Mini-split air conditioners VS central air conditioners in Toronto


Helping you learn more about air conditioner systems for your home that’s the Canadian Energy Solution promise. If you’re thinking about getting an AC system for your home in Toronto, you have a few options to choose from. But which one is best? Here are some key points to help you make a decision. 

Mini-splits and central air conditioners are permanently-installed appliances that offer quiet cooling for your home or business in Toronto. 

Ductless air conditioner vs. central air conditioner, which one is best for you? As the name suggests ductless mini-split systems don’t require ductwork. This is good if you live in an older home in Toronto. It also means that installation is less complicated compact and much quieter than central air systems. They do a great job of keeping room temperature constant, and some ductless systems even have the highest efficiency rating of any type of air conditioner. 

If you are considering one of these systems, here are a few things to keep in mind. Central air conditioners are about 30% cheaper to install than mini-splits in Toronto. But if you don’t have existing ductwork or yours needs to be replaced, this can double the cost of installation. 

Some ductless air conditioner disadvantages to consider in Toronto are: your initial costs can run high. Units installed on walls or ceilings may affect the look of a room. Installing the wrong size unit or putting it in the wrong place can make it inefficient. Central air conditioner systems are the best option in Toronto to keep your whole house cool and comfortable. Ductwork installed in your walls makes the system virtually unseen. The latest systems are highly energy-efficient and they add real value to any home in Toronto. 

Also, consider that central air units require routine maintenance, and any repairs in Toronto on your ductwork can be costly. That’s why mini-splits, also known as ductless air conditioners, have become a popular choice for new homes or home additions without ductwork. So while the installation in Toronto is more expensive up front, with a mini-split, you’ll end up saving money over the life of your unit. 

Some central air disadvantages to consider are: adding central air to a home without existing ductwork in Toronto can make installation expensive. It requires an annual tune-up and maintenance to run efficiently. Air ducts need to be cleaned at least every few years. 

Also, consider how you’ll use your air conditioner. Do you want a one-stop solution that cools every room of your home in Toronto? If so, the central air conditioner is best. Or are you looking to separately control the temperature in a single room or a set of rooms? Do you have a sunroom that gets unseasonably warm in the summer in Toronto? A game room that never seems to feel comfortable? In that case, shop for mini-split systems, which are available in single or multi-zone units for multiple rooms in Toronto. 

Now that you have more info you can make a smarter choice about which air conditioner system is best for your home in Toronto, and you can rely on our team of experts for all your home cooling installation and service needs. Doing everything to help you make the best choices for your home in Toronto that’s our promise.

You probably want an air conditioner that looks good in your space in Toronto. An HVAC system’s indoor unit is usually hidden and distributes air throughout a series of low profile vents. With a mini-split, there’s no denying that you’ll see the indoor unit hanging on the wall. 

If your wall space is limited, consider a ceiling cassette mini split for a sleeker look. Finally, consider efficiency. With central units, cooled air has to travel through ductwork before it’s distributed throughout your space. This can lead to loss of air and higher energy bills in Toronto. 

Since many splits don’t require ductwork and only cool the rooms you want, they’re considerably more efficient. To summarize, mini splits are best for new homes or home additions without ductwork, zone cooling certain rooms or home additions, energy efficiency, and money-saving overtime in Toronto. 

The central air conditioner is better for one size fits all cooling for your entire home or business, buildings with existing ductwork in Toronto, or when you want a completely unobtrusive indoor unit. Still, have questions? Call or email our friendly product experts and we’ll help you choose the right air conditioner for your space.

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