Top 10 Best Furnace Brands Of 2024-Costs And Reviews in Toronto

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How can I pick the right furnace brand and model for my home?

Whether you are considering a replacement or an upgrade of your forced air HVAC system, there are a lot of brands and models out there resulting in an abundance of options. This can get confusing at times especially when there are more than a few reliable brands competing for your business.

The best way of finding the right furnace at the right price for your home is to seek consultation from a Residential HVAC Specialist. By hiring the right company, you can trust the professionals to pick the optimal solution for you.

However for you to be faced with a few options and to gain more insight, here are a few important factors on picking the right furnace; please keep in mind that this is no way a complete guide and is only for supplemental information:

The following brands are among the well known brands in Oakville, Mississauga, Kitchener and Toronto:
Lennox, Carrier, York, Keeprite, Trane, American Standard, Goodman, Armstrong air, Bryant, Amana.

Basically, all of these brands are developed with very high standards and can be considered as a “good, efficient and reliable furnace”. However, they pose certain differences in the core of their design and engineering based on different applications and priorities. If you notice we have not mentioned the brand York as we do not recognize it as a part of the same reliability category as the brands mentioned above.

What is the best brand of forced air furnace to buy?

PREMIUM: Lennox & Carrier


Oakville Lennox Furnace price best deal Promotions High efficiency rebate repair financing rental referral
High-efficiency Lennox furnaces possess a higher price tag, while offering a higher standard of reliability, durability, efficiency and comfort. Proven in laboratories and centuries of being in the market, Lennox has the quietest and most efficient systems on the market, backed up by an extensive warranty.

• Ranging as low as the Canadian minimum of 92% AFUE and as high as 98.7%AFUE in energy efficiency.
• Broad range of ENERGY STAR rated models and units.
• Power Saver™ : the most advanced state if the art Variable Speed brushless DC ECM motor (33% more efficient than a conventional furnace motor)
• SilentComfort™ Technology, (furnaces are averagely 50% quieter than competitor furnaces)
• I-COMFORT technology enables complete remote access and supervision of the system and is able to send notices to your contactor and technician directly. Capable of self diagnosis, wifi enabled, touch screen thermostat and many more options.

Continuously reported to be impressive with quietness and efficiency of their furnaces. Savings on the energy bills offset initial costs.

Costing between $3,000 and $7,500including labor and material of installation, registration and removal of the old unit.
• Initial limited warranty with 10 years for parts
• Lifetime guarantee for the heat exchanger

Model Comparison
• Lennox Merit Series: ML193 single-stage furnace - 93 %AFUE
• Lennox Elite Series EL296E two-stage furnace - 96 % AFUE
• Lennox Dave Lennox Signature Collection SLP98V modulating furnace - 98.7 % AFUE
Has the most extensive warranty and the highest customer ranking at Canada Energy Solution history.


Oakville Carrier Furnace price best deal Promotions High efficiency rebate repair financing rental referral
An innovative brand, Carrier is one of the leaders among the premium furnace brands (lennox vs. carrier). High efficiency with a lot of features, will lower energy bills and bring consistent comfort.

• Fleet of unique technologies.
• Greenspeed Intelligence™: modulating gas valve
• Ideal Humidity System™: independent control for humidity
• Smart Evap™ humidity reduction by 10%(during summer and humid seasons)
• Comfort Heat™ technology: smart thermostat
• The Comfort Fan™ : high-efficiency adjustable speed blower motor

Reviewed as overall reliable and efficient. High level of home comfort and adaptive features.

