In Toronto, is your home suitable for installing a central air conditioner?


In recent years, with the upgrading of consumption and people pursuing quality life, household central air conditioners have begun to enter thousands of households in Toronto. It is integrated with the home decoration environment and is more beautiful. With better comfort, energy-saving, and stability, the favor of many consumers in Toronto. Is your home suitable for installation? Today I will explain it to you from four aspects.

  1. Unit type and area
  2. Housing decoration
  3. Comfort and energy-saving dominate
  4. Daily use comfort and aesthetics
  5. Long-term use of energy saving

As the name suggests, household central air conditioners are installed and used in the home in Toronto. Generally, there is only one outdoor unit, which supplies multiple indoor units in each room. Different from ordinary split air conditioners, central air conditioners are a complete set of air conditioning system solutions. One outdoor unit is used to connect multiple indoor units, that is, one-to-multiple. The internal units can be installed in the living room, dining room, each bedroom, etc. So as to solve the demand for heating and cooling regulation in large areas.

1. Unit type and area

Some old-fashioned communities in Toronto have low stories, so I do not recommend installing household central air conditioners. Each indoor unit and all pipelines of the central air conditioner need to be hidden and embedded, occupying some upper space as a suspended ceiling for embedding (approximately 20-30cm) if the floor height is very low, and the indoor unit occupies a part of the space, it is bound to be It feels very depressing in the room.

Although the embedded installation is more beautiful, it loses the overall living comfort, and some of the gains outweigh the loss. In contrast, installing split air conditioners has become a better choice.

For small-sized households in Toronto, such as residential areas <60 square meters, the author’s suggestion is: no central air-conditioning is required! First, from the perspective of comfort, installing a 3-hp cabinet machine in the living room (or install a 1-hp hanging machine in the bedroom) can solve the cold and heating needs of the entire house. There is no need to install a home center. air conditioning.

Secondly, from an economic point of view, the total price of one cabinet unit + one on-hook, two split type air conditioners is also much lower than a set of household central air conditioners, achieving the same level of comfort. In fact, installing central air conditioners It’s not cost-effective. In summary, for small apartments in Toronto, the author’s suggestion is: It is sufficient to install split air conditioners, and there is no need to install household central air conditioners.

2. Housing decoration

The household central air conditioner adopts embedded installation, which means that its installation process needs to be carried out simultaneously with the decoration, including design, planning, surveying and mapping, construction, drilling, drilling, laying pipelines, etc., if your house has just been decorated soon, Or there is no plan to renovate in the near future, the author does not recommend installing household central air conditioners.

In fact, the installation of household central air-conditioning is a large indoor project in Toronto. You probably don’t want to see the newly renovated house being smashed into a “briquette” in an instant. It is not appropriate from the perspective of installation or feasibility. However, if your home is going to renovate and renovate the house in the future, you can consider installing central air conditioning along with the renovation at that time.

3. Central air-conditioning comfort and energy-saving dominate

After reading the above, do you feel that you have been poured cold water on the head: Why is it so difficult to install a central air conditioner? In fact, it is not because the installation of central air conditioners is not as simple as split air conditioners in Toronto. The air conditioner industry emphasizes “three-point purchase and seven-point installation”. This is especially true for household central air conditioners. The installation process includes preliminary Planning, house surveying and mapping, mid-term construction, laying of pipelines, and later maintenance, etc., is not an exaggeration to say that it is a vast renovation project.

4. Daily use comfort and aesthetics

Except for the above-mentioned floor, the height is too low, the area is too small, and the newly renovated apartment is not suitable for central air conditioning, in other cases, we still recommend that you install central air conditioning. The comfort is completely unmatched by ordinary split air conditioners. Embedded installation, the indoor unit is completely hidden and integrated with the home environment, making it more beautiful.

Families with sensitive people at home, such as the elderly or children, have weaker resistance and are more sensitive to temperature. Traditional air conditioners have average temperature control performance and large temperature fluctuations. The actual user experience is uncomfortable. The fluctuating heat and cold affect their health. Temperature control is the strength of household central air conditioners. The temperature control is uniform and the temperature fluctuation is very small. The temperature of each room in the home is uniform and the body feels extremely comfortable.

In addition, the fresh air system installed in conjunction with the central air-conditioning is also the author’s focus. As we all know, turning on the air conditioner requires closing doors and windows, but over time it will cause the indoor oxygen content to decrease, causing uncomfortable symptoms. The key is that opening windows for ventilation will inevitably cause large fluctuations in indoor temperature in summer and winter.

The fresh air system solves the above problems, introduces outdoor oxygen-enriched fresh air into the closed indoor space, and realizes the purpose of ventilation without opening the window. More critically, the fresh air system will not have much impact on the temperature of the room under the premise of introducing outdoor air into the room, that is, full heat exchange.

The heat exchanger inside the fresh air blower can efficiently recover heat and can realize heat exchange and transfer while consuming very little electricity. In addition, the fresh air blower is equipped with filter components, which can also purify the air to a certain extent, and care for breathing health.

Compared with the small area and localized single solution of split air conditioners, household central air conditioners can achieve the annual air conditioning effect of the entire indoor environment such as cooling in summer, heating in winter, and ventilation in spring and autumn in Toronto. Its operation and management method is also very flexible and convenient. It can automatically control the on and off time and the amount of cold (heat) of the internal and external machines. It can also be adjusted automatically according to the climate and temperature changes to ensure the temperature balance of each location and the uniform temperature of the whole house. And comfort is better.

5. Long-term use of energy-saving and stability

In the daily use of air conditioners, apart from comfort, what everyone cares most about is energy-saving in Toronto. After all, one month’s high electricity bills are unwilling to see. Household central air conditioners generally use scroll compressors, while ordinary split-type air conditioners use rotor compressors. Scroll compressors have greater advantages over the rotor type in terms of performance, power consumption, and stability.

Everyone knows that inverter air conditioners have better performance in temperature control and (long-term use) energy saving. Compared with split air conditioners where inverter and fixed speed coexist, the inverter has become standard for household central air conditioners. The central air conditioner adopts frequency conversion technology and a modular mainframe, which automatically adjusts the cooling (heat) amount according to the user’s preferences, and intelligently controls and adjusts the compressor speed control system to make it in the best operating state. In addition, the central air conditioner is generally equipped with a fresh air system, which can optimize the energy consumption of the air conditioner while introducing fresh air, and further reduce energy loss.


For villas, split-level, and large-area households in Toronto, it is more cost-effective to install a set of household central air conditioners than to install multiple split air conditioners. Long-term use of its outstanding energy-saving effect can save a lot of electricity bills, and its precise temperature control, The ultimate comfortable experience brought by the indoor fresh air circulation system, which is also impossible for split air conditioners. To sum up one sentence: The home central space has great advantages in terms of overall cost, aesthetics, temperature uniformity, long-term use comfort, and energy-saving, and large-area units are recommended for installation.

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