My Air Conditioner unit has frozen up (or not stopped working / hot air coming out of the vent)


Air Conditioner unit frozen up and what should I do?

What to do : 

the first and most important thing after realising the frost build up on the air conditioner unit is to turn the entire system off. If your system keeps running under the same condition, chances of more frost accumulation are high. 

If your air conditioning unit is not working or not cooling at all you should contact an HVAC professional for a diagnostics report.  You can contact us today for a free diagnostics report and in person consultation.

Reasons of frost build up (air conditioner frozen up) : 

  • Low refrigerant 
  • improper/rushed installation 
  • Dirty/improper air filtration → poor airflow (low air supply compared to the amount of cooling capacity)
  • Damaged fan 

Next step :

After shutting your system down and ensuring adequate filter conditions and proper airflow, you can let your system run again while supervising after all the frost has melted down, if the issue reoccurs, you need to get the unit checked by an HVAC professional.  You can contact us today for a free diagnostics report and in person consultation.

How to prevent Air conditioners from malfunctions or breaking down: 

Breaking down in an air conditioner is inevitable,these units work daily and are prone to a lot of “wear and tear” over the years. However there are a few factors for set up and maintenance of your air conditioner system that will cultivate the maximum efficiency and lifespan for your unit:

  • Installation quality: this is the most important factor, a properly installed system is much less prone to leakages and breakdowns. The technicians installing these units need to have experience and understanding of both the electronic and the HVAC industries in order to integrate this system into your home flawlessly. 
  • Maintenance and repair: annual maintenance and cleanups and proper repair (when necessary) can double the efficiency and life expectancy of an air conditioner. 
  • Picking the right unit : air conditioner units come in a large variety of sizes, brands and models. We have dedicated an entire section to this topic, our professionals are ready to give you the information and confidence that you need to find the right unit for your home.
  • Warranty registrations: air conditioners are usually supported by an extensive 10 year warranty on their parts, material and compressor, a reliable dealer will walk you through this section prior to your installation and has to ensure your coverage for the next decade.