What’s Wrong With The Sound Of Dripping Water When The Air Conditioner Is In Use


Will the air conditioner in your home “singing”? Today I asked you an inexplicable question before the Canada Energy Solution air conditioner repair topic. I must have understood that the meaning of singing here is definitely not which new technology makes the air conditioner sound. Yes, but the air conditioner I brought to you, there is a rush of water when using it, in order to be able to explore the problem, let’s take a look at the specific fault with the air conditioner repair!

The internal and external units of the air conditioner are connected by pipes to form a closed refrigeration cycle system. When not working or when it rains, the temperature difference between the inside and the outside is large. The saturated refrigerant vapor originally balanced in the outdoor condenser will form condensation absorption and form a low pressure when the temperature is reduced. The internal unit is indoors, and the temperature is higher when it rains.

The original refrigerant pressure in equilibrium is high, and part of the liquid refrigerant remaining in equilibrium evaporates and flows to the outdoor unit together to form a new equilibrium state; mainly through the liquid pipe, The (thin tube) returns to the condenser through the throttling device. At this time, it may produce a “sucking sound”—liquid evaporation and gaseous flow; while the air pipe (thick tube) is due to the outdoor unit. It has the isolation effect of the compressor and can not pass through the condenser directly, so the gas pipe can be considered as non-reflux.

Reasons for the air conditioner to stop before reaching the set temperature during heating
In this case, please carefully check whether the following problems exist:
1. The temperature difference between the set temperature and the room temperature is too small;
2. Whether the room area is too small and does not match the heating capacity of the air conditioner;
3. Whether there are wind-shielding objects at the air outlet;
4. The air deflector supplies air horizontally (hanging up), causing the hot air flow to rise, so it should be set to a horizontal downward direction.

The reason why the health negative ions of the indoor unit of the air conditioner sometimes decrease when used in summer
Reason analysis: when the ambient air humidity is less than 60%, the healthy negative ions of the indoor unit of the air conditioner can achieve the normal use effect. When the ambient humidity is too high, in the cooling or dehumidifying operation mode, the air outlet will blow out misty cold air due to the high air humidity, which will reduce the effect of negative ion emission. This is a normal phenomenon, please rest assured.

The reason for the sound of water flowing in the internal unit when the air conditioner is turned on
Because the refrigerant suddenly changed from a static state to a flowing state when it was just turned on. At this time, due to the “collision” between the refrigerant and the pipeline, you will hear the sound of “water flow” in the internal machine, but when the refrigerant is flowing When stable, the sound will disappear.

It seems that most of the sound of running water is caused by the above reasons. Of course, the above can solve your problem is the best. If there are other reasons, it is another matter. Welcome to the Canada Energy Solution air conditioning repair team to help you The real murderer”, let your air conditioner pay quietly and quietly!