How To Have Your Ducts Cleaned in Toronto?


Method and process for cleaning central air-conditioning ducts

  1. Use a robot equipped with a camera to enter the pipe to record the pollution situation in the air pipe;
  1. According to the architectural drawings of the house, work with the customer to develop a detailed pipeline cleaning construction plan and select the cleaning equipment;
  1. Open construction holes in the appropriate part of the air duct (put in the robot, block the airbag), and block both ends of the pipe with the plugging airbag outside the two opening positions;
  1. Connect the dust collector to one of the construction holes with a hose, so that a negative pressure air flow is generated in the air duct, so that dust and dirt can be sucked into the dust collector;
  1. Choose an appropriate cleaning brush, and use a pipe cleaning robot or a flexible shaft brush to clean the pipe;
  1. After cleaning, the robot will take pictures and record them to confirm the cleaning quality;
  1. When the cleaning quality is approved, the pipeline is physically disinfected and treated with ultraviolet rays to avoid secondary pollution;
  1. Clean and move the cleaning equipment to the next section of the pipeline for cleaning; re-close the opening with the same material; clean and repair the damaged insulation layer of the air duct;
  1. Clean the site to ensure that it does not affect the next work;
  1. The cleaning quality shall be inspected by a qualified testing agency in accordance with relevant national standards; the air quality after cleaning and disinfection of the air duct shall be inspected;
  1. On-site restoration, reinstall the disassembled air outlet, adjust the size of the air outlet, and ensure the air output;
  1. According to the detailed construction records, organize the report and submit it to the customer.

With the development of the social economy, there are more and more users and places to install central air-conditioning, but the cleaning of central air-conditioning pipes is often ignored by people. The long-term accumulation of dust and germs in the pipeline brings great harm to the health of users and also affects the service life of the air conditioner. Therefore, users who use central air conditioners must clean the central air conditioner regularly.

Central air conditioning duct cleaning (cleaning of the return air duct)

  1. Cleaning the air-conditioning and ventilation duct system is firstly cleaned in layers, and then the air-conditioning duct system on each floor is divided into several cleaning construction pipe sections, and the length of each pipe section does not exceed 30 meters.
  1. Open a detection port of appropriate size on the ventilation duct to be cleaned, and then install a detection door independently developed by Huiying Environmental Protection Company. (The size and position of the detection opening should ensure the smooth completion of the detection operation).
  1. Air-separated airbags are placed at both ends of the pipeline to be cleaned in each section, and then the airbags are inflated. The specifications of the airbags match the specifications of the pipeline to form a sealed space. The airbag is made of rubber.
  1. Remove the return air outlet on the air duct of the construction section to be cleaned, and then plug it with a plastic sealing film.
  1. Put the above-mentioned return air outlet and other air outlets together for cleaning.
  1. Open a mouth at 30 meters to use as the suction pipe interface of the vacuum cleaner. Connect the ventilation duct and the vacuum cleaner with a special hose at the connection point (the opening position is closer to the air outlet, and the existing air outlet can be used as the suction pipe interface of the vacuum cleaner).
  1. Connect the inspection robot with other complete sets of equipment. The inspection robot is put into the air duct to be inspected from the inspection port to detect the internal pollution of the air duct. The monitoring camera unit can see the internal pollution of the air duct from the display. The situation and the entire inspection process are tracked and recorded, and some relevant records are filled in at any time.
  1. Connect the suction pipe of the vacuum box and open the vacuum box to make the inside of the pipe in a negative pressure state to further prevent the leakage of pollutants. Create airflow to absorb dirt in the pipeline. At the same time, put the cleaning robot into the cleaning central air-conditioning duct for cleaning operation, sweep the inner wall of the air duct from close to far, and make the brush head or robot enter the pipe along the work port during cleaning, and strip the contaminants attached to the inner wall of the pipe so that it can be vacuumed The manufactured air flow is sent to the vacuum cleaner and absorbed. The monitoring camera unit can see the cleaning inside the air duct and the working condition of the equipment from the display, so that the lifting height of the robot arm, the roller brush and the direction of travel can be controlled by operating the buttons. Record the entire cleaning process of the air duct and fill in some relevant records.
  1. When air nozzles are used for purging operations, the purging equipment enters the air duct along the operation port to perform high-pressure air purging and use compressed air to transport pollutants. If necessary, it can be used in conjunction with a cleaning robot, so that the dust in the air duct can be completely sucked out.
  1. For the air ducts of the central air-conditioning ventilation system with a small size, use electric universal brushes to clean, and use air soft brushes or air nozzles to clean curved duct sections and risers. These cleaning and cleaning tools should be suctioned with high power. The dust box cooperates with the operation to ensure that the dust and debris in the air duct can be effectively sucked out.
  1. Clean the fire damper on the ventilation pipe. If the fire damper cannot be cleaned, open a hole on the other side of the fire damper to blow with high-pressure air. After the purge is completed, keep it warm and restore it to its original shape.
  1. Clean the air volume regulating valve on the ventilation pipe. Do not wash with water to avoid corrosion. After cleaning, restore the heat preservation and air volume adjustment switch to the original state.
  1. Cleaning of the diffuser, after completing the cleaning of each section of the ventilation duct, remove all the diffusers and place them in a designated place for centralized cleaning. If the dust is soft and easy to blow off, you can use high-pressure air for blowing. If it is stained with oil and more grease, spray the special cleaning agent on the surface for 5-10 minutes, then wash it with clean water, and then dry it (blow-dry) for installation.

Clean the air supply and return air vents, remove all the air supply and return air vents after completing the cleaning of each section of the ventilation duct, and place them together with other parts in the designated place for centralized cleaning. The cleaning method is the same as above.

The above is an introduction to the cleaning method of central air-conditioning pipes. I hope to help everyone. Central air-conditioning piping is a technical job with a lot of workloads and a lot of attention. Canada Energy Solution recommends that you find a professional cleaning company for cleaning, to avoid improperly causing more trouble in the later stage.