What are the benefits of a central air conditioner?


In general, a family has three bedrooms, one room with one air conditioner, plus the living room air conditioner, that is four air conditioners. With so many air conditioners, some people think it is more convenient to buy a split air conditioner than to buy a central air conditioner. So, which one is better, central air-conditioning or ordinary air-conditioning? What are the pros and cons of installing central air conditioning at home?

In our family, we must choose to install an air conditioner. With the continuous development of our air conditioning technology, central air conditioners have become the best choice for many of our consumers, but we still have many consumers who are interested in central air conditioners. I don’t know it very well, so today I will introduce some knowledge of our central air conditioning for everyone to understand.

Central air conditioner
What does central air-conditioning mean and what is household central air-conditioning?
Household central air-conditioning was first popular in Europe and America. Its most prominent feature is to produce a living environment where “beauty and function” coexist. Compared with the traditional split and cabinet air conditioners, household central air conditioners have great momentum for the development of latecomers. More and more household users abandon split air conditioners and choose household central air conditioners when decorating new houses.

What is the meaning of a central air conditioner-the difference between a household central air conditioner and an ordinary air conditioner?
1. For multi-bedroom and large-area residences, central air conditioning is the best choice
It is recommended that if many rooms need to use air conditioners, then choosing to install central air conditioners can be said to be the best choice. Using central air conditioners can save more electricity than installing one air conditioner in every aspect. But if the indoor environment is relatively small and only a single room needs to be installed, then ordinary air conditioners can achieve the purpose. At this time, the use of central air conditioners will cause more waste of electricity.

2. Fast cooling, ultra-quiet, central air-conditioning is more comfortable
Generally speaking, it takes about ten minutes to use the cooling effect of ordinary air conditioners. Of course, this also needs to be determined by the specific space size and number of people. However, if the central air conditioner is used in the same space size, it can be better than ordinary air conditioners. Faster cooling speed, so the difference between the two air conditioners can also be seen in terms of temperature adjustment speed.
Quiet operation is also a major feature of household central air conditioners, which can completely ensure that users enjoy a quiet and comfortable space. Because there is only one outdoor unit, the noise of the outdoor unit is very small when running, thereby realizing the effective mute of the air conditioner.

3. Long-term consideration, central air conditioning is more economical
When installing and using air conditioners, many families are also concerned about the specific installation and usage price. Therefore, the gap between central air conditioners and ordinary air conditioners can also be seen in terms of installation prices. Generally speaking, the cost of installing and using central air conditioners for the first time is much higher than the cost of installing ordinary air conditioners in terms of equipment installation and complexity. Therefore, it is better to choose ordinary air conditioners for some families who cannot afford too much installation costs. However, because the central air conditioner saves more electricity, it is more economical to choose the central air conditioner if you consider the long-term use problem.

4. The shape is pleasing to the eye, and the central air-conditioning makes the home more beautiful
Household central air-conditioning brings people a healthy and happy family life with high technology. The luxury and beauty of its appearance is even more difficult to compare with ordinary air conditioners. Their appearance design is streamlined, the corners of the air conditioner are designed to be curved, the color LCD screen and the striped or wavy air inlet and outlet are combined to form a beautiful pattern. The entire appearance design presents an artistic appearance. The color is mainly milky white, which is noble and elegant and can be used as a luxurious decoration. Regardless of whether it is viewed from a distance or close, the appearance of modern home central air conditioners gives people an artistic sentiment.

So what are the pros and cons of installing central air conditioning at home?

For most users, the hot weather has turned on the air conditioner now, and it is imperative to choose a suitable air conditioner. However, there are many types of products in the market now, not only need to consider how to choose frequency conversion and fixed frequency, but also consider the choice of cabinet type and wall-mounted type. Not to mention, as everyone’s requirements for air conditioners continue to increase, the emergence of central air conditioners adds to the diversity of the market. Then choose central air-conditioning or ordinary air-conditioning, the old driver will take you to find out.

For most people, the use of central air-conditioning is just knowing the use of large-scale spaces such as shopping malls, but they don’t know that central air-conditioning can also be used in our households. So, what is the central air conditioner? What is the difference between it and the air conditioner of ordinary users?
Ordinary air conditioner: It is a unit used to provide processing air temperature changes to a space area (usually closed). Its function is to adjust the temperature, humidity, cleanliness, and air velocity of the air in the room (or enclosed space, area) to meet the requirements of human comfort.

