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Canada Energy Solution air conditioner repair center is an after-sales repair network established in Mississauga. Canada Energy Solution air conditioner repair service center, a professional and technical service system focusing on after-sales maintenance, has excellent professional skills and service awareness. We promise: to provide the best quality service at a favorable price. The Canada Energy Solution air conditioner repair center is available 24 hours a day. Your satisfaction is our service tenet.

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The Canada Energy Solution air conditioner repair after-sales center has a strict management system, first-class service quality, professional air conditioner repair technicians, advanced air conditioner testing equipment, and a good sincere reputation. Mississauga air-conditioning after-sales repair service center is based on the concept of serving the people and has been trusted by customers for many years.

Mississauga air-conditioning after-sales repair service center has reached long-term cooperative relations with many units. At the same time, the center has air-conditioning service technicians and air-conditioning engineers from manufacturers to join, thereby improving the quality and efficiency of Mississauga air-conditioning after-sales maintenance. Maintenance personnel has maintenance grade certificates issued by professional departments and has many years of experience in Mississauga maintenance work. Not only has rich practical experience in on-site air conditioner design, installation, and operation but also has good professional qualities and a high sense of responsibility.

Canada Energy Solution has always adhered to the tenet of “dedication to the city and trust” and the spirit of “forge ahead and continuous development”. As long as you make a call, we will serve you wholeheartedly the first time!

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1) What is a central air conditioner?

Only cold or heat can be transferred between rooms and complement each other, which brings a series of advantages, called central air-conditioning. High-end central air conditioners, such as water machines, transmit and replenish cold and heat each other, and there is no cross-infection of the air. The air in each room circulates independently, so the grade is high. While the one-in-one air duct machine transfers cold and heats to each other, the air is also crossing each other and infecting each other. So the cost and grade are low.

The air duct machine (also called fluorine machine, or multi-line, the manufacturing plant is called: split concealed air conditioner) and the split wall-mounted machine have exactly the same structure and parts, except that it is changed from exposure to concealed. The indoor unit removes the plastic casing, and its manufacturing cost is lower than that of a split wall-mounted unit.

The following air conditioners are not central air conditioners in the true sense: frequency conversion one with multiple, fixed frequency one with two, one with three, one with multiple indoor units, etc. (also called multi-line). If the user only pursues the concealed installation effect during indoor decoration and no longer pursues the best enjoyment in performance and function, these “similar”, rather than true central air conditioners can also be one of the choices.

Water system (professional prescriptive: air-cooled cold (hot) water unit) central air-conditioning has the most advantages, but the price is more expensive than that of a duct unit. One belt one duct machine is also a central air conditioner, which is cheap but has many disadvantages.

missisauga repair blog 04 central air coditioners Canada energy solution air conditioner furnace water heater attic insulation installation repair toronto gta

2) Is the power consumption of central air-conditioning large?

The power consumption of the water machine is very small, not larger than that of a split ordinary air conditioner. Its working principle is as follows: fluorine transfers the cooling capacity to the closed water system, and the water transfers the cooling capacity to the fan coil. When only a few fan coils are turned on, if there is still cooling capacity in the water, the compressor does not start until the cooling capacity in the water is used up. Therefore, it can turn on all the fan coils or a single fan coil, and the air conditioner in each room can be independently controlled to save electricity.

The air duct machine consumes a lot of power. After some rooms reach the temperature, the cold air is shut off through the air valve, which controls the temperature of the room on the surface, giving the user an illusion of power-saving, but actually does not stop the compressor. . As long as a room needs air-conditioning, the compressor must work. The air conditioner consumes a lot of electricity.

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3) Will the air conditioner water leak?

There are three possibilities for air-conditioning water leakage. The first is that the water in the air-conditioning water system leaks. This is generally not the case. After the water system is completed, a pressure leak test will be carried out, so water leakage will hardly occur. The second situation is that no matter what kind of air conditioner, the condensate pipe is not connected properly and the condensate overflows.

The third situation is that no matter what type of copper pipe or PPR pipe is connected to the air conditioner, or the condensate pipe is not insulated, the pipe sweats and causes water leakage. The water problem is very important during the construction of the water machine, so there are few problems. On the contrary, the second and third cases of the fluorine machine do not pay attention to the problem of water leakage, and there are more cases of water leakage.

