodman has a gas furnace that can assist you in maintaining a warm and cozy environment in your residence, regardless of where you live or the size of your home.

Keeprite Furnaces

Canadians who want an economical, long-lasting, high-efficiency furnace but have smaller dwellings or smaller budgets might choose KeepRite's Performance furnaces.

All the types in this tier are single-stage, so small to medium-sized residences like bungalows, semi-detached homes, condos, apartments, cottages, and townhouses ‌ would work well with them.

KeepRite has AFUE that varies from 92.1 to 96 percent. The most efficient models have variable-speed ECM blowers instead of some of the less efficient models' multi-speed blowers, which use less energy, are quieter, need less maintenance, and offer a more even temperature throughout the house.

Lennox Furnaces

One of the major players in the furnace manufacturing and distribution industry is Lennox. Some Lennox furnaces can achieve AFUE ratings of over 90%, and these furnaces are available in single-stage and multistage configurations. Lennox sells air conditioning systems that are certified as meeting the criteria for the Energy Star program, and the company also produces systems that it claims offer silent operation. The dealer network of the Lennox Corporation is where customers may purchase many of their furnaces, which have an average price of roughly $3,000

Best-Selling Furnace Brands We work with

Lennox installed: On sale from $2,599

In 1895, when Lennox was just getting its start, the company was a modest machine repair shop in Marshalltown, Iowa. This was a long time before Lennox became a global organization. Dave Lennox, who started the company, saw the potential of a new design for a furnace and put money into getting the patent. Later that same year, he started the Lennox Furnace Company and went right to work on making the furnace better. Because of what he did, there have been many improvements in heating and cooling systems.

A Lennox gas furnace costs $2,599 as a basic starting price. Lennox furnaces are energy efficient, with AFUE ratings ranging from 80 to 95 percent.

Carrier installed: On sale from $2,599

Carrier, the namesake brand of Willis Carrier, was founded in 1915 and is now ‌in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida. In Syracuse, New York, where Carrier started the company, its product line has grown to include commercial refrigeration, food service equipment, and fire and security items.

Compared to other premium manufacturers, Carrier furnaces offer the same ‌quality at a lower price point than some other high-end models. Furnaces range in efficiency from low-efficiency units with an 80 percent fuel efficiency to high-efficiency systems with over 98 percent efficiency.

The average cost for a Carrier furnace is approximately 2,599 CAD.

American Standard installed: On sale from $2,399

The cost of installing an American Standard furnace starts at 2,399CAD (depending on the size and AFUE rating your home needs). Standard American furnaces are known for their dependable HVAC systems. Compared to other brands, the company receives far fewer requests for heating equipment repairs. Millions of homeowners agree that the American Standard gas furnace is of high quality and has a great reputation for being reliable.

Goodman installed: On sale from $2,199

Goodman furnaces are an excellent brand that we work with. The Goodman brand has a sturdy construction and is backed by reliable warranty plans. Goodman furnaces are a great deal for people who are on a budget and want to buy a new HVAC system. Total installation charges for a Goodman furnace start at 2,199CAD. The size of the furnace system you need for your home and the AFUE rating you choose will determine most of your costs.

Keeprite installed: On sale from $2,199

Keeprite combines a heat pump and a thermostat that work together with a dual-fuel system that saves energy. You will enjoy a fully insulated cabinet, which aids in transferring heat to your ductwork. It works perfectly well with air purifiers and humidifiers, and its temperature limit control system regulates overheating. If you need a good furnace for your North York home, Keeprite may be the best choice for you.




Coodman: Starting from $24.99
Keeprite: Starting from $24.99
American Standard: Starting from $27.99
Lennox: Starting from $29.99
Carrier: Starting from $29.99

Costs will vary based on different model selection and can depend on whether you need ductwork&different pipings installed, and the particular Size and configuration of your home.

Talk to Our Specialists About the Financing (647)812-5200

Furnace Rental

We offer high-quality, energy-efficient furnace

Goodman: Starting from $34.99
Keeprite: Starting from $34.99
American Standard: Starting from $37.99
Lennox: Starting from $39.99
Carrier: Starting from $39.99

Costs will vary based on different model selection and can depend on whether you need ductwork&different pipings installed, and the particular Size and configuration of your home.

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Emergency Furnace Repair Frequently Asked Questions

My furnace is not generating heat. What should I do?

When a furnace ceases to produce heat, it is ideal to reset the home circuit breaker by turning it off and on.

The occurrence of this could be because of a wide variety of simple factors. First, ensure that you set the thermostat to the "Heat" position. Next, try adjusting the dial by a few degrees, either way, to see if this results in a discernible change in the temperature.

If the test produces no results, investigate the possibility that your circuit breaker or fuse has tripped or been blown out.

How to Check the Breakers in Your Home

Find the circuit that regulates the furnace by going to the breaker panel in your home. Examine it to see whether it has been flipped to the "Off" position or it is in the middle position.

  1. Perform a manual check on the breaker by alternately turning it back and forth.
  2. Check to see that it remains in the "On" position.

This will cause the breaker to reset itself. If this does not resolve the issue, the problem lies either with the wiring in the circuit or with the circuit breaker itself.


