How To Deal With The Peculiar Smell Of The Air Conditioner


Now that summer is approaching, many homes have already turned on the air conditioner, but many people have begun to complain that the air conditioner will have a peculiar smell after a long time, like a musty smell. The smoker is uncomfortable, but the air conditioner is not turned on. It’s very hot again. Do you know what causes the peculiar smell when the air conditioner is turned on? How to solve it? Let’s ask a professional air conditioner cleaning staff to explain to you the cause of the peculiar smell of the air conditioner and repair solutions:

What is the cause of the peculiar smell of the air conditioner:

  1. The air conditioner itself accumulates a large amount of dust and dirt due to long-time work. The air conditioner, as the name suggests, is to adjust the air. It not only adjusts the temperature and moderateness of the air but also adjusts the flow rate and cleanliness of the air. Therefore, all air conditioners will There is an air filter device, and the most common one is a filter. The indoor air first passes through the filter, and then through the evaporator for cold and heat exchange, and finally is blown out by the cross-flow fan, and circulates repeatedly; so the first source of the air conditioner’s odor is the air filter!
  2. The filter is the first gate of the air conditioner to filter the air. If it fails (not cleaned for a long time), the dust and dirt will fall off to the second gate-the evaporator after the filter is full and saturated. The dust and dirt will be on the top of the evaporator. After the evaporator is hot and cold, it will produce an unbearable odor. Therefore, the second reason for the peculiar smell of air conditioners is that the second source is the evaporator!
  3. The evaporator of the indoor unit of the air conditioner is the second gate to filter the air. If it fails again, the dust and dirt accumulated on it will be washed into the drain pan below by the condensate generated during cooling, and breed Bacteria and mildew will block the drainage channel and cause the indoor unit to leak. Therefore, the third reason for the peculiar smell of the air conditioner is that the third source is the drip tray!
  4. As dust and dirt accumulate more and more, some of the dust will be adsorbed on the fan of the air conditioner, forming a thick layer of dust, which not only aggravates the deterioration of indoor air, but also increases the load on the fan motor In addition, the filter screen and evaporator at the air inlet are full of dust, the air inlet is in a semi-closed state, the circulating air cannot come in and out, and the fan motor has been in a high temperature and high current overload working state, not only cooling and heating The effect deteriorates, the indoor air is polluted, noise is increased, and electricity is wasted. Therefore, the fourth reason for the peculiar smell of the air conditioner is that the fourth source is the internal fan!
  5. In addition, some air supply ends are not high-efficiency filter systems, such as computer rooms, hotel rooms, etc. Although the interior decoration is very good, the fresh air and air-conditioning air supply are also filtered, but some indoor air supply outlets and window sill surfaces can still find dust. There is also dust sticking to the surface of the internal parts of the machine. Therefore, it can be known that a large amount of dust brought by fresh air not only carries microorganisms but also provides indispensable nutrients for the reproduction of microorganisms, which leads to the smell of air conditioners.
  6. There will be water vapor in the indoor unit when the cooling or heating is controlled. Therefore, when the air conditioner is turned off, when the air conditioner does not have the function of drying and preventing mildew, the air conditioner will immediately stop, so the internal water vapor will not be discharged. It produces mold and naturally produces a musty smell.
  7. If you often smoke, spray perfume, makeup, etc. in an air-conditioned room, the polluted air in the room will pass through the air-conditioning evaporator (indoor unit) for a long time and be adsorbed on the evaporator or filter. After a long time, the air conditioner has just been turned on. There will be a strange smell when it is not, so the air-conditioned room should be kept clean.
  8. When the air conditioner is defrosting, because the compressor will run at a high speed, it may cause the plastic path to emit odor due to the high temperature.

Home air conditioner odor removal cleaning and maintenance steps:

Tools for removing odors: air conditioner cleaning machine, seat belt, toolbox, scraper strip, steam spray cleaning machine, watering can, lighting lamp, fin comb, spatula, rag, sewage bag

  1. When cleaning the condenser and fan of the outdoor unit, you don’t need to remove the shell, you can clean it directly with water, but you should be careful not to get water on the electrical components, otherwise, the consequences will be serious.
  2. When cleaning the internal filter, open the shell and remove it, and then rinse with tap water.
  3. Clean the internal machine evaporator, open the air conditioner shell, remove the filter, and then you can see the evaporator, you can buy a bottle of special air conditioner cleaner in the supermarket, and spray the cleaner evenly in the power-off state Evaporator, wait for fifteen minutes, turn on the air conditioner, and dirt will flow away with the condensate.

Attention points for cleaning household air conditioner odor:

During peak air-conditioning use, clean the air-conditioning filter once every week to prevent secondary pollution of indoor air and prevent air-conditioning diseases.

Air conditioners need to be disinfected once a month. Every year, the air conditioners should be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected before they are turned on for the first time during the season. It directly affects our health, so we need to clean the air conditioner regularly.

The above is the explanation of CanadaEnergy Solution air conditioning maintenance on the causes and solutions of household air conditioning odors. I hope it can help you. If you encounter this problem when using the air conditioner, you can refer to the above content to determine what the cause is, and then solve the problem in a targeted manner.

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