Regardless of the reason, no matter what type of air conditioner is used, it is very important to choose a contractor, choose a construction team, and pay attention to the quality of construction.

4) The water machine belongs to two heat exchanges. What is its efficiency or energy waste?

First of all, we assume that there is a waste of cooling capacity. Even if there is such a waste, it is also wasted in your air-conditioning area, and it is not wasted outdoors, so there is no waste problem.

Second, the water system pipeline is fully insulated and PPR pipes are used (with low thermal conductivity), so there will be no waste. The fluorine machine is a copper pipe system indoors, so the cooling capacity of the air conditioner will only be greater than that of the water machine. Because of the two heat exchanges of the water machine, a series of advantages of the water machine are brought.

  1. Air-conditioning water machine pays attention to small temperature difference, large air volume, the same room temperature, the water machine is soft and comfortable, the air-conditioning is not offensive; the fluorine machine air-conditioning is offensive, uncomfortable, and easy to catch a cold. Why do hotel air conditioners above four stars use fan-coil water systems? One is comfort, and the other is energy-saving (the fan coil must be a high-end fan coil, when it is turned on to low speed, almost no sound can be heard).
  2. In terms of environmental protection, the fluorine circuit system of the fluorine machine must be entered into the household, so the problem of fluorine leakage must be considered, and regular fluoride must be considered. It is normal to worry about air quality.

5) Advantages and disadvantages of air conditioner water machine and air duct machine

  1. The water machine is more comfortable
  2. The water machine is more environmentally friendly
  3. The water machine truly controls the temperature of the air conditioner in each room independently and saves electricity. The air duct machine controls the temperature through the air valve, giving the user an illusion that the compressor has stopped. In fact, the compressor has not stopped, so the air duct machine consumes electricity. The amount is huge. The comprehensive cost of using air-conditioning water machine is very low, and the use cost of air duct machine is very high
  4. The air in each room of the water machine circulates independently, while the air duct machine is a cross-mixing of air in several rooms, causing air to flow and infect each other.
  5. Privacy. The air duct of the air-conditioning duct machine itself is also a sound transmission channel. If adults watch TV, listen to music, chat, etc., it will easily disturb the children’s rest.
  6. The water machine can drive a larger air-conditioning area with a small air-conditioning host (small total power), and the air duct machine must not be large with a small amount and must be equipped with a large cooling capacity, otherwise, you will have a lawsuit in summer Right. Therefore, for villas with relatively small total meter power, it is recommended to choose a water machine. If you use a commercial and residential room for office, you should use a water dispenser, so that your computer, photocopier, printer, lights, and other equipment have electricity.
  7. The problem of the distribution of air volume and cooling capacity of the duct machine is a headache for all experts in the household field. Some rooms are either cold to death, some rooms are hot to death, and the air volume distribution is disproportionate.
  8. The return air sound of the duct machine is loud (noise and dark). Concentrate the air-conditioning air volume required by several rooms on one machine (indoor unit), can it be noisy? The water machine distributes the air volume required by each room to the fan coil of each room, and the sound is quiet.
  9. The water machine can bring any number of rooms, but once the air-conditioning duct machine has multiple rooms, the return air cannot be solved. Do remember: if there is supply air, there must be return air.
  10. The air duct machine is very suitable for the use of independent large rooms, such as the halls of shopping malls and restaurants (but the private rooms are suitable for water machines). These public independent large spaces use air conditioners and are cheap. If it is a large bay, and office and business in this large bay, it is recommended to use a duct machine.
  11. The air duct machine is cheap and the water machine is expensive, which is the disadvantage of the water machine.

6) What kind of central air conditioner repair contractor is reliable to find in Mississauga?

The installation of central air-conditioning is a typical semi-finished product. The main engine manufacturer produces the main engine, and the general agent and distributor are responsible for material integration, procurement, external distribution of some parts, and construction and installation. So in addition to remembering the host brand, you must also remember the dealer’s brand. The dealer is a “central air-conditioning integrator.”

We are a powerful contractor, our engineers are tempered through thousands of ways, so it is a very professional contractor. Please trust the professional air-conditioning contractor, the Mississauga air-conditioning repair contractor with ten years of experience!