Central air conditioning: It is composed of a cold and heat source system and an air conditioning system. The refrigeration system provides the required cooling capacity for the air conditioning system to offset the cooling load of the indoor environment; the heating system provides the air conditioning system with heat to offset the heat load of the indoor environment.

The refrigeration system in the central air-conditioning system is a vital part of the central air-conditioning system. Its types, operation modes, and structural forms directly affect the economy, efficiency, and rationality of the central air-conditioning system in operation.

Both central air conditioners and ordinary air conditioners have their characteristics. For consumers, how to choose. Let’s compare the two to understand their respective pros and cons so that everyone can make a better choice:

(1) Comparison of household central air conditioners and ordinary air conditioners: aesthetics
Household central air conditioner:
Concealed installation is adopted, and the pipes and indoor units are hidden in the partial ceiling space to maximize the release of indoor space so that the central air-conditioning and indoor decoration styles are integrated and beautiful.
Ordinary air conditioner:

1. Whether it is wall-mounted or vertical cabinet type, it needs to occupy wall decoration space or floor space, and the pipes are exposed, so the overall decoration style is difficult to coordinate.
2. The installation position of the indoor unit is limited by the installation position of the outdoor unit. To make the installation effect of the air conditioner as beautiful as possible, the indoor unit of the air conditioner is generally installed at a position close to the outdoor unit.

(2) Comparison of household central air conditioner and ordinary air conditioner: comfort
Household central air conditioner:
Its indoor unit is hidden in the partial ceiling space, avoiding the air conditioner directly blowing on the human body to the greatest extent. Its extra-long piping allows the air conditioner to be installed in the most comfortable position. The outlet and return modes are adjusted according to local conditions to make the room temperature relatively Uniformity enhances the comfort of the room.
Ordinary air conditioner:
1. Since the installation position is limited by the installation position of the outdoor unit, the positions of the air outlet and return air outlet cannot be adjusted.
2. When refrigerating, the area where the air conditioner can blow directly will often be colder, and the area not directly blown will be hotter, which affects the comfort of living.

(3) Comparison of household central air conditioners and ordinary air conditioners: Purchase and installation costs
Household central air conditioner:
The installation of household central air-conditioning should be carried out in front of the air-conditioning ceiling, which is closely related to indoor decoration, and the installation period is relatively long and the cost is relatively high.
Ordinary air conditioner:
Installation does not require decoration and coordination, the installation period is short, and the cost is low or even free.

(4) Comparison of household central air conditioners and ordinary air conditioners: Energy consumption PK
Household central air conditioner:
When the indoor unit is partially turned on, it is more power-efficient than ordinary air conditioners, so you can choose the most energy-efficient central air-conditioning solution according to your habits when purchasing.
Ordinary air conditioner:
Ordinary wall-mounted and cabinet air conditioners use an outdoor unit connected to an indoor unit. Each air conditioner is individually controlled and its energy consumption is not affected by other air conditioners.

(5) Comparison of household central air conditioners and ordinary air conditioners: Service life
Household central air conditioner:
The service life of household central air conditioners generally exceeds 15 years, and can even be extended to 20 years if properly maintained.
Ordinary air conditioner:
The service life of wall-mounted and cabinet air conditioners is generally 8 to 10 years, and the service life is relatively short.

Through comparative analysis, it can be seen that it is not unreasonable that household central air conditioners have sprung up in just a few years. Enjoying refrigeration more comfortably while ensuring your health has become the most common reason for everyone to choose central air conditioners.

Of course, some people say whether this central air conditioner is suitable for houses such as villas. This is not the case. Ordinary houses with three rooms and two rooms can also use central air-conditioning. Users should choose a suitable air-conditioning system according to their house type and usage habits.

Some people have questions. It is said that the piping layout of central air-conditioning is cumbersome, is it right that the newly installed house is more suitable for central air-conditioning? The editor believes that if you are thinking about central air conditioning, it will be more beneficial to users who are newly decorated. Because the layout of the central air conditioner is decorated with pipes so that the pipes can be covered and integrated with the decoration style, simple and convenient. Users who have been renovated can install central air-conditioning. However, if you want the pipeline layout to look good, you have to redesign the house, and even some areas have to be renovated.

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