Top Tips for Installing an Air Conditioner


Things to pay attention to when installing air conditioners, you also need to know how to install the air conditioner when you buy it. Generally, there will be an installation technician for installation. It is more assured to hire an installation technician to install the air conditioner.

Precautions for installation of the split machine

1. Determine the installation location of the wall-mounted air conditioner. The wall-mounted air conditioner is usually embedded in the wall of the room, so it must be installed in conjunction with the entire environment of the room. Pay attention to avoid the explosive, flammable, and children’s easy-to-reach places in the room. Places where artificial strong electric and magnetic fields are directly affected and places with harsh natural conditions should be avoided.

2. With the assistance of the air conditioner installers, carefully check whether the air conditioner can work normally and whether the voltage, meter capacity, protection switch, leakage protector, etc. can operate normally. Like other air conditioners, the integrity of the wall-mounted air conditioner must be carefully checked before installation. Whether the file box and accessories of the air conditioner are complete, and whether the manufacturer’s product certificate, warranty card, and safety certification mark are required for the purchase of the air conditioner.

3. Then, when installing the wall-mounted air conditioner, in order to prevent the improper installation of the air conditioner or noise after the air conditioner is installed, pay attention to the installation of the outdoor unit of the air conditioner when installing the air conditioner, and the indoor unit should be closely attached to the wall of the room.

4. After the air conditioner is installed, pay attention to check whether the air conditioner is installed successfully. You can install the wall-mounted air conditioner and operate it accurately. Try to run the air conditioner. The running time is not less than 30. If the air conditioner is operating normally, you can work with the installer Fill in the installation voucher and sign for the record.

Whether the central air-conditioning engineering installation is standardized and professional, mainly depends on the following five points:

1. The installation location of the household central air conditioner needs to be decorated according to the house type orientation, etc. The designer determines the specific installation location. It does not mean that the owner himself can install it wherever he wants. Improper installation of the central air conditioner will have a certain impact on the cooling (heating) effect of the air conditioner in the future. Generally, the body of the air conditioner is about 2 meters above the ground to ensure that the air from the air outlet can flow naturally without obstacles. The external unit of the air conditioner should be installed in a place with smooth ventilation and little sunlight, and avoid heavy oily smoke.

2. The quality of auxiliary materials will also affect the quality of central air-conditioning. The auxiliary materials used at any time must be formally qualified and have a certain anti-corrosion effect. The heat preservation of the copper pipe of the refrigerant pipe cannot be ignored, and the exhaust pipe must be made of non-combustible materials or non-combustible materials. The important point is that all materials must not contain substances harmful to the human body.

3. When the household central air conditioner is running, no matter the external unit or the internal unit, there will be a little noise. Brand central air-conditioning products are all marked with their own noise level standards. After the installation is completed, you can test whether the noise level of the internal and external units of the air conditioner meets the requirements. Under normal circumstances, the noise value of central air conditioning will not exceed 48 decibels. Like the Panasonic central air conditioner, when the indoor unit is running, the noise can be reduced to 23 decibels.

4. After the central air conditioner is installed, it is necessary to test the airtightness of the pipeline to ensure that the air-conditioning system components are well airtight and there is no leakage.

5. The installation of central air-conditioning pipelines is relatively straightforward. After the installation of the pipelines, water pipes, signal lines, power lines, etc., are the pipelines horizontal and vertical, and whether the pipelines are crossed. Simply put, it is whether it looks beautiful.

1. Do not install on the head of the bed

  • The air conditioner hangs in some owners’ homes and the water flows backward due to the poor “drip pipe”.
  • The indoor unit is noisy. The indoor unit installed on the bedside is noisy, which will affect people’s sleep quality.
  • It is not convenient for maintenance. The later cleaning and maintenance of the air conditioner will be relatively time-consuming and laborious.

2. Try not to install it near the window

  • Insulation of windows may result in poor heat preservation. When cooling or heating, it will increase the load of the indoor unit, affect the cooling and heating efficiency, and increase the power consumption of the air conditioner. If you install it by the window, you must ensure the tightness of the window.

3. Don’t blow the tuyere at people

  • When people sleep in the summer, the pores will increase. If the air-conditioning wind blows directly at the person, it will increase the possibility of people suffering from air-conditioning diseases, headaches, and rheumatism. In the above situation, you need to adjust the air outlet angle of the air conditioner or move the position of the bed to let the wind blow from the side.
  • The above installation principles are not only applicable to ordinary split air conditioners, but also to the installation of central air conditioners:
  • The split air conditioner indoor unit should be installed on both sides of the bed or diagonally;
  • The central air-conditioning indoor unit is best installed in the ceiling at the entrance of the bedroom so that the air volume can directly blow into the whole house. The second is that the air conditioner is on both sides of the bed. At this time, please pay attention to the fan page of the air conditioner to prevent the air-conditioning from blowing on people.

4. Equipped with air-conditioning sockets for the installation

  • Air conditioners are high-power household appliances, and the maximum power of ordinary sockets is often unable to meet the electricity demand of air conditioners, and it is easy to cause the circuit to overheat and cause electric leakage. Therefore, choose a socket for air conditioner installation, which is convenient to turn off the power and save electricity.
  • There are also people who are not very tall, climbing up and down to unplug the air conditioner, which is not only dangerous but also troublesome. Therefore, remind everyone that when decorating, it is best to choose the type with a switch for the air conditioner socket, because when the air conditioner is not in use, you only need to easily turn off the switch, which is safe and energy-saving.

5. prevent rainwater from pouring back from the air-conditioning hole

  • Slight adjustments to the air-conditioning hole not only prevent rainwater from entering the air-conditioning hole in heavy rain but also avoid backflow of air-conditioning water caused by the “high outside and low inside” of the drip pipe. The air conditioner hangs up and the water flows backward because of the “drip pipe”. This is a terrible problem.

The above is the introduction of how to install the air conditioner. Many people who have ideas about the air conditioner actually have someone to install it after purchasing the air conditioner. However, if we can have a better understanding of how to install the air conditioner, it can help us better. A good way of distinguishing whether it is installed properly can also help us have a better response after the air conditioner has been used for a long time.