Which Attic Insulation is Best? Toronto HVAC Pro


Just how does the insulation in your attic look? This is a concern that stymies many homeowners. In fact, several homeowners believe that due to the fact that the attic is an unconditioned space, protecting that location of the house is of little concern. However, insulating your attic is just one of the best things you can do to enhance your home’s total comfort and also power effectiveness. This is especially real if you have actually ductwork in the attic. Not exactly sure where to begin with insulation in your attic? Right here is a consider some of the most reliable insulation products for attics.

Cellulose Insulation
Cellulose insulation is included recycled paper products that have been treated with a unique fire-retardant for fire resistance. It is most often utilized in “loosened fill” form and also blown right into attics as well as wall surfaces utilizing special equipment. It’s particularly popular below in Westchester and also Putnam Areas due to the fact that it strikes the perfect balance between high performance and price. Advantages of cellulose insulation include:

Eliminates energy loss via ceiling joists

Boosts whole-home convenience

Made in your area from recycled items


Hinders mold and also parasites

Provides noise reduction

In attic rooms, cellulose insulation is frequently installed over the attic floor, after the floor has been air sealed and any existing insulation has actually been removed. The insulation is blown in freely till it develops a thick, even layer across the bottom of the attic room space.

Spray Foam Insulation
Spray foam insulation is a plastic-based foam that offers both an air obstacle and also a thermal barrier– implying it can be utilized both to air seal and to insulate. Some types of spray foam likewise supply a dampness obstacle. Spray foam insulation is probably the highest executing insulation product readily available as well as offers a variety of benefits in one easy product:

Seals holes, cracks, as well as voids

Provides an air barrier

Offers a vapor and moisture obstacle

Reduces dirt and also air pollutants

Hinders mold as well as pests

Supplies sound reduction

In unconditioned attics, spray foam is usually applied along the attic floor to seal up all holes and also voids, after that used in tandem with cellulose insulation to insulate the whole attic room floor. In conditioned attic rooms, spray foam is typically used along the all-time low of the roof deck. Due to the fact that using spray foam is a detailed process, insulating with spray foam is a task ideal entrusted to the specialists.

Enhance Your Attic with Canada Energy Solution
As energy experts from Toronto, Mississauga and GTA, we know what attic rooms require for optimum home comfort and also performance. Whether you have a simple unconditioned attic room space or a more detailed attic loaded with ductwork as well as recessed lights, we’ll produce a personalized attic room option making use of high-performance insulation products that deliver tangible results.