Residential Air Conditioning Maintenance



Residential central air conditioners, generally home central air conditioners, have now been favored by the public because of their hygienic, beautiful, and noise-free features. What many people don’t know is that in the process of using residential central air conditioners, they need to be Maintenance, how to maintain it?

There are three common maintenance methods:

  1. Seasonal maintenance

There are four seasons in the year, and the air conditioning system only works in summer and winter. What about the other two seasons? Will it be left untouched? Will it be possible that the system cannot be started if it is not used for a long time like a TV? Therefore, the seasonal maintenance work of residential central air conditioners cannot be reduced and cannot be ignored.

  1. Basic maintenance

Basic maintenance is the simplest maintenance, mainly cleaning the air conditioner panel and filter. This task is simple, easy to operate, and also the simplest cleaning and maintenance work. It is recommended to clean and maintain it once a month. Note that, do not use hot water over 40 degrees for cleaning.

  1. Thorough maintenance

After long-term cooling of the central air-conditioning system, in order to ensure that the unit is dry and clean, the air-conditioning system must be thoroughly maintained to ensure that the central air-conditioning system can operate normally and safely in the future and can have a good cooling effect. The so-called thorough maintenance refers to the comprehensive inspection and maintenance of the air-conditioning system from the outside to the inside by a professional central air-conditioning engineer. This work must be done by professionals because there are many professional issues that require attention.

Common maintenance methods for residential central air conditioners

  1. Maintenance of residential central air-conditioning: the air-conditioning filter is often cleaned

The residential central air-conditioning filter will accumulate a lot of dust after being used for a long time, which will not only block the smooth air flow of the central air-conditioning, but also affect the airflow organization, greatly reduce the comfort, increase energy consumption, and waste operating costs; and the indoor air passes through the internal machine. After the cycle, it becomes more polluted and the air quality becomes very poor, which seriously affects the health of the family and causes the occurrence of air-conditioning syndrome; in addition, after too much dust enters the central air-conditioning indoor unit, it may affect the circuit of the indoor unit, and then affect the home center The service life of the air conditioner, so it is wise to clean the air conditioner filter frequently.

  1. Maintenance of residential central air conditioner: turn it on regularly

The compressor is the working core of the residential central air conditioner, and lubricating oil is an important factor to ensure the normal operation of compressor. In order to prevent the lubricating oil in the compressor from condensing, the equipment should be turned on regularly to avoid long-term non-use, and sudden use will cause the compressor Stuck. It is also recommended to turn it on occasionally during non-use of the air conditioner. Of course, it is recommended to find a professional company for more professional compressor maintenance.

  1. Maintenance of residential central air conditioner: keep the power supply

Because the central air-conditioning installation circuit is usually separated from the general residential lighting, electrical appliances and other circuits, there are independent control switches. Therefore, many families cut off the power supply of the main air conditioner when the air conditioner is not in use. As a result, the next time the air conditioner is turned on will take a long time. People often do not wait for the air conditioner to turn on, thinking that the equipment is broken and calling the manufacturer or engineering company for repair. Therefore, if the air conditioner is not suitable for a short time, it is recommended not to turn off the main power supply and keep the system powered.

After reading the above content, I believe that everyone has a deep understanding of the maintenance of small residential central air-conditioning. I want to remind everyone that if you want to do well, you must first sharpen your tools. If you want a long-term use of central air-conditioning, It is in good condition and the indoor air is fresh, so it must be maintained.

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