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What we do about furnace repairs (Our services)

Furnaces are significant parts of our homes. But what happens when there is a problem with your furnace? You might think you'll wait until the morning to report it, but many people don't realize those furnaces can be repaired at any time.

With Canada Energy Solutions, there is no such thing as waiting too long - we're here for you 24/7 in Vaughan. We offer reliable emergency furnace repair services, maintenance, and installation for all types of furnaces. Whether you have a gas furnace, electric heater, or heat pump, we can help.

We provide emergency furnace repair services across GTA. Our highly trained and qualified technicians know how to fix your furnace quickly. If you want to learn more about our services, call us today.


24/7 Emergency Furnace Repair Services are Guaranteed!

We are experts in emergency furnace repair services. We provide reliable, affordable, quality furnace repair services throughout the GTA. Our technicians are trained to identify potential issues with your heating system quickly and efficiently, with top-notch workmanship.

Our highly experienced professional team provides 24/7 emergency furnace repair services in GTA. Call us now for immediate assistance if you live in Vaughan.

Finding reliable emergency furnace repair services in GTA isn't always easy. At Canada Energy Solutions, we're here to help!

When it comes to emergency furnace repair services, our technicians are trained to diagnose problems quickly and efficiently. They know what questions to ask to determine whether the problem lies within the unit or somewhere else in the home.

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Vaughan's Leading Heating & Air Conditioning Company with 20 years of experience

We offer reliable home comfort solutions, including emergency furnace repair services, maintenance, installation, and replacement. We are committed to providing our customers with high-quality products and exceptional customer service. Our team of certified technicians can handle everything from routine maintenance to complete system replacements.

Our team at Canada Energy Solutions is ready to take care of your furnace repair, maintenance, and installation needs. Call us today if you're experiencing issues with your heating system and need emergency furnace repair services. We'll send a technician to diagnose the problem and provide you with an estimate.

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Emergency Furnace repair starting at only $79.99!

No heat? Furnace Maintenance?

Call (647)812-5200 for a remote or in-home estimate

Canada Energy Solution provides coverage, maintains, and repairs all residential forced air furnace brands, makes, and models.
Our experienced, licensed, and reliable technicians are capable of providing you with professional guidance and support to make the right decisions towards all of your HVAC services, demands, repairs, and maintenance needs.

Repair cost (Vaughan):

The following are our emergency furnace repair services labor costs, not including parts costs:

Basic Diagnosis: starting from $79.99
Adding refrigerant: starting from $99.99
Parts change: starting from $199.99
maintenance: starting from $99.99

* Costs may vary based on location, job site, repair conditions, specific situations, or requests.
For all emergency furnace repair services, our skilled and reliable technicians will install or repair your furnace on the same day, 24/7. We also provide regular furnace maintenance and inspection, with 100% satisfaction guaranteed.


Top furnace brands repair guide - case studies

We only believe in using the best quality furnace brands. The following is a list of the brands we serve in Vaughan:
Lennox, Carrier, American Standard, Goodman, Keeprite, Trane, Rheem, Ruud, York, Amana, Bosch, Heil, Bryant, Daikin, Coleman, Payne, Luxaire, Armstrong Air, Napoleon

John - Lennox Furnace Repair Support
John - Lennox Furnace Repair Support Lennox ML296V furnace is not heating or not blowing hot air

What do you do if you click that thermostat on, but the heat doesn't actually turn on in your house?

And before you even tinker to try to troubleshoot what's wrong with it, it might be good to call a professional and have them service the unit. If you do that, you likely will not encounter any problems at all. If your house is heated with natural gas, make sure the valve is in line with the gas line running to your unit. If you do that, you will probably have gas going to your system and it will probably start working again. Also if you have an oil furnace, check the tank to make sure you actually have oil in there. In addition to checking the tank, if your thermostat isn't working, it may need new batteries. If your unit isn't making any sound, it may not have any power going to it. 

case study image Lennox furnace 2

The following are our emergency furnace repair services labor costs, not including parts costs:

Basic Diagnosis: starting from $79.99
Adding refrigerant: starting from $99.99
Parts change: starting from $199.99
maintenance: starting from $99.99

Derek - Goodman Furnace Repair Support
Derek - Goodman Furnace Repair Support How To Clean a Flame Sensor of Goodman gmvm97 Furnace

We recommend adhering to these straightforward actions to cleanse the fire-sensing unit inside your furnace:

1. Firstly, reduced the power. Prior to you begin the cleaning process, be sure to switch off the gas and also shut down the electrical power to the furnace at the breaker box.

2. Find the fire sensing unit. You'll locate the sensing unit toward the back of the system.

3. Loosen the flame sensor from the heater setup. Loosen the screws or screws and disconnect the electrical wiring that brings about the sensor as well as the control box.

4. Clean the flame sensor. Utilizing either emery paper or light-grit sandpaper, gently scrub soot and any other residue off of the steel pole.

5. Reattach the fire sensing unit to the furnace. Reconnect the circuitry to the sensing unit and also the control box and also tighten the screws.

6. Check the heater to see if cleaning up the flame sensing unit worked.

case study image goodman 2

The following are our emergency furnace repair services labor costs, not including parts costs:

Basic Diagnosis: starting from $77.98
Adding refrigerant: starting from $97.98
Parts change: starting from $199.98
maintenance: starting from $99.98

Derek - KeepRite Furnace Repair Support
Derek - KeepRite Furnace Repair Support KeepRite G96VTN Furnace - No Heating or not blowing hot air?

You listen to that the heating system click and clack away, sounding like it will do something yet after that, nothing. Silence. And also worse than that, No Heat?

If you listen to the heating system trying to light (fire up) or hear the blower running however aren't obtaining any type of warm, then you can avoid this step, due to the fact that you have power. If not, its possible the concern is with power. Inspect the following:
Did a breaker trip? Breakers are typically clearly significant, as well as this can be a fast and pain-free repair. Examine your breaker panel to make sure all buttons for your cooling and heating system are readied to "ON".
Next off, inspect your thermostat. If your furnace isn't switching on, its possible the thermostat has reset or has defective shows. Check your thermostat for a mistake code.
Is the solution button at the heating system on? (Most systems have this placed to the furnace or ceiling just over).
Is the little traffic signal on the heater's circuit card on? (Most modern heaters have a sign light to tell you it's getting power, and also if you're lucky, tell you what might be incorrect).
If the furnace flame sensor is dirty, it will need to be cleaned up. This entails shutting off the heating system, getting rid of the sensing unit (extremely delicately), cleansing it off, replacing it as well as confirming the results. Depending upon your degree of skill, patience & need, you may have the ability to repair this problem on your own.

case study image keeprite 2

The following are our emergency furnace repair services labor costs, not including parts costs:

Basic Diagnosis: starting from $79.97
Adding refrigerant: starting from $99.97
Parts change: starting from $199.97
maintenance: starting from $99.97

Jenson - American Standard Furnace Repair Support
Jenson - American Standard Furnace Repair Support American Standard Platinum 95 Gas Furnace failure and repair

Heating system symptom checker
Check the thermostat. Anytime you have heating system troubles, your initial step should be to check the thermostat. Guarantee it is set more than room temperature level as well as readied to "heat." Transform the follower button to on. If the fan does not activate, it's feasible the furnace isn't getting power, or the motor is damaged.
Replace your filter. A dirty filter can cause your heating system to quit working. Exactly how frequently you alter your filter will depend on your furnace, the kind of filter and your way of life. To alter your filter, get rid of the old, filthy filter as well as replace with a brand-new one. Wait 30 minutes in the past striking the reset button. If the device still does not begin, attempt the reset switch when and also wait 30 even more minutes. Make sure that your heater door gets on residential or commercial property after altering the filter as this can prevent the heater from the beginning.
Inspect the heating system is switched on. Double check that your furnace gets on. A great location to begin is by inspecting the breaker in your electrical panel. If the breaker was tripped, check for loosened connections prior to turning it back on. Also see to it that the furnace switch is switched on. The button is generally located in the basement, either near the heater, by the cellar stairs or in the ceiling.
Look for clogs. If you have actually checked every one of the above, see if any type of debris-- snow, ice, weeds or lawn-- are blocking your furnace venting.
Check the blower follower. Not all furnaces have a power button for the blower follower, however, if your own does, check to make sure it gets on.

case study image American Standard Platinum 95 2

The following are our emergency furnace repair services labor costs, not including parts costs:

Basic Diagnosis: starting from $79.96
Adding refrigerant: starting from $99.96
Parts change: starting from $199.96
maintenance: starting from $99.96

Jenson - Carrier Furnace Repair Support
Jenson - Carrier Furnace Repair Support Carrier Infinity® 98 Gas Furnace Troubleshooting

Provider heater is not heating or otherwise blowing hot air
Examine the air filter; it may be unclean. It's time to transform your filter if it's gray with a dirty buildup.
The service provider heater is cycling irregularly
Dirty filters are one of the most typical sources of heater cycling problems. Per the instructions over, replace your heating system filter if it's filthy.
Next off, inspect your thermostat. Turn it off as well as reactivate it. Attempt altering the batteries if it takes them.
Ultimately, see to it your doors and windows are appropriately secured and not dripping air. The Division of Energy has good info on how to find air leaks.
The service provider furnace is starting and also stopping
Establish the thermostat to "warmth" and either "on" or "automobile." See if the air filter is clean. You might require to change it with a fresh one.
When you notice water dripping from your heater, switch off the warm using the thermostat. Then switch off the power switch as well as electric breaker attached to the furnace. Water plus power is a hazardous mix. If you have a gas heater, switch off the gas line.

case study image Carrier furnace 2

The following are our emergency furnace repair services labor costs, not including parts costs:

Basic Diagnosis: starting from $79.95
Adding refrigerant: starting from $99.95
Parts change: starting from $199.95
maintenance: starting from $99.95

Kevin - Bryant Furnace Repair Support
Kevin - Bryant Furnace Repair Support Bryant Evolution™ 98 Variable Gas Furnace - not heating

Bryant Furnace Igniter
The igniter gets extremely warm and shines bright orange to light the gas burner. If the igniter fails or fractures, the heating system will not heat up. To figure out if the igniter is defective, remove the igniter as well as examine it for splits. If the igniter is fractured, change it. If the igniter is not broken, make use of a multimeter to check the igniter for connection. If the igniter does not have connection, change it.

Bryant Heating System Fire Sensing Unit
The fire sensing unit monitors the heater to identify whether or not a fire exists. If the fire sensor is defective, it could fall short to spot a flame. If the flame sensing unit does not find a flame, the control board will certainly shut down voltage to the gas valve to stop the heater from home heating. Occasionally, if the fire sensor is unclean, it will certainly stop working to detect a fire. Try cleansing the flame sensor with a fine abrasive pad. If the heater still doesn't warmth, replace the flame sensor.

Bryant Heating System Draft Inducer Electric Motor
The draft inducer electric motor draws air into the warm exchanger and afterwards tires it out the flue. The stress button detects a pressure modification and shuts a button to signify the control board that the heating system has appropriate air flow. If the draft inducer electric motor is defective, it may be incapable to close the stress switch, triggering the ignition procedure to stall and the heater to turn off after a couple of mins. If the ignition process stalls, the heater will certainly shut down. If the draft inducer electric motor is at fault, change it.

case study image Bryant furnace 2

The following are our emergency furnace repair services labor costs, not including parts costs:

Basic Diagnosis: starting from $79.94
Adding refrigerant: starting from $99.94
Parts change: starting from $199.94
maintenance: starting from $99.94

Our Best-Selling Brands:


Our professional and reliable technicians will be at your home same day 24/7 to repair or install your furnace in Vaughan. We also provide furnace maintenance and checkup. 100% guaranteed satisfaction.

Goodman: Starting from $1999
Keeprite: Starting from $1999
American Standard: Starting from $2199
Lennox: Starting from $2399
Carrier: Starting from $2399

* Costs will vary and may be influenced by your home's size, model, and configuration and whether you need to have ductwork installed.

About Canada Energy Solutions

Canada Energy Solution specializing in HVAC systems for more than 20 years. Servicing Vaughan, our technicians are licensed and insured professionals trained to handle all heating and cooling needs. Whether a simple repair or replacement job, or a complete installation project, we guarantee prompt, courteous, and professional service every time.

We understand how important home comfort is to our customers. That's why we take pride in providing excellent customer service. We ensure each call is answered promptly and always follow up to ensure your satisfaction.

In addition, you can count on our qualified team to be available for emergency finance repair services 24/7 in the GTA. Or promptness, quality service, and high-quality brands make us a leader in furnace repair services that you can trust.

Our prices are affordable, and we offer flexible financing options. We look forward to serving you soon!

Reviews of Furnace Repair from Google & Homestars

What our customers in Vaughan talk about us

Furnace kept sending an error code

I have used this company for many years and they never cease to amaze me on the quality of service providers they have. In end of October this year, for the first time, my furnace kept sending an error code, I was not sure if I should book a technician visit at that time. So I called Canada Energy Solution for help. They sent the technician the same day. Technician John is very professional, efficient and polite. He diagnosed the problem almost right away and fixed it.

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Simon in Toronto
Replaced My Furnace Quickly

My old furnace had some weird noise recently, I called several companies, and all they said were too busy to come, only Archer from Canada Energy Solutions immediately sent the technician to my house to look at it. After checking on the furnace, the staff told me the options of repairing or replacing it with the new unit. Considering the old unit is almost 17 years old, I decided to replace it. Yesterday they came to install a new furnace for me, the whole installation was quick, and they even cleaned up the debris after the job is done!!

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Ying in Toronto
We Like The New Eco Furnace

We just moved into the new house a few months ago, I found the old furnace was leaking on Monday, and the water was dripping from the bottom. I called at least 4 companies, and only David from Canada Energy Solutions called me back right after I left a message. We talked for about 30 mins on the phone, eventually, I decided to replace our leaking furnace and installed a new one which is more efficient and eco. David offered a good discount and provided excellent customer service. They wore masks when they were working at my house, and appreciated it.

Thanks, David!

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Gaolang Nie
New Goodman Furnace Installation

Talked to Archer on the phone, he told me a lot about how to choose a new furnace and the installation. He gave me a quote that was very reasonable. From the initial estimate to installation, the process went smoothly. The technician David even cleaned up the working space for me after the job is done. It was a good experience from start to finish. I would recommend them to anyone, thank you.

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Deb Crawford
Furnace and water heater replacement

Absolutely fantastic. The knowledge of available tax rebates saved us thousands of dollars. They arranged everything from the inspector to the insulation top-up, furnace and water heater replacement. The service people were on time and very professional. More importantly, they did an outstanding job. Highly recommended.

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Furnace and AC Installation

Very professional technicians. Know their job well. On-time and work very clean. I got my AC and Furnace installed. Very with their job and the performance of Lennox equipment that was installed at my premises.

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Kevin Cordeiro
Replace furnace, quote less than other

Would definitely recommend this company for any AC or Furnace installations. They have patience and take the time to understand your unique needs. Customer Service is excellent and they also quoted me less than other HVAC companies.

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Renae in Coquitlam
Great Furnace Installation Service

My bills flew away since I have to pay for repair for my 11 years old furnace in this winter. I called Canada Energy Solutions last Friday, and their tech reached back to me quickly and came to my home to help me out with replacing the old furnace the other day. They showed up on time and just took an hour or two to get everything installed properly. They also gave me a quote about the attic insulation which is a great offer. Thank you, guys.

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Benjamin in Coquitlam
Thank You For Fixing My Old Furnace

My old furnace shut down back last December, I called Jacky at Canada energy solution and he was at my house in a couple of hours. Found the problem and fixed it on the spot. I cannot beat the responsiveness and service and can't recommend it highly enough, much appreciate your help.

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Inspections are important for every homeowner, especially those who rely on central heating systems. A yearly checkup allows us to identify potential issues with your equipment and make recommendations about how you can keep it running smoothly. These checkups will also prevent you from requiring future emergency furnace repair services in Vaughan.

We'll thoroughly inspect your furnace, boiler, air handler, ductwork, ventilation, insulation, and more. Our expert technicians will perform routine tests to ensure everything works properly and safely. We'll also look for signs of wear and tear, such as cracked seals, loose connections, worn parts, and excessive dust accumulation.

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