Why the central air conditioner won’t turn on-Toronto repair pros


Read the AC manual before repair
Before using the household central air conditioner, read the air conditioner manual carefully. Check whether the battery power of the remote control is sufficient, whether the air conditioner is operating normally. If there is an abnormality, please ask professional and technical personnel to solve it. Do not force it to turn on at will, otherwise, it will cause unnecessary damage to the household central air conditioner in Toronto.

Clean the central air conditioner frequently
Before the air conditioner is running, the water system should be cleaned to remove welding slag and oil stains during the installation process. It is worth noting that when cleaning the main pipe of the refrigerant water system, the inlet valve of the cold source unit evaporator, air cabinet, and fan coil should be closed first, and the bypass valve should be opened so that the sewage can be discharged out of the pipe through the bypass valve. The cleaning of the evaporator, wind cabinet and fan coil shall be carried out separately in Toronto.

During the operation, the water quality should be monitored every one to two weeks, the PH value should be adjusted within the specified range (6~8), the concentration of the cooling water should be controlled at about 2.5~3.5, and the system should be discharged in time And hydrating. Effectively prevent air-conditioning diseases; completely eliminate infectious bacteria; completely remove dust and stains on the fins of the air conditioner’s internal and external units; effectively prevent the re-accumulation of dust and dirt in the air conditioner in Toronto. Please repair your unit before the AC is broken.

The main engine of the central air conditioner needs to work outside, so the environment is generally harsh, and it is easy to cause the carbonization and emulsification of the compressor oil, which will cause the system to deposit carbon, corrosion, blockage, and reduce the lubrication performance, which will reduce the performance of the whole machine or even affect it. The service life of the air conditioner so needs to often bring greater economic losses to users, affecting normal life and work in Toronto. The main maintenance task of the air conditioner is the combination of preventive maintenance and repairable maintenance to prevent the occurrence of the unit running, emission, dripping, and leakage, and solve all faults in the bud.

The benefits of cleaning and maintenance of central air conditioners For central air conditioners, after long-term use, a large amount of dust and dirt will accumulate in the filter, evaporator, and air supply system. After a long time, bacteria, viruses, and other substances will be produced. There will be health risks in Toronto. In addition, the condensed water is flooded in places such as the filter mesh, and when the air conditioner is used, windows are rarely opened in the room for ventilation, which will aggravate the aging of the central air conditioner and make the system operation less and less efficient. Therefore, the cleaning and repair of central air conditioners are a very important link.

Clogging and corrosion The chilled water system is highly corrosive, which can easily cause blockage of the coil, corrosion of the unit and pipeline accessories, and affect the normal operation of the air conditioner system. At present, manufacturers’ after-sales service generally focuses on repairing mechanical failures and does not include cleaning, maintenance, and water treatment, which results in a lot of equipment running with scale. Although some cleaning companies are involved in this industry, the cleaning method is still at the stage of inorganic acid cleaning in Toronto. This method is toxic to the human body, pollutes the environment, and has strong corrosion to the base metal. It often causes the condenser copper tube to corrode and perforate, and the air conditioner is scrapped. So what method should be used to clean the central air-conditioning heat exchanger in real-time The cleaning and maintenance of the central air-conditioning water system is essential to repair the problem.

The air conditioner effect is not ideal, the air supply or heat exchange effect is poor; the operating cost is high, the electricity or fuel cost and the daily maintenance cost increase; there are many accidents and failures, and the air conditioner failure alarms in Toronto. The service life of the equipment is short, and it cannot be used before the expiration date; the system of the air conditioner is not operating normally, and the main engine is running under low load or overload for a long time

In general, “minor maintenance” is carried out every three to six months, and “major maintenance” is carried out once a year. In the process of maintaining and maintaining the central air conditioner of the water system, the following aspects should be paid attention to:

  1. The surrounding area of ​​the air conditioner should be kept clean and dry, well ventilated, and the air-side heat exchanger of the air conditioner should be cleaned regularly (1-2 months) to maintain its good heat exchange effect and save energy.
  2. Frequently check whether the water supply and exhaust devices of the air conditioner water system are working properly, so as to prevent air from entering the system from reducing water circulation and difficult water circulation, thereby affecting the cooling effect of the unit and the reliability of the air conditioner.
  3. Frequently check the working conditions of each component of the unit, and check whether the working pressure of the unit’s refrigeration system is normal. Check whether there is oil pollution at the pipe joints and charging valve inside the air conditioner to ensure that there is no leakage in the unit’s refrigeration and air conditioning maintenance policy system. We can help you to repair this.
  4. Frequently check whether the power supply of the air conditioner and the wiring of the electrical system are firm and whether the electrical components act abnormally.
  5. After the air conditioner runs for a long period of time, the water in the unit pipeline should be drained and the power supply should be cut off. Before starting again, fill the system with water and conduct a comprehensive inspection of the unit, and then power on the unit to warm up for more than 6 hours, and confirm that everything is normal before it can be started. All the repair is done in Toronto.

The occurrence of scale, rust, silt, bacteria, and algae problems in the central air-conditioning system will directly lead to the weakening of the refrigeration capacity, shortening the service life, reducing the reliability of operation, and increasing the energy consumption, leading to increased operating costs. In order for the central air-conditioning system to operate in an optimal state, the air-conditioning system must be maintained, and the cooling water and chilled water systems must be treated with special chemical drugs: removing scale, rust, slime, sterilization, and anti-corrosion treatment. Call us today for the best repair service in Toronto.