Should Your Air Conditioner Be Changed?


For summer, the most concerned electrical appliance is the air conditioner, and it is impossible to change one every year. But, do you know? Old air conditioners will bring a lot of harm because they have been in service for too long. It is closely related to your health!

Old air conditioner, poor effect

Most of the old air conditioners that have been used for ten years or more are the five-level energy efficiency that has been eliminated, and the energy efficiency ratio is only 2.6-2.8. Taking a 1.5-hp on-hook as an example, the hourly power consumption of an old air conditioner is as high as 1.35 degrees when it is cooled. At the same time, due to the long-term service of the old air conditioner, the core components are seriously aging, and its power consumption will increase by 30-50%. It is a veritable “electric tiger”.

Old air conditioner, many hidden dangers

The old air conditioner has been used for many years, the compressor efficiency is reduced, the performance of the components is weakened, the circulation pipe network is blocked, etc., resulting in low cooling and heating efficiency, poor effect, slow speed, uneven room heating and cooling, and it is difficult to reach the setting. Temperature affects human comfort.

Old air conditioner, loud noise

The long-term service of the old air-conditioning circuit and components are aging, the external machine is corroded, and the rust is serious, which is easy to cause safety hazards such as short circuit and leakage. At the same time, the old air conditioner indoor unit accumulates dust for a long time, which is difficult to clean, and it is easy to breed bacteria and mold, which will pollute the indoor air during use and affect human health.

Due to the aging of the system structure and the loosening of the air conditioner panel, the vibration of the air conditioner during operation will cause the panels to rub against each other and cause noise. Coupled with the noise of the old air conditioner itself and compressor noise during operation, the overall noise is too loud, which affects the quality of sleep and user experience.

Old air conditioner with few functions

The old air conditioners have single functions and low configuration. With the development of technology and the progress of the times, as well as the improvement of people’s living standards, diversified requirements are put forward for the configuration and functions of air conditioners. At present, air-conditioning products have developed in the direction of health, comfort, and intelligence, and old air-conditioners can no longer meet the basic needs and tastes of users.

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