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The air conditioner is not cool, can I add refrigerant by myself?

In hot Toronto, nothing is more frustrating than the air conditioner at home suddenly does not cool down. The average maintenance worker bangs on the air conditioner for a while and says that the refrigerant is used up. Is it because the air conditioner is not cooling that the refrigerant is faulty? How many years can an air conditioner’s refrigerant last? What types of refrigeration can be selected?

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If the air conditioner is not cooling or the cooling effect is poor, is it a refrigerant leakage problem?

Not necessarily. There are mainly the following possibilities for poor cooling. One is that the air conditioner is too dirty, such as the filter of the internal unit is too dirty, the air outlet is blocked by dust, the cold air cannot be blown out, or the external unit is too dirty, and the compressor cannot dissipate heat well. Realize heat exchange; second, there are problems with the internal circuit of the air conditioner, such as changes in sensor resistance, running capacitors, and broken computer boards; third, problems with the refrigerant circulation system of the air conditioner, such as leakage of refrigerants and blockages in the system. This probability is relatively small.

At present, there are more than 80 kinds of substances that can be used as refrigerants, the most commonly used are ammonia, freons, etc., because freon is an inert gas, it will not chemically react with other substances, and it will not be used for a long time. In the case of being consumed or used up, the air-conditioning maintenance worker usually says that your air-conditioning refrigerant “is used up”, just to help everyone understand. The correct expression should be the refrigerant leakage, which is due to the oxidation of the nozzle for a long time, which leads to leakage points to make it leak. It is recommended that after learning that the air-conditioning refrigerant is leaking, you should tentatively ask the maintenance worker, “Where is the leak?”, and ask the other party to point it out to yourself.

How many years can the air conditioner refrigerant generally be used?

Under normal circumstances, the air conditioner’s life span is 10 years. Most of the two major systems of the newly installed air conditioners do not fail, and refrigeration is not required for 10 years. According to incomplete statistics, only 4% of the air conditioners with refrigerant leakage occurred within 10 years. Air conditioners with a lifespan of more than ten years will consume more power due to aging parts and compressors, so it is more cost-effective to replace them with a new one.

What types of refrigerants are currently on the market?

At present, the common types of household air-conditioning refrigerants on the market mainly include R 22 and 410A. The R 22 refrigerant has been developed for a long time and will damage the ozone layer; the 410A refrigerant is relatively environmentally friendly, and the pressure of the refrigerant is 1.6 times that of the R 22, and the heat transfer efficiency is also high. In the past two to three years, air-conditioning refrigerants have gradually transitioned from R 2 2 to 410A. In terms of price, if you need to repair the R 22 refrigerant, the total is about 100 yuan (28 yuan for the refrigerant + 70 yuan for the labor cost). If 410A refrigerant is installed, the market price is expected to be 200-300 yuan. Not every type of air conditioner can be installed with these two types of refrigerants, depending on the specific model of the air conditioner.

Is it safe to change the refrigerant at home?

It is recommended that non-professionals do not add refrigeration by themselves, because refrigeration is added in an outdoor machine, and high-altitude operations on the outer wall are not suitable for users to do it themselves. It also requires technology, and accidents are prone to safety accidents.

What circumstances will the air conditioner explode?

The probability is small. However, when the refrigerant is not completely discharged, the welding system is turned on without opening the high-pressure valve, and the low-pressure continuously sucks in the refrigerant or air, causing the pressure of the condenser to rise and explode. In addition, each type of air conditioner needs to choose a matching type of refrigerant. If the type of refrigerant is placed in an air conditioner that is not suitable for this type of air conditioner, it is easy to cause the copper pipe where the type of refrigerant is located to explode.

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How often does the air conditioner add refrigerant?

Our lives have changed a lot since we had air conditioning. At least when the hot summer comes, we no longer have to suffer from unbearable temperatures, not to mention that under the circumstances of global warming in recent years, we are even more It is inseparable from it. So have you used the air conditioner for so long to understand its refrigeration principle? Maybe when I mentioned this question, the first thing you thought of was something called freon. Yes, this is indeed our refrigeration for a certain period of time. Necessary factor, but it is only one of the snow species. In general, if we want the air conditioner to be able to cool, we must add refrigerant to the air conditioner. If you suddenly find that the air conditioner in your home is no longer cooling, you may need to add refrigerant. How often do you change the air conditioner refrigerant? Now, Canada Energy Solution will take you to find out. Of course, if you need to add refrigerant service, you can also find Canada Energy Solution. It is guaranteed that there is no problem, you can come to find out.

How often does the air conditioner refrigerant change? In fact, there is no 100% correct answer to this question. The main reason is that the power of each air conditioner is different, the production method is different, and the installation is different. These reasons are all affecting the snow. This is a direct factor of the use time, and this is not all, those good quality air conditioners, and professional installation, you may not need to replace once for decades. On the contrary, a few months, less than a month, or even a few days are possible, because the refrigerant is consumed for other reasons.

