How to choose a central air conditioner-Toronto buyer guide


High-end central air conditioner, in our mansion or villa. Its cooling and heating effects are very large, which can guarantee our needs, but when making choices, everyone still prefers big brands. If you need to buy a central air conditioner at home, take a look at the advantages of household central air conditioners and how to choose central air conditioners.

The advantages of household central air conditioners

Family central air conditioners are very comfortable because each indoor unit of current family central air conditioners has a supply air outlet and a return air outlet, so the family central air conditioner has a more reasonable air circulation, so our indoor temperature It is also more uniform. Generally speaking, our indoor temperature can maintain a constant temperature of ±1℃, so we feel very comfortable.

Home central air-conditioning can save a lot of space and improve the decoration grade of the home. Now our home central air-conditioning indoor units are hidden in the ceiling, so the home central air-conditioning will not occupy our indoor space. You can place our furniture freely.

The use cost of household central air conditioners is also very low. For traditional split machines, because it is greatly affected by changes in indoor ambient temperature, especially fixed frequency air conditioners, its compressor starts and stops frequently. As a result, the power consumption of the air conditioner is large; the central air conditioner is different. The technology of the home central air conditioner is the DC inverter technology and the new refrigerant technology, so the home central air conditioner can individually control each indoor unit, which room needs cooling to turn on that Therefore, the compressor of the family central air conditioner is always in the best working condition and the power consumption is relatively small. The larger the room area, the more cost-effective the central air-conditioning installation.

How to choose central air conditioners

  1. Firstly, it has a wide range of applications, easy installation and suitable for commercial office buildings. It is time to understand the daily air conditioners needs of high-end residential buildings, restaurants, hospitals, banks, shops, and other buildings. Used in complete sets with fan coils, it has the characteristics of mature technology, flexible design, simple installation, and easy control. Building hot and cold water systems as the most commonly used means of central air-conditioning has been everyone’s consensus, China’s small commercial and civil buildings.
  2. Secondly, the cost is low, safe, and environmentally friendly. The indoor refrigeration pipeline is a low-pressure water system pipeline. The choice is important, the installation cost is low, and there is no need to regularly replenish expensive Freon. The refrigerant is sealed in the outdoor unit, which is environmentally friendly. The impact is far smaller than the direct evaporation system. When HCFC-22 is completely disabled, if you want to replace the existing air conditioners system, you only need to replace the YCAC unit for the system that uses the YCAC unit, saving costs.
  3. Thirdly, the operation is quiet, the power-saving and energy-saving exhaust fan adopt a continuously variable speed fan. The understanding of the components, large blades, low speed, and the model above 15 adopts a dual-fan structure. All units are provided with shockproof rubber pads to ensure the unit Always run quietly. The exhaust fan can automatically adjust the speed according to the outdoor temperature, saving electricity and energy.

How to maintain central air conditioners

  1. Air conditioner host plus protective cover

When the air conditioner is not used, a protective cover should be added to the outside machine. This not only can effectively avoid the damage of the host computer by the bad air but also can prevent dust and rain.

  1. Frequent use in humid weather

Humid weather can easily damage the electronic components of the air conditioner. At the same time, the humidity will rust the components. Especially in the rainy season in the south, the air conditioner should be turned on frequently to remove moisture in the room and prevent the air conditioner from getting damp.

Central air-conditioning improves the comfort and beauty of indoor homes and is favored by many families. When decorating a new house, what are the strategies and techniques for purchasing central air conditioners for home use?

Energy consumption comparison. A central air conditioner with a one-to-one structure is a system where one indoor unit corresponds to an outdoor unit. The internal and external units in each room are individually controlled, and its power consumption is similar to that of traditional air conditioners. The one-to-multi-structure central air conditioner is characterized by multiple indoor units and one outdoor unit to form a system. The air-conditioning in each room can be individually controlled. When the indoor unit is fully turned on, the one-to-multiple structure will save electricity.

Outdoor unit comparison. The characteristic of a series of household central air conditioners is that one outdoor unit is connected to one indoor unit. If more than one unit needs to be installed, the reserved air conditioner space may not be enough. The one-to-multiple structure means that one outdoor unit is connected to multiple indoor units, but compared to the air duct unit, the one-to-multiple central air conditioner outdoor unit is larger.

Is the central air conditioner water separator or fluorine machine better?

The central air-conditioning system of the water system has soft and comfortable air, and large hotels and other public places also use a water system for cooling. The air outlet temperature of the central air conditioner of the water system is generally 15~18℃, and the temperature difference during the heat exchange of the household water machine is only about 5 degrees. The air is soft and comfortable. The moisture in the air is not easy to lose, and the human body feels more natural. Comfortable. In addition, the central air-conditioning of the water system can also be combined with floor heating to meet the heating needs in winter. It is currently one of the most comfortable and ideal energy-saving heating methods.

Fluorine system central air-conditioning has high efficiency and rapid response to cooling and heating time. There are a wide range of varieties and a wide range of price ranges to meet the needs of all levels. The multi-line frequency conversion fluorine system has the advantages of high-temperature control accuracy, high efficiency, and energy-saving. For small-sized users, the advantages of energy-saving and electricity saving are prominent.

How to choose the ratio of the household central air conditioner?

The cooling (heat) quantity is the total heat generated from the enclosed space per unit time when the central air-conditioning system is running, and the unit of measurement is W (watts). If the cooling capacity is too small, the predetermined cooling effect cannot be achieved; if the cooling capacity is too large, resources will be wasted. The cooling capacity should be considered according to the actual cooling area of ​​the room. Generally, the area of ​​the living room, dining room, study, bedroom, and other areas where people stay for a long time is calculated. The actual cooling capacity required for the room can be calculated by the actual cooling area (excluding non-cooling areas such as kitchens and toilets) × cooling capacity per unit area. Generally speaking, 140~240W of cooling capacity is required per square meter, and the corresponding cooling capacity can be calculated according to the size of the room, so as to calculate the number of air conditioners required for the room. Actually, make appropriate adjustments according to the orientation and insulation of the house.

The ratio of the central air conditioner is obtained by dividing the total cooling capacity of the indoor unit by the cooling capacity of the outdoor unit. The ratio of each model will be different, generally between 90% and 120%. Different brands have different upper limits, but try not to exceed them to avoid causing the system to fail to start.

How to choose the material for the air outlet?

The air outlet of the indoor unit should be reasonably decorated according to the structure of the room, and the air supply and return air outlets should be arranged reasonably to optimize the air supply and return method while ensuring beauty. Different spaces have different ways to send and return air. Central air conditioners mainly include side delivery and next return, down delivery and next return, and side delivery and side return. For small apartment spaces, side air delivery can be selected, and partial ceilings can save floor height area. , To enlarge the space visually.

The air outlets of central air conditioners are mainly made of wood materials, aluminum alloy materials, ABS materials, etc. Aluminum alloy materials are cost-effective, but condensation may occur if the air outlet is not insulated during cooling; ABS materials are corrosion resistant and generally less deformed, Condensation, but the price is slightly more expensive.

In addition to system performance, the purchase of central air conditioners also depends on service

The service of household central air-conditioning includes not only after-sales service but also pre-sale consultation, scheme design, installation, and construction. Don’t covet the cheapness of the initial installation, because the maintenance and energy consumption of the central air conditioner are all factors we should consider. It is more secure to choose a formal and reliable company.

Buying central air-conditioning “There is no best system, only the most suitable system”. Which type of central air conditioner is more suitable for your home should be selected according to the actual situation.