Renovation, Choose Ductless Air Conditioner Or Central Air Conditioner?


In spring, as the golden month of decoration, there must be many friends who are worried about whether they need it at home or what kind of central air-conditioning to choose. Therefore, Canada Energy Solution has specially compiled a must-read guide for household central air-conditioning decoration! Friends who need it, hurry up and mark!

In general home decoration, you will choose traditional air conditioners, independent machines, one for one, which is not a big problem for small apartments, but once the living room area is large and there are many rooms, the cooling effect of an independent machine will not keep up, instead of installing a few Stand-alone machines are not as good as installing central air-conditioning.

Now household central air conditioners are very mature, and good central air conditioners can save up to 30% of electricity compared to ordinary air conditioners. Buying a central air conditioner can not only solve the problem of insufficient power, but also save a lot of electricity bills every month, and it looks more beautiful. This is also the reason why many people choose to install household central air-conditioning!

But the central air conditioner is different from the ordinary air conditioner

You must know these things before installation!

  1. What kind of room is suitable for central air-conditioning?

Although it has become a trend to install household central air-conditioning, not all room types are suitable for central air-conditioning. If your home meets these two conditions, then congratulations you can install a high-quality central air conditioner!

First of all, your house must be large enough, with a total area of ​​80 square meters or more. Of course, there are also small apartments of 60 square meters with central air-conditioning. But speaking, the larger the area, the higher the cost-effectiveness of using central air-conditioning. Secondly, it must be high enough, with a floor height of at least 2.7 meters, because the indoor opportunity of the central air conditioner is installed in the ceiling. If the floor height is not enough, the floor height will be lowered after the central air conditioner is installed, and the low house will bring depression to people. sense.

Therefore, for the overall comfort of the space, the thickness of the central air-conditioning body is particularly important, especially for rooms with a floor height of less than 3m.

  1. What preparations need to be made before installation?

The central air-conditioning installation should be carried out before the renovation because the indoor unit and pipelines of the air-conditioning are all in the ceiling. If you want to install central air-conditioning after the renovation, you can only destroy the renovation first, and then restore the renovation after installing the machine. Therefore, it is necessary to reserve pipeline locations for household central air conditioners before installation and pay attention to the coordination with decoration, water, and electricity.

So before installation, what preparations do we need to do?

  • Coordinate the time of decoration and central air-conditioning installation. It is best to construct the central air-conditioning and water and electricity at the same time so that it will be more convenient for workers to coordinate.
  • The location of the external unit of the central air conditioner must be selected. The location of the outdoor unit must be well ventilated and facing well. If the ventilation is not good, it will affect the cooling efficiency. Also, pay attention to stay away from the bedroom to avoid noise interference.
  • Call the plan designer to come to your home for a survey, the air-conditioning designer, the decorating designer, and yourself will communicate with the three parties about the specific installation matters, and design a plan that is satisfactory in terms of comfort and beauty.
  1. What are the precautions during installation?

It is said that the central air conditioner has 3 points for products and 7 points for installation. It is not sensational. Installation is really important! At the peak of the use of air-conditioning in summer, many families have air-conditioning leaks. Do you think it is because of the long-term failure to clean the drain pipe or the product of the air conditioner itself? In fact, otherwise, improper installation of the air conditioner will also cause water leakage problems! So don’t look down on the “little thing” of central air-conditioning installation!

  • Does the installation of central air-conditioning affect the height of the ceiling;
  • Whether the wiring of the refrigerant copper pipe affects the decoration construction, check the heat preservation of the copper pipe and its branch components;
  • The wiring of the condensate drain pipe, whether the insulation and inclination meet the requirements, whether there is a trap, and whether the wiring affects the decoration construction;
  • Check the pressure gauge of the refrigerant piping system temporarily installed at the outdoor unit, and record the outdoor air temperature and pressure in writing at that time. If the system is not damaged during the decoration and construction process, the pressure should be kept constant;
  • Whether the insulation material and thickness of the refrigerant copper pipe meet the requirements.

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