If your furnace is not producing enough heat, check and replace the possibly clogged filter.

It is not the same as having a furnace that has entirely ceased operating if the one in question only has trouble producing heat.

If you have a furnace that isn't working properly and isn't providing enough heat for your home, check to see that the air filter is clean and in good condition, if not brand new. If it isn't, replace it.

Check on and replace all clogged filters (If any)

This is a basic yet necessary step in maintaining the furnace. A dirty filter is one of the most typical causes of a malfunctioning furnace, and it's also one of the easiest things to fix. It also is the simplest duty involving upkeep and repair.

It is an easy and quick task that will safeguard the components of your HVAC system and increase the quality of the air inside your home if you replace the furnace filter regularly.

  • Find your furnace filter:

On some furnaces, the filter is in the intake. This almost certainly appears to be a grate that is embedded in the floor, ceiling, or wall. The furnace itself contains many additional filters.

  • Examine your filter

By holding it up to the light, you can determine if it is past its expiration date and needs to be replaced. If there is no light coming through, the filter needs to be replaced. If you smell something dusty coming from the vents when the blower kicks on, this is another excellent sign that you should change the filter in your furnace.

Alternately, ensure that you turn your heater off before replacing the filter

There shouldn't be any air escaping at all. Be sure to check which way your filter is pointing. Filters collect particles that are blown in a particular direction. It is possible to lower the efficiency of your filter by installing it in an upside-down position.

Cleaning the material that accumulates on your filters will help the airflow through your ventilation system. When your air filter becomes clogged with debris, the air handler in your system will have to work harder to make up for the reduced airflow. The decreased air movement through your heating and cooling system will not only drive up your utility cost but also increase the risk of your heat exchanger overheating and turning off prematurely because of the increased temperature.

"Filters clean the air that is going into the furnace and the air that is being heated and delivered back into the house. If the filter is dirty or clogged, the airflow is restricted, which eventually causes heat and pressure to build up inside the furnace.

Furnaces that are newer and more efficient are more sensitive to the problem and will frequently shut down before a dirty filter causes additional problems. For other units, the furnace will continue to run, but with reduced heat output and efficiency."

My furnace does not produce any airflow. What should I do?

Examine the condition of the furnace through the inspection glass. Ensure that the blower is free of any debris before using it. A blinking light—either green or red—should be present.

If you want to be sure, check the handbook. If the light is green, everything is fine; however, if it is red, contact customer care. If there is no light, the issue may be with the thermostat, the blower motor, the run capacitor, the furnace control board, or the transformer. If there is light, the issue may be with the transformer.

The Blower for my Furnace runs nonstop

You can find the blower in the space that is occupied by the return ductwork and the furnace. The blower blows cool air into the heat exchanger, where it is heated before entering the plenum. The warmed air is then distributed to different rooms in your home via the supply ducts.

A furnace that continues to run and does not turn off when instructed to do so may show that it needs maintenance. Make sure that your thermostat is not set to the "continuous fan" setting by checking it.

Reduce the temperature to determine whether this option will resolve the issue.

In addition, if the blower in your gas furnace does not turn off, this could be an indication that the limit control switch is not working properly. (which could need to be reset or replaced altogether).

Furnace or Duct Work That Makes a Lot of Noise

Sounds like rumbling, squeaking, and shaking are not typical. The sounds could show a mechanical fault, a reduction in airflow, or a burner that is clogged.

When everything works well, a furnace may ‌make a lot of noise. If you can determine that the air passing causes the noise through the ductwork, one viable solution would be to insulate the ductwork to reduce the amount of noise.

When you adjust the pilot light incorrectly or the blower motor lubrication ports need oiling, the actual furnace system may make strange noises. This can happen because of faulty belts or a problematic burner.

If you smell gas, proceed with caution.

If you smell gas and suspect that there may be a leak in your home, you should immediately evacuate the building and get in touch with the gas utility company.

Your gas furnace's ability to function effectively will be negatively affected if there is a gas leak. But the most important thing to remember is that it poses a significant risk to your family and your health.

How old is my heating system?

A furnace typically needs to be replaced after 15 to 20 years, so knowing its age helps determine if you should include a new furnace in the budget. Purchasing an older home that already has a furnace can be a source of concern. The age of an older furnace can only be determined by looking at the serial number, which provides the manufacturer with a variety of information, including the date it was manufactured. Some of the newer models may have the date of manufacture printed on the appliance in some locations. Finding the serial number‌ might require some detective work on your part.

The paneling on the exterior or interior of your furnace should have a sticker identifying the make and model of your furnace. If you cannot find a label on the exterior of the paneling that includes the model and serial number, look for a door that opens in that paneling and check the interior to see if the label is there.

To have the serial number on hand for future reference, jot it down or take a picture. After that, go to the website of the manufacturer and look for instructions there on how to determine the date the product was manufactured. You might try searching with the phrase "find manufacturing date of your brand furnace." Your computer's age can typically be deduced from the serial number, though this information can shift depending on the manufacturer. For some brands, the first four numbers, for instance, denote the year and month in which the product was produced. The image below shows the serial number, which shows that this system was made in July 2015.

You can contact the manufacturer directly for help.