My furnace turns on but shuts down before reaching desired temperature, why is this happening?


Why did your furnace shut down?

A forced air furnace has multiple switches ensuring the safety of gas combustion reactions that heat your place. If the temperature, CO (carbon monoxide) level, exhaust airflow or supply airflow of your unit are below the standard levels, the furnace automatically shuts off before completing its task.  You can contact us today for a free diagnostics report and in person consultation.

Common reasons behind this problem are: 

  • Old/ dirty furnace filter or Improper filtration module: all of your supply air passes through your media filtration system, an improper or dirty filtration system could cut proper air supply to your system and cause the furnace to overheat and shut down before reaching desired temperatures as a result. 
  • Overdue maintenance 
  • “Rushed job” or improper installation (usually for the cases of the furnace having this problem earlier than 10 years from installation date) 
  • A heat exchanger crack: your equipment has passed a series of safety testing, if a heat exchanger has gone through its normal lifetime, the unit will not heat properly due to safety switches preventing gas leakage