What To Do If The Air Conditioner Does Not Respond


When it comes to air conditioning, I believe everyone is familiar with it. Nowadays, many homes have installed air conditioners, which also have two functions of heating and cooling, which can bring us great convenience in summer or winter. What should I do if the air conditioner does not respond during use? The next section will give you a detailed understanding. Let’s work with Canda Energy Solution air conditioner maintenance to understand how to deal with the air conditioner’s no response when the hot air is turned on.

Air conditioner heating does not respond

  1. The air conditioner filter dust is too thick

When we usually use the air conditioner, because we do not pay attention to the maintenance of the air conditioner, it will easily cause more and more dust to accumulate on the air conditioner filter over time. When the dust on the evaporator and condenser of the air conditioner is too thick, it will affect the heat exchange effect of the air conditioner, which will cause the heating effect of the air conditioner to decrease. When using the air conditioner, users should know that the air conditioner needs to be cleaned regularly, and the dust accumulated in the air conditioner can be removed in time to better extend the service life of the air conditioner and its cooling and heating effect.

  1. Power supply voltage problem

The air conditioner does not respond to heating. Another possibility is to check whether the internal power supply voltage is normal. When the power supply voltage is abnormal or unstable, the voltage is too low, which will cause the compressor to work abnormally after the air conditioner is started, and the air conditioner will also heat up. Will be affected. When using the air conditioner, the user can choose to avoid the peak electricity consumption period, or prepare a voltage stabilizer at home, use the voltage stabilizer to stabilize the power supply voltage and let the air conditioner work under the normal voltage.

  1. Leakage or insufficient refrigerant

Air-conditioning can play a very important role in both cooling and heating. However, when the air-conditioning refrigerant leaks or runs out, it will cause Shanghai Kelon air-conditioning to fail to heat. When the air-conditioning refrigerant leaks or is used up, the user needs to re-weld and repair the leaked part of the refrigerant, and then ask a professional to come and add the air-conditioning refrigerant to ensure that the air-conditioning can operate normally.

  1. The defrosting controller fails

In addition, the failure of the defrosting controller of the air conditioner will also cause the Shanghai Kelon to skip heating. Because the failure of the defrosting controller will prevent the air conditioner from entering the defrosting state, it will cause the heat pump to heat up. During the process, the evaporator is frosted, which affects the efficiency of the heat exchange rate of the air conditioner, resulting in insufficient heating of the air conditioner. When encountering the failure of the air conditioner defrosting controller, the user needs to check whether the defrosting temperature sensing device is misplaced, the contact is poorly contacted, or the air duct is blocked, etc., and then the faults are eliminated one by one.

The above is the solution prepared for everyone, welcome to call our professional maintenance team, professional one-to-one service for you, solve your air-conditioning problem, one step faster!

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