Cost range between $3,500 and $7,500.
• limited lifetime guarantee on heat exchanger
• limited 10-year warranty on parts

Model Comparison
• Comfort Series 59SC5A single-stage furnace / 95.5 %AFUE
• Performance Series 59TP6A two-stage furnace / 96.5 %AFUE
• Infinity Series 59MN7A modulating furnace / 98.5 %AFUE

Value Brand: Goodman, Keeprite, York


Oakville Goodman Furnace price best deal Promotions High efficiency rebate repair financing rental referral
A long-standing reputation, solidly built furnace units, appeal to customers, and all of that on a budget.
- Has high efficiency options up to 98% AFUE
- Substantive warranty

- 92-98% AFUE,
- ENERGY STAR rated models available
- Goodman’s ComfortNet™ System with touch screen display
Repairs are reported to be minimal in charge and parts readily available.
Reports show that adequately installed Goodman furnaces are reliable.

Cost analysis
Goodman was evaluated to be the best furnace brand in the value price tier for 2018.
Units typically fall within the $2,500 – $4,500 range after installation.

Model Comparison
- (bronze) GMSS92 single-stage furnace with 92 % AFUE
- (silver) GMVC96 two-stage furnace with 96 % AFUE
- (gold) GMVM97 modulating furnace with 98 % AFUE


Oakville Keeprite Furnace price best deal Promotions High efficiency rebate repair financing rental referral

KeepRite has high-efficiency quality units at affordable prices. Offering at least 92% AFUE in annual energy usage efficiency with options for ENERGY STAR certified units.
The company is a Carrier company and hence is very competitive in reliability.

Though a value-priced brand, Keeprite furnaces possess a wide range of special features. Offering energy-efficient heating systems and various selections.
- Tempstar® Observer® Communicating Control on premium models (Wifi enabled)

The 1, 5 and 10 years No-Hassle Replacement™ policy is reassuring and hence
Keeprite is known for its excellent customer service.

KeepRite’s units are on the more expensive end of the value range, customers find the extra investment worthy as the company holds a sharp reputation of customer service.
A KeepRite furnace can cost anywhere from $2,800 – $6,000 including installation.
- 10 year replacement warranty (select models)
- lifetime warranty on the furnace heat exchanger.(select models)
- both entry-level and more high end models (cost variations)

Model Comparison
- Entry-level: Performance N9MSE single-stage furnace with 98 % AFUE
- Mid-range: ProComfort G9MX two-stage furnace with 96.5 % AFUE
- Premium: ProComfort Deluxe G9MAE modulating furnace with 98 % AFUE

- Information N/A
- Not recommended and NOT offered by this establishment.

MID-RANGE Brands: American Standard, Bryant, Amana, Trane, Armstrong air

American Standard

Oakville American standard Furnace price best deal Promotions High efficiency rebate repair financing rental referral
Established brand, provides high quality units that are superior in durability, popular
brand in middle range furnaces. Competitive pricing, warranty and efficiency.

- Range of furnaces with varying levels of efficiency
- ENERGY STAR rated models.
- AccuLink™ :remote furnace monitoring, relays furnace diagnostics to dealer in charge of maintenance.
- Comfort-R™ variable speed blower (select models)
- Customized humidity control capability (select models)

Impecabile reliability, endures over periods of work without problems. Efficiency and quietness are also benefits of this brand.

Prices range from $3,500 – $5,500 including installation, offering excellent value for
- Limited lifetime warranty on the heat exchanger
- 10 year limited warranty for internal parts
- Up to a 20 year warranty for certain models.

Model comparison
- Silver 95h single-stage furnace with 95 % AFUE
- Gold S9V2-VS two-stage furnace with 97 %AFUE
- Platinum 95 modulating furnace with 97.3 %AFUE


Bryant Canada energy solution air conditioner furnace water heater attic insulation installation repair toronto gta
Great range of high-efficiency furnaces, majority of which have ENERGY STAR rating.
Offering quite a few unique features comparatively.

- Perfect Heat™ technology is designed to be quiet
- two stage heating
- Fan On Plus™ technology
- Controlled Humidity levels with Perfect Humidity™ systems

Reports indicate that the units are competitive in durability and reliability, assuring professional installation and maintenance is granted.
Warranty however, Has been reviewed to be “basic and limited” by many.

