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As the most popular product of Toronto’s modern home HVAC, the residential central air conditioner has brought more and better experience and convenience to people. Although people are familiar with it, it is not the case. For example, Toronto people often say residential Many people don’t understand what the three central air conditioner systems are. So Toronto Central Air Conditioning Installation Company: Canada Energy Solution specially sorted out this problem to share with you.

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  1. Toronto central air conditioner installation-cold/hot water units in residential central air conditioner
    The delivery medium of this type of residential central air conditioner is usually glycol solution or water directly. It can produce the cold/hot water required by the air conditioner through the outdoor host, which is delivered to each terminal device in the room by a pipeline system and replaces the heat with the indoor air to generate cold/hot air. Because the fan coil of this type of residential central air conditioner can adjust the fan speed, and each air-conditioned room can be independently adjusted, it has outstanding performance in energy saving.
  2. Toronto central air conditioner installation-multi-line system in residential central air conditioner
    The so-called multi-line system is the refrigerant flow system. This type of residential central air conditioner uses compressed refrigerant as the delivery medium. One compressor can drive multiple indoor units, while the outdoor host is composed of external heat exchangers, compressors, and other accessories. The indoor unit is composed of a direct evaporative heat exchanger and a fan. The refrigerant is sent from the outdoor unit to the indoor unit through the pipe. By controlling the refrigerant flow in the pipeline and the cooling flow entering the indoor radiators, the heat and humidity requirements of different load rooms can be satisfied. The advantage of this type of residential central air conditioner is that it can satisfy the needs of different rooms. At the same time, the performance in energy saving is also excellent.
  3. Toronto central air conditioner installation-domestic central air conditioner ducted system
    The domestic central air conditioner system of the air duct system uses air as the conveying medium, uses chillers for centralized cooling, cools or heats the fresh air, and then mixes it with the return air and sends it into the room. If there is no fresh air source, residential central air conditioners with ducted systems can only cool or heat the return air. This type of residential central air conditioner has a lower cost, and the fresh air system can better improve the air quality, making it more comfortable for users.

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With the general improvement in the living standards of Toronto people in recent years, central air conditioners have gradually ceased to be the first choice in the market. residential central air conditioners have begun to occupy a place in the field of residential air conditioners, and are no longer limited to larger occasions. Began to gradually enter the thousands of residents in Toronto. So, what basic rules should be paid attention to when installing central air conditioning. Take a look at Canada Energy Solution central air conditioner.

  1. Appropriate floor height and area
    Not all rooms are suitable for central air conditioner installation. The installation conditions are: the height of the house should be high enough and the room area should be large enough.
  2. Installation process and auxiliary materials
    To ensure the normal operation of a central air conditioner system, the importance of products, auxiliary materials, design, installation, and construction is no less important than that of the host equipment. When choosing a suitable central air conditioner product, users must also choose a professional A company with central air conditioning installation strength and user reputation, or an experienced installation engineering company designated by the manufacturer for installation and maintenance authorization, to ensure the later operation of central air conditioning.
  3. Synchronize with home improvement
    Concealed installation is the most characteristic installation method of central air conditioners. The advantages are very prominent, making the indoor environment more fashionable and generous, and getting rid of the disadvantages of painful air conditioners occupying space. Install the residential central air conditioner first, and after the home decoration, the decoration plan must be determined when installing the residential central air conditioner. On the basis of ensuring the air conditioning effect, the installation location and duct direction of the air conditioner indoor unit are determined.

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Common maintenance tips for central air conditioning in Toronto

Toronto Canada Energy Solution central air conditioner maintenance skills: Canada Energy Solution central air conditioner failure phenomenon and judgment and treatment.

  1. When the remote control you are using is installed with a new battery and does not display for less than a month, you can open the back cover of the remote control and clean the circuit board and the conductive film on the contact surface of the button with 95% alcohol. , You can eliminate the leakage fault, and the LCD display of the remote control can also use this method.
  2. The temperature sensor in the inverter air conditioner plays a very important role. The indoor unit has an air temperature sensor and an evaporator temperature sensor; the outdoor unit has an air temperature sensor, a high-pressure pipe sensor, and a low-pressure pipe sensor, and some sensors are in the long-term The resistance value changes after use, which changes the control characteristics. In order to ensure the control accuracy and the same working characteristics, the original model should be replaced after the sensor is determined to be faulty.
  3. Plugin the power plug and the indoor unit power indicator will be on. If there is no power indicator, it means that your home’s power supply is faulty or the indicator is damaged.
  4. There is a power indicator, and the signal cannot be transmitted when pressing the operation button with the remote control. First, check whether the battery in the remote control is charged, and then check whether the positive and negative electrode contacts of the battery are oxidized and corroded. If the above is normal, check whether the internal circuit board of the remote control is damaged. You can put the remote control close to an AM radio. Press the remote control button to carry out the interference experiment, and listen to whether the radio is beeping. If there is a sound, it means that the remote control has no obstacle.
  5. When the remote control is sure that there is no end-block, and the signal still cannot be transmitted, it can be verified by the forced operation switch of the indoor unit. During forced operation, if the indoor cross-flow fan and outdoor compressor are operating normally and the cooling effect is good, then the air conditioner indoor The infrared receiving part of the machine is malfunctioning.

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How to install the central air conditioner to be reasonable? How to install to save the most energy, and how many air conditioners need to be installed to save the most? How to achieve without a professional solution! Among the many brands of air conditioners in Toronto, which one is the most suitable for our needs? How can we achieve low cost and high effect? Our service focuses on air conditioner integration, reasonable division of space, reasonable design, free design plan according to the building plan so that your air conditioner installation can be rationalized.