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Canada Energy Solution is a Toronto air conditioner installation contractor specializing in Toronto air conditioner maintenance, Toronto air conditioner installation, Toronto disassembly and assembly of air conditioner, Toronto air conditioner and refrigerant, Toronto air conditioner cleaning, and Toronto air conditioner maintenance. In the Toronto area, it is a relatively large-scale air conditioner electrical installation technical service company with a group of professional refrigeration technicians of various brands of air conditioners and many years of maintenance, installation, and management experience.

Canada Energy SolutionToronto air conditioner installation contractor provides air conditioner installation, repair, disassembly, maintenance, and cleaning for all areas of Toronto: Brampton, Brantford, Burlington, Caledon, Cambridge, Georgetown, Kitchener, Mississauga, Oakville, Orangeville, Nobleton, Vaughan, Etobicoke, etc., Add refrigerant and other air conditioning installation services.

All accessories of Canada Energy Solution air conditioning installation company are all from the original factory. For our installed air conditioners and air conditioners with replacement parts, we give customers a one-year-long warranty period. Within one year, as long as the air conditioners we have installed and replaced the parts have the same problem, free maintenance, please call Consultation can be repaired nearby.

What are the best maintenance methods for the air conditioner?

Tell everyone the best maintenance method for air conditioners. With the advent of winter, most of the air conditioners in many Toronto homes will enter the state of recuperation. However, experts from the Toronto Air Conditioning Installation contractor can tell you: When storing air conditioners, don’t think that it’s just a matter of just putting a layer of air conditioner cover on the air conditioner. If you place it casually and perform improper maintenance, it will affect the air conditioner in many cases. The length of life in the future!

The air-conditioning condenser works by discarding the heat absorbed by the indoor unit during cooling in an outdoor environment. The outdoor unit will accumulate a lot of external dirt during operation, and the contamination on the surface of the heat exchange fins of the air conditioner condenser is difficult to clean. Without professional equipment and cleaning agents, it cannot be cleaned thoroughly or at all. This will cause the heat exchange efficiency of the heat exchanger to become lower and lower, resulting in the gradual increase of the condensing pressure of the air conditioning unit, and the deterioration of the refrigeration system working conditions, which will directly affect the normal operation of the air conditioning unit. Does the Toronto Air Conditioning Installation contractor remind you are the best maintenance methods for the outside air conditioner?

The general maintenance of the outdoor unit of the air conditioner is: when the heat sink of the outdoor unit of the unit is dirty and the heat sink needs to be cleaned, use a high-pressure water gun, air pump, or soft-skin water pipe, watering can, and follow the direction of the heat sink (the side opposite to the outdoor unit fan) Flush to restore the heat dissipation performance of the outdoor unit. This work needs to be carried out regularly, at least once every three months; and it must be thoroughly cleaned once every spring and summer when the season changes to prevent the catkins and other dirt flying in the northern area from clogging the heat exchange fins. To ensure the normal operation of Toronto air-conditioning equipment during summer operation.

All outdoor unit cleaning must be done when the corresponding unit is stopped and dry. First, use a brush to brush along the fin gap (be careful not to knock down the condenser fins), and then flush from top to bottom with clean water. If it is particularly dirty, it must be cleaned repeatedly with high-pressure air, high-pressure water pumps, watering cans, and other cleaning fluids.

These are basically the best maintenance methods for air conditioners in daily life. Canada Energy SolutionToronto air conditioner installation contractor reminds you not to forget your health after purchasing an air conditioner, and effectively maintain the home air conditioner.

Keep these points in mind to ensure the quality of the air conditioner

With the warming of the weather, the demand for air conditioners has gradually increased, but it is also very important for consumers to choose a satisfactory product. Today, Canada Energy SolutionToronto air-conditioning installation contractor listed here a few tips for buying air-conditioners, which you can use as a reference for purchasing air-conditioners to ensure quality.

  1. Visual inspection: Check whether the various parts of the air conditioner are of fine workmanship and whether the surface of the plastic parts is smooth and uniform in color. The surface of the electroplated parts should be smooth, and there should be no defects such as peeling, bottoming, scratching, etc.
  2. Inspection of the wind deflector: The wind deflector should be able to be moved up and down or left and right, not too tight or too loose. It should be positioned at any position and should not automatically shift.
  3. Check the filter: The filter is a component that is frequently disassembled and assembled. Check whether it is convenient for disassembly and assembly and whether it is damaged.
  4. Check the function keys and knobs: The knobs on the panel of the air conditioner should be turned flexibly, placed in position, not loose, and not sliding. The function selection buttons on the computer-controlled air conditioner, remote control, and wire controller are light and flexible. There must be no stuck keys.
  5. Power on and check: For integral air conditioners, the following items can be checked by power on:
  6. Refrigeration: You can try the cooling function when you buy an air conditioner in summer, lower the temperature control value, power on for a few minutes, and cool air should come out.
  7. Heating: Buy an air conditioner in winter or when the temperature is low, and you can try out the hot air function.
  8. Wind speed: adjust the wind speed selection button to have different air volumes.
  9. Noise and vibration inspection: When the air conditioner is in cooling motion, there must be no abnormal impact noise or other noise, and the vibration must not be excessive.
  10. Electrical performance inspection: Check whether the power cord and power plug conform to the specifications. Pull the power cord strongly and should not be loose or pulled out. If possible, the cold insulation resistance of the air conditioner can be measured.
  11. Check attachments and technical documents: It is necessary to check whether the technical documents such as the manual, certificate, warranty card, packing list are complete, and check whether the accessories are complete according to the packing list.

After reading this article, Canada Energy SolutionToronto’s air conditioner installation contractor hopes to bring some help when the majority of netizens choose air conditioners and hope that everyone can choose their favorite products. After you buy a good air conditioner, you should clean and maintain the air conditioner regularly, so that your home can be used for a long time, and you can use the air conditioner in a healthy way.

For more information about air conditioning systems please contact Canada Energy Solution today. We have 10+ years of experience providing Toronto and GTA with professional air conditioner products and services.