Bryant furnaces can range in price from $3,000 – $6,000, offering consistent value for the cost.
- limited lifetime heat exchanger warranty
- 10 year parts limited warranty coverage for all high-efficiency furnaces (all models in high efficiency category included)

Model Comparison
- Legacy Line 915SA single-stage furnace with 95.5 % AFUE
- Preferred Series 926TA two-stage furnace with 96.5 % AFUE
Evolution 987MA modulating furnace with 97 % AFUE
Though they have been reported to lack in warranty diversity, reasonable pricing, helpful features and reliable units make up for it.


Amana Canada energy solution air conditioner furnace water heater attic insulation installation repair toronto gta
A well renowned name in North America originating and since the 1930s, mainly focused on high-efficiency furnaces at an affordable cost. Amana furnaces are designed using leading-edge technologies and protected by an extensive warranty policy.
- Several ENERGY STAR models.

Special Features
• Proprietary stainless-steel tubular primary heat exchanger in all models (ads durability )
• ComfortBridge technology : designed to remotely control and monitor heating systems
• Pairable to smartphone or tablet.
• CoolCloud system: maintenance and repairs notification system

• One of the most energy-efficient furnaces ,
• Helps to save money and energy during winter
• lifetime unit replacement warranty
• 10-year parts warranty

A new Amana furnace could range from $3,000 to $6,000 installed, just a little more than an entry-level heating system. The units are higher than average cost due to extensive warranty and variety of options.

Model Comparison
• AMSS92 single-stage furnace with 92 percent AFUE
• AMVC96 two-stage furnace with 96 percent AFUE
• AMVM97 modulating furnace with 98 percent AFUE


Trane Canada energy solution air conditioner furnace water heater attic insulation installation repair toronto gta
Reliable, innovative, convenient and affordable, with over 100 years of experience, they offer a large range of models that suit multiple budgets and criteria.

• Designed to reduce maintenance costs, and improve heating systems to be easier to use and maintain for the end user.
• Specialized variable-speed blowers that are superior in efficiency hence reduce energy consumption
• Efficient to maintain temperature and humidity levels
• ComfortLink II Communicating control system (smart thermostats)
• Remote access the heating system,
• Maintenance alerts, updates, comfort improvement suggestions

• High-efficiency furnaces ranging from 92 to 97.3 percent AFUE,
• Models with ENERGY STAR certification
• One-stage, two-stage, and modulating furnaces
• Parts and heat exchanger warranty ranges from one to 20 years depending on the model of furnace or air conditioner

Could cost anywhere from $3,000 to $4,500 including installation,
• The higher the model or the efficiency rating, the higher the relative cost

Model Comparison
• XB90 single-stage furnace - 92 % AFUE
• S9V2 two-stage furnace - 96 % AFUE
• XC95m modulating furnace - 97.3 % AFUE
• Affordable, high-efficiency and reliable

Armstrong air

Armstrong air Canada energy solution air conditioner furnace water heater attic insulation installation repair toronto gta

This furnace has the brightest reputation with technicians and trades, built by the same manufacturer and using the same technology as LENNOX furnace units.

  • Has high efficiency options up to 97% AFUE
  • Inclusive and substantive warranty 




This furnace is famous for reliability, durability and ease of installation and maintenance. 

Cost analysis

Armstrong was picked as one of the most reliable brands making it very valuable for its price. Units typically fall within the $2,500 – $4,500 range after installation. 

Model Comparison

  • (Bronze) A95-1E single-stage furnace with 95 % AFUE
  • (Silver) A962V - A962E two-stage furnace with 96 % AFUE
  • (Gold) A97MV modulating furnace with 97 % AFUE


For more information on brands, makes and models in Oakville, Mississauga, Kitchener and Toronto, you can always request a consultation session from Canada Energy Solution. Available remotely, and in person (taking necessary and viable precautions) our professionals are ready to help you select the best model and achieve the optimal solution for your home’s comfort, efficiency and reliability.


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