Why is the air coming from my furnace cold (furnace not blowing hot air)

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8 Reasons Your Furnace Is Not Blowing Hot Air

A Forced Air Furnace consists of two major compartments: the Blower Motor and the Heat Exchanger. When the airflow is present and detectable from the vents and yet the temperature of the air supply is cold, It means that the blow motor is working but the heat exchanger is not heating up the flow and the combustion of natural gas is not occurring in your system.  You can contact us today for a free diagnostics report and in-person consultation.

This specific problem could arise from the following reasons: 

  • Overdue maintenance
  • Spark ignitor malfunction 
  • uneven/ low airflow supply to heat exchanger: could be due to old blower motor or bad filter condition 
  • “Rushed job” or improper installation (usually for the cases of the furnace having this problem earlier than 10 years from installation date) 
  • A heat exchanger cracks: your equipment has passed a series of safety testing, if a heat exchanger has gone through its normal lifetime, the unit will not heat properly due to safety switches preventing gas leakage.
  • Gas supply fluctuation
  • Water damage to the unit