Water Leakage Solutions For Hanging Air Conditioners


Air-conditioning leaks in our lives are a common problem for us. Air-conditioning brings a lot of convenience to our lives and work. Now we really can’t do without air-conditioning, but after using it for a long time, the air-conditioning will have corresponding problems, such as air-conditioning leaks. Please don’t worry if you encounter it. Today, air conditioner maintenance will tell you about common hanging and ceiling-mounted air-conditioning water leakage solutions. How to deal with this situation is the safest!

What is the cause of water leakage in the wall-mounted air conditioner?
1. The exchanger drips
The air conditioner’s exchanger is dripping water. This situation is probably because the internal unit of the air conditioner has not been cleaned for a long time, causing some dust to accumulate on the filter, and then too much dust will destroy the hydrophilicity of the aluminum foil, and then the water droplets condensed from the evaporator will be destroyed. There is no way to get into the sink, so it will fall outside, slowly dripping from the gap to the outside of the air conditioner.
2. The drain pipe is blocked
If the drainpipe is blocked, the internal unit of the air conditioner will drip, because if the drainpipe is blocked, the condensed water of the air conditioner cannot be discharged and will naturally flow out of the internal unit. Generally, the reasons for the blockage of the drainpipe of the air conditioner are: the drainpipe is blocked, or the drainpipe is blocked due to excessive dust inside the air conditioner.
3. Insufficient refrigerant
If the air conditioner is working with insufficient refrigerant, it will cause the evaporator to freeze. After the ice melts into water droplets, the water droplets will drip directly from the air conditioner gap to the outside, eventually causing the internal unit of the wall-mounted air conditioner. The appearance of water leakage.
4. Improper installation
The installed air conditioner is actually quite professional, and generally requires professionals to install it. Of course, sometimes they will inevitably install improperly, which will cause drainage difficulties and eventually cause the internal unit of the air conditioner to drip.

How to solve the dripping of the air conditioner
1. The dripping water of the air conditioner requires a thorough cleaning of the air conditioner to restore the hydrophilicity of the hydrophilic aluminum foil, so that the condensed water can enter the sink smoothly.
2. If the internal unit of the air conditioner is dripping due to insufficient refrigerant, we can first contact the relevant after-sales service to overhaul the air conditioner, and then add refrigerant to the air conditioner.
3. The blockage of the drain pipe causes the internal unit of the air conditioner to drip. We need to dredge the drain pipe during maintenance.
4. Improper installation of the air conditioner will cause deviations and loosening of the fixing screws. We need to re-adjust the installation position of the air conditioner and tighten the fixing screws at the same time to lower the drainpipe as far as possible.

What is the cause of the leakage of the ceiling air conditioner
There are many reasons for the leakage of ceiling air conditioners. Generally speaking, the main reasons are as follows:
1. Quality problems of drainage pipes
Some drainage pipes are of poor quality and are prone to aging and slack, causing the pipe to bend in shape, causing poor drainage and causing water leakage in the air conditioner.
2. Condensed water on the piping
Because the quality of the insulation material on the pipe is too poor or too thin, when the refrigerant in the pipe passes through, condensation water is prone to appear, causing the ceiling-mounted air conditioner to leak.
3. Improper installation location
When the air conditioner was installed, it was not firmly installed, and it was displaced after a long time of use, which caused the position of the drainage pipe to change, causing drainage difficulties.
4. The outdoor drainage pipe is blocked
If the outdoor drainage pipe is blocked, the water can not be drained out, resulting in overflow. Therefore, this is also one of the reasons for the leakage of ceiling-mounted air conditioners.

What to do if the internal unit of the ceiling air conditioner leaks
Water leakage in the ceiling-mounted air conditioner is a very annoying thing, so what should I do if the ceiling-mounted air conditioner’s internal unit is leaking? Let’s take a look at the specific solutions:
1. The drain pipe is blocked and dripping
Due to the lack of cleaning of the air conditioner for a long time, the drainpipe of the internal unit was seriously clogged, and the heat and cold exchange could not be realized. This causes water leakage in the indoor unit of the air conditioner. At this time, you can clean the filter of the air conditioner, and then pour water or blow air into the drainpipe, and then unblock the drainpipe to solve the problem of drain pipe blockage.
2. The air conditioner lacks fluoride
Lack of fluoride in the air conditioner will cause the internal unit to freeze. After freezing, too much ice water will not be discharged smoothly, and it will also cause the air conditioner indoor unit to leak. If this is the case, the air conditioner needs to be fluorinated.
3. The indoor unit has shifted
The indoor unit is not firm enough to cause displacement, and the fixed hanging plate of the indoor unit is not installed firmly, and the displacement occurs after a long time. As a result, the direction of the side of the drainpipe leading out is high, which makes it difficult to drain. The horizontal azimuth device of the indoor unit body is skewed, and the azimuth of the pipe opening is too high to form condensation beads and obstruct the drainage, which will cause the air-conditioning indoor unit to drip.

The above briefly explained the two more common water leakage control solutions for ceiling and hanging air conditioners. I hope to provide you with corresponding references and simple guidance. If you have such maintenance needs, you can also call us. Provide you with home repair! Customize the perfect solution for you, so that your life will be more worry-free and effortless!

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