How to maintain your central air conditioner-Best maintenance in Toronto


For traditional hanging and vertical air conditioners, the central air conditioner blows more evenly to achieve the goal of uniform cooling and heating, eliminating the traditional air conditioner’s insufficient cooling and heating, and becoming a new type of household appliance recommended by modern families in Toronto. Central air conditioners, like other air conditioners, need to be maintained within a certain period to avoid various failures in later use. Let’s take everyone to understand how to maintain central air conditioners and how to maintain them today.

Doing a good job in the daily maintenance of central air conditioners plays an extremely important role in keeping the air conditioners beautiful and in good technical condition, saving maintenance costs, and extending the service life of the machine in Toronto. The main points of daily maintenance are as follows:

  1. Do not put pressure on the air conditioner shell. Because the air conditioner shell is generally a plastic part, it is easy to deform after being pressed, which may affect the passage of air conditioning and heating, and even damage the internal components in severe cases.
  2. The dust-proof net cover of the outdoor unit in Toronto should be removed before the first use to prevent damage to the outdoor unit due to poor exhaust.
  3. Clean the panel and dust filter regularly.
  4. Frequently check whether the evaporator and condenser are dirty, and clean them if necessary.
  5. Check whether the power of the remote control battery is normal, and replace the new battery in time.
  6. When not in use during the season, clean the filter and casing, unplug the power supply, take out the battery in the remote control, and put a protective cover on the outdoor body to prevent sun and rain.
  7. Check and repair in time. Simple faults can be self-checked. When the machine has complex faults, you should ask professionals to check and repair it in time in Toronto.
  8. Frequently check whether the electrical plug of the air conditioner is in good contact with the socket. If it is found that the power lead or plug is hot when the air conditioner is running, it may be that the electrical wiring is too thin or the plug and socket have poor contact, and measures should be taken. solve.
  9. The water system should pay attention to whether there is water leakage at the pipe connection. Multi-line systems and air duct machine systems should always observe whether there is refrigerant leakage at the interface of the refrigerant pipeline of the air conditioner. If oil stains are found, it means that there is a refrigerant leakage, and it should be dealt with in time to avoid long-term leakage and insufficient refrigerant amount, affecting the cooling (heating) effect of the air conditioner, and even causing damage to the compressor in Toronto.
  10. Multi-line household central air conditioners should regularly clean the condenser and evaporator coils of the air conditioner. A brush and vacuum cleaner can be used to clean the dust on the coil. Note that when cleaning, the brush and vacuum cleaner should be cleaned in the vertical direction of the coil. Do not clean in the horizontal direction to avoid damage to the fins of the coil.
  11. The water system and air duct machine system should clean the filter regularly. It is usually cleaned every 2-3 weeks. When cleaning, pull out the filter and use a dry soft brush to remove the dust on the filter. You can also use clean water to clean the dust on the filter. Dry it before putting it in an air conditioner in Toronto. For dusty environments, the filter should be cleaned more often to prevent the filter from getting too much dust and affecting the air conditioner’s ventilation.
  12. When the air conditioner needs to be shut down for a long time (such as the seasonal shutdown of the air conditioner), the air conditioner should be cleaned thoroughly. After cleaning, only turn on the fan of the air conditioner and run it for about 2-3 hours to dry the inside of the air conditioner, and then cover the air conditioner with a dust cover.
  13. For units with more air conditioners, every 2-3 years, a professional air conditioner cleaning company should be asked to clean the outdoor and indoor heat exchanger surfaces of the air conditioner to improve the heat exchange of the heat exchanger Efficiency, to achieve the purpose of energy-saving.

Through the above introduction, everyone should also know how to maintain and maintain central air conditioning in Toronto. To ensure the normal operation of the central air conditioner, try to check the air conditioner every month, regularly refuel the running machinery, and clean the air conditioner network. Once the air conditioner has a minor malfunction, it needs to be dealt with in time to avoid the problem from becoming serious and causing bad consequences for later use in Toronto.