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How much do air conditioning and refrigerant cost?

Adding refrigeration can not only consider the price of the refrigeration. At that time, please ask the maintenance staff to check for you why you need to replace the refrigeration. If it is normal consumption, then there is no problem and it can be replaced directly. If the air conditioner fails to cause snow If the species is consumed in advance, it must be repaired first, and the repair cost will need to be calculated in detail. Generally speaking, it will cost about 80 yuan to 300 yuan to return the refrigerant.

How to judge if it is because of lack of snow?

Rather than knowing the replacement time of the refrigerant, you should know more about the reason why the air conditioner is not cooling, because the lack of cooling of the air conditioner is not all the reason why there is no refrigerant. First, let your air conditioner run normally for about 20 minutes, then disassemble the indoor unit of the air conditioner and observe whether there is condensation on the evaporator of the air conditioner. It is normal if the condensation/ice on the evaporator is evenly covered. Otherwise, it is abnormal.

After the air conditioner is turned on, after a period of time, check whether the temperature is consistent with the set temperature and whether the cooling effect is achieved. If not, it should be a lack of snow.

Some air conditioners are still very expensive, so we must pay extra attention when using them. If the air conditioner is not cooling, you should first determine what is causing it, and then determine the specific maintenance method. Don’t think that if there is no cooling, there is no refrigerant. That will only cost you money.

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Air conditioning and refrigerant steps

Many people don’t know much about air-conditioning refrigerants, and some have not even heard of it. In fact, it is a name for air-conditioning refrigerants, which is what we often call fluorine. Adding refrigerant to the air conditioner means adding fluorine and refrigerant to the air conditioner. It is often used when the air conditioner is not capable of cooling. So, how to add refrigerant to the air conditioner? Many people are not clear about the method and steps of adding refrigerants to the air conditioner. Below, Canada Energy Solution will summarize some specific processes for adding refrigerants to air conditioners for everyone to understand.

  1. Preparation work introduction
    To add refrigerant to the air conditioner, we must first make preparations. That is the pressure gauge, two connecting pipes (one of which is connected to the lower end of the low-pressure three-way valve of the air conditioner with a thimble), and Freon irrigation. Before adding freon, the air in the connecting pipe must be exhausted. Use a fluorine-filled hose to connect the refrigerant cylinder, pressure gauge, and fluorine-filling port, and eliminate the empty space in the hose. Start the compressor and use the pressure difference between the cylinder and the refrigeration system to supplement the refrigerant. After 30 minutes of trial operation, observe whether the air conditioner enters the normal operating state. And visually show that the pressure gauge shows the change of the index. Use a small fine brush to stick soap bubbles for leak detection at the connection point to see if there are bubbles. Check each leakage suspect, and put it into operation without leakage.
  2. Specific steps are introduced
    To add refrigerant to the air conditioner, first, turn on the air conditioner in the cooling mode to make the outdoor unit work normally (open the indoor unit panel, remove the filter, and find that some evaporators are dew or frost. In fact, it is due to insufficient refrigerant). Next, open the small nut of the three-angle valve of the large connecting pipe of the outer machine (not the one with the hexagonal screw hole on the side). Third, it is connected with a professional refrigerant pipe. Fourth, the starting pressure of the refrigerant can be increased between 4.5-5.5MPa. Finally, after adding, screw on the nut and cover it.
  3. Note
    When adding refrigerant to the air conditioner, there is usually a hexagon socket screw on the side of the small and small pipes, which is used to harvest the refrigerant when the air conditioner is moved. Normally, it is not necessary to twist the two hexagon socket screws when adding refrigerant. Tighten the inner hexagon screw of the big tube (provided that the manufacturer does not have an air conditioner with a thimble in the maintenance port. When it comes to this kind of air conditioner, add the refrigerant connection tube and connect it, and then just twist the inner hexagon screw of the big tube. The refrigerant can be added in one or two turns. The small tube does not move. After the addition, you need to screw it back to the original position and then remove the connecting pipe of the refrigerant. Also, the air conditioner basically does not need to add the refrigerant once a year, usually when the air conditioner is moved. Plus. The amount of air-conditioning and refrigeration should be appropriate.

In the above, we learned about the preparations, specific steps, and some precautions for adding refrigerant to the air conditioner. It can be seen that adding refrigerants to the air conditioner still requires a certain amount of technology, and the addition of refrigerants to the air conditioner is not necessary every year, and an appropriate amount is required. However, it is difficult for individuals to judge the specific amount of refrigerant added to the air conditioner. Therefore, Canada Energy Solution recommends that if the air conditioner needs to add refrigerant or the air conditioner is not cooling, it is recommended that professionals come to add refrigerant. For example, a more professional one like Canada Energy Solution would be better.

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