How should I maintain my HVAC system?


The Importance of Annual HVAC System Maintenance

The majority of maintenance on the utility equipments are performed by professional technicians however there are a few things that you as a homeowner should be aware of to ensure optimized efficiency, comfort, and reliability when comes to your HVAC system: 


  • Seasonal Filter changes: your air media filters come with guidelines of when and how to replace them, however, based on the application and household, they might require a change earlier than stated on the product itself. As mentioned before, a dirty filter can affect the system drastically. For a standard 1” filter a filter change is recommended every 90 days (one season) however a lot of households have to replace the filter every 2 months due to more residue and dirt accumulation. It is recommended to check your filter condition every month. 
  •  Check for water: your furnace and air conditioner can both be condensing units, meaning that they discharge extra humidity in form of water through discharge hoses that are assembled onto your forced air furnace, if at any point you see water on surfaces or inside the units, you need to immediately contact a professional. Corrosion or short circuit due to water damage is one of the most common reasons behind unit failures. 

Maintain annually: performing annual maintenance can prevent a great deal of physical and financial damage. For more information, You can contact us today for a free diagnostics report and in